Title: Dinner and Dessert
Fandom: Wild Wild West
Pairing: Jim/Artie
Feedback: justblackchaps at yahoo dot com
Rating: NC-17
Beta: Bigmackie
Summary: Artemus gets his turn.
Disclaimer: All this belongs to CBS.
Note: This is part of a series.


Artemus pulled his horse up the ramp and cursed. "Damn, it's hot!"

"Always complaints with you," Jim said.

Artemus wiped his brow and slumped against the side of the car. At least he was in the shade. His horse went to his stall and waited patiently for some attention. Jim already had the saddle off his horse. Artemus groaned softly and got to work. He might be hungry and tired, but his horse came first. Jim grinned at him. "Oh, shut up."

"Hey, at least we're home and in one piece."

"Good point. You're grouchy when you get kicked by a horse. How is your leg?" Artemus tossed his hat over to a bale of hay. He stripped off the saddle, tossed it over a rack, and started brushing the sweaty horsehide. His horse blew out and shook all over.

Jim laughed softly. "I was acting like an ass."

"Glad you know it." Artemus made sure his horse had water and retrieved his canteen, taking a big drink of his own. "Grain?"

"They're hot. Let's wait. I'll toss them some hay for now." Jim filled the hay bins. "Don't forget his hooves."

"They look fine." Artemus poured the water over his head. His clothes were filthy anyway. "He has four."

Jim sighed and took the hoof pick to Artemus' gelding. "Lazy southerner."

"'A man should always work to his strengths,' or so said my Great-Aunt Maude." Artemus stretched his back, retrieved his hat, and continued, "I'm going to fix dinner."

Jim shot him a look. "Really?"

Artemus nodded and went towards the back of the train. He stripped quickly and took a bath in record time. It was dinnertime. Coming out of the lavatory, he headed straight for the galley.

"Clothes wouldn't kill ya."

"Might." Artemus smiled and dug out some bread, apples, and cheese. He crooked his finger at Jim. "Come on. Dinner is served."

Jim tilted his head slightly. "I'm filthy."

"I'll give you approximately ten minutes." Artemus found a sharp knife. "And then, I'm coming after you."

Jim bolted from the room. It was nothing but drama, but it was funny, nonetheless. Artemus found a plate and went to bed. Crumbs were fine tonight. He cut the bread, sliced the cheese and the apples. It wasn't much, but it was enough. Just thinking about what was going to happen made his cock thicken, despite his fatigue. Breakfast seemed a very long time ago, and he hoped Jim wasn't going to back out.

Artemus put some food on his crotch at about eight minutes. Jim wouldn't be late, and he wasn't. He rounded the corner and stopped to stare. "Dinnertime?"

"Aren't you hungry?"

Jim nodded, but approached cautiously. He looked not afraid, but worried. "I haven't."

"I know. It's just food; don't worry." Artemus smiled.

Jim rolled his eyes and flopped onto the bed. He stretched big and yawned. At the end of it, he snatched the cheese and ate it.

Artemus carefully put the knife under Jim's chin--dull side up. "Use your mouth."

"In all our years you've never frightened me; up until now." Jim grinned and reached. "Wait! Wait! Don't turn the knife!"

"Don't misbehave," Artemus growled. It was all a sham, and they both knew it. "Mouth only."

Jim sighed and put his mouth over the bread. The knife didn't drop away. Artemus didn't trust him. Jim cautiously took a bite. "And if I bite you?"

Artemus pressed the knife. "You won't."

"You may be right." Jim swallowed hard. "Put the knife away, and I'll be good."

Artemus grinned and cut another piece of cheese, laying it where the first piece had been. "Eat it."

Jim did--fast. He was hungry, no doubt. Artemus ate some food himself, and Jim joined him. When Artemus' crotch was clean, Jim looked up. "More?"

"Sure." Artemus cut more bread. The cheese and apples were gone. "Lean pickings tonight."

"I told Casey to stop at the first town so we could take on supplies," Jim said and began to eat his bread. "Your cock is hard."

"I noticed." Artemus threw the knife at the wall; the bread was gone. "You want to sleep?"

"A promise is a promise," Jim said. He eyed the knife stuck in the wall.

Artemus nearly laughed at Jim's clear reluctance. "Come up here and kiss me."

"I thought I was supposed to do that down here." Jim wiggled up and straddled Artemus, leaning over to kiss him. The kiss lingered over lips and tongue. Jim lay flat, and they rolled to their sides, facing each other.

Artemus sucked Jim's tongue and lost himself. He held Jim tenderly and then roughly, moving his hands up and down. "I didn't know how much I wanted this."

"Me neither." Jim thrust his cock over the top of Artemus' cock. "Are we stupid?"

"Busy, I think, and used to whores," Artemus said and groaned. "Okay, I feel stupid."

Jim laughed and ducked his head to lick Artemus' nipple. "Once or twice it crossed my mind, but-"

"We'd get busy, and you'd forget?" Artemus cupped the back of Jim's head. "Mouth. Please?"

Jim slid down and took control of the situation. Artemus' teeth began to ache from the pleasure. Goddamn! His hips jerked and thrust. Jim stopped for a moment and by the time Artemus looked, it was too late; his back arched. He grabbed the pillow and hit Jim with it. Jim was busy and only grunted. He finally pulled his mouth away. "Feel good?"

"As you well know!" Artemus laughed and hit him again. "How was dinner?"

"Excellent." Jim wiggled his fingers. "You ready for dessert?"

Artemus stared at Jim. Was he serious? "Not spit."

"No." Jim pulled his fingers out and left the room, but returned rapidly. "Stomach?"

"Yeah." Artemus rolled. He'd be done after this, but tomorrow night . . . Jim had better look out. "You done this before?"

"Only on women. I'll go slow."

Artemus nodded and relaxed. Jim slicked them both and hesitated. Artemus looked back. "Change your mind?"

"Making sure you haven't." Jim pushed his cock.

Artemus took a deep breath. He let out a groan and spread his legs a little farther. Jim hesitated again, flexing, before moving sluggishly. Artemus smiled. "Tomorrow."

"We'll see." Jim grunted softly and began to move more quickly. "We may get busy."

"I'm never that busy." Artemus didn't gasp until Jim took a handful of hair. "Hey!"

"I've always wanted to do that." Jim pulled and pushed. "Stubborn fool."

"Ass." Artemus grinned and used his weight to push Jim back. "Touch me."

Jim obliged. Artemus' breath began to quicken. He let his eyes shut. Jim was going fast now. His hand tried to keep pace. He went deep and stopped, his cock pulsing. Artemus could feel it, and his cock joined the fun.

"Oh God, that was good!"

Artemus nodded and let Jim roll them to the side. Jim stroked out the last of Artemus' come. "Good doesn't begin to describe it."

"You're better with words than I am." Jim's cock dropped out, and he leaned up. He licked his hand. "Dessert is good."

"So right." Artemus laughed. He'd sleep well tonight. He got off the bed and went to clean up, leaving Jim with his dessert. Jim would eat anything. Artemus laughed again. Glenda had been shocked.

"What's so funny?"

"When you ate Glenda's pussy, I thought she was gonna pass out."

"I liked it." Jim shrugged and washed up. "Should we send her some flowers?"

"Let's deliver them in person." Artemus licked one of Jim's nipples, just because he could. "What was the name of that town?"

"Who knows?" Jim slipped a hand through Artemus' hair and pulled him up for a kiss. "Let's save our money for awhile."

Artemus shrugged. "You're the only one that ever gets fucked anyway. I won't complain."

Jim took Artemus by the hand and went back to bed. "One more?"


"Please?" Jim kissed him and tucked him close.

Artemus sighed and let Jim push him down. "I'm posting a price list."

Jim chuckled and stroked Artemus' hair. "Leave off the tying up, will ya?"

"No." Artemus managed before taking Jim's cock in his mouth. He sucked and teased, using a wet finger to make Jim shake and gasp. When Jim was finished, again, Artemus rolled off and shut his eyes. Jim kissed him, tasting come. Artemus wished he had energy to scoot up to a pillow, but he didn't.

Jim tugged him. "Come on. I want to hold you like last night."

Artemus blinked in surprise. "Why? We're not cold." His words were slurred with fatigue.

"Up! Now!" Jim barked. Artemus obeyed. He always did. Jim wrapped around him and kissed the back of his neck. "That's better. You feel good."

Artemus let out a deep sigh. This was nice, and no more whores, for a while, unless they ran into Glenda. He smiled and fell asleep.


The End

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