The Gift of a Candle

Kirk/Spock by K'Chaps (K/Mc implied)
justblackchaps @ yahoo.com
rated NC-17

Note: This is the sequel to The Scent of Pine. Again, in my mind, these took place after the first movie

Spock handed McCoy the gift and said, "Happy holidays, Dr. McCoy."

McCoy looked at Spock and Kirk and smiled. "Thank you." He sat down at a table and opened the long, narrow box, drawing out a decanter. "Just what I wanted."

"It is the only beverage that Vulcans produce that could be considered Ôintoxicating.'" Spock glanced at Kirk. "Glasses, please."

Kirk produced them with a flourish. They were tiny. McCoy filled them and picked up his thimble-full. "The smaller the drink - the bigger the kick."

"Right." Kirk said. "This stuff packs a punch, Bones."

"How about a toast?" McCoy raised his glass. "To the Enterprise."

They all raised their glasses and drank quickly. McCoy's eyes bulged. Kirk began to cough. Spock raised his eyebrow. "It is much smoother than Romulan Ale or Saurian Brandy."

McCoy blinked, opened his mouth, and wheezed, "Wow."

Kirk laughed and clapped him on the shoulder. Spock considered the gift a success. He surveyed the officers' party again. It was nearing termination. People were wandering off both alone and in pairs. Chekov, Sulu, and Uhura left together.

"Ready to call it quits, Spock?"

Spock nodded. He observed Dr. McCoy heading towards Mr. Scott. "You did warn him not to drink too much?"

"Indeed I did, unless he wants to wake up next week," Kirk said. "He'll be fine."

Spock touched his mate on the arm. //He has improved//

//It's a relief//

//I concur// Spock withdrew his hand. "Quarters?"

"Lead the way." Kirk snagged one last glass of champagne.

Spock took them home. The quiet was welcome. "Did you enjoy the party?"

"Of course." Kirk sank down onto the floor, leaning against a large pillow. "I like Christmas. It's you and Bones that don't."

"I will meet with him tomorrow concerning his new cabin. It was an oversight on my part. I should apologize to him." Spock removed his tunic.

Kirk smiled and took off his shirt, tossing it. "He'd just snort. Don't worry about it."

Spock looked down at his mate. "What is the purpose of the candle he gave you yesterday evening?"

"It smells good." Kirk stretched. "Light it, if you like."

"It is against regulations."

"I won't tell the captain if you won't." Kirk grinned at him.

Spock sensed the amusement. He quickly reconfigured the alarm. If the fire exceeded a certain size and heat, the alarm would sound. "Did you bring the particular method that Dr. McCoy used to light this candle?"

"Oversight on my part." Kirk paused. "Got any matches?"

"I have a small survival kit." Spock went to the cabinet behind his desk and pulled it out. "I believe there are matches in it."

"Those kits are supposed to be kept in ship's stores." Kirk sighed. "I'm surrounded by officers who have no regard for regulations."

Spock raised his eyebrow and lit a match, moving to the candle. "Yes, it does appear that way." He took a step back when the wick caught fire. The scent assailed his nostrils. It was - not unpleasant. "Conifer trees are often used in Christmas rituals."

"Yes." Kirk went to the food dispenser and put his champagne glass down. "But also McCoy's Georgia is thick with them. They smell like home to him."

"Interesting." Spock moved to his mate. They held each other. //You are my home//

//Come inside//

Spock broke contact and went to use the facilities. His mate followed after him. "Dr. McCoy was angry at first."

"Yes. He wasn't sure if he was being teased." Kirk washed his hands and face. "And he was concerned that you might kill him."

"I abhor violence." Spock dried his hands.

"He's seen you take a lirpa to me." Kirk laughed and took off his boots. "Did he talk with you about pon farr?"

"He has me scheduled to see him in two days." Spock helped remove his mate's trousers before removing his own clothes. "I would prefer not to do that."

"You should listen. He has become an expert on your physiology." Kirk ran his hand the length of Spock's body. "I've given you all the physicals, and he's the expert."

"True." Spock had intended to cancel the meeting, but if it were important to his mate, he'd go and listen. Pon farr would be difficult for both of them. He put the matter aside until later and went to lock the door and dim the lights. The candle had made the entire cabin smell like his memories of Christmas. Those memories were best forgotten. His mate was waiting on the bed, and his erection was clear to see, even in the dim light. "You desire sexual satisfaction?"

"I believe I do." Kirk smiled and opened his arms. "Unless you're too tired."

"I have three times the stamina of a human." Spock stopped at the bed and went back for the candle. It should be close to them. "During the course of my research-"

"Wait!" Kirk scrambled up, his mind in a panic.

Spock paused. He placed the candle down carefully by the bed and pulled his mate close to him. "I don't understand your concern."

Kirk took a deep breath. "I thought you were going to pour hot wax on me!" He shook his head. "You and your damn research!"

"You've enjoyed the times I've utilized my knowledge to bring you fulfillment." Spock soothed his mate and locked their minds together. They would feel each other's pleasure as well as their own. "Pain is unpleasant for both of us."

Kirk swallowed and laughed. "You're right, and it doesn't hurt, not really."

Spock admitted to a certain curiosity. "You were worried about the pain. Yes?"

"It's not painful." Kirk captured Spock's face and cast an image directly into his mind. "That's what I was thinking about."

Spock gasped softly. He had encountered that during his research, but discarded it as painful. Perhaps he'd made an error. "And you have done this?"

Kirk collapsed back flat on the bed. "No, but I've thought about it once or twice."

"More times than that, I believe." Spock gave the candle another look. "We should make a list of your desires so we can check them off."

Kirk laughed again. He rubbed his eyes. "Statistics show that married couples engage in sexual activities on average twice a week, and rarely act out their fantasies."

"And how many Vulcan/human marriages did they poll?"

"None that I know of." Kirk spread his legs.

Spock considered the matter again. It might be interesting. He reached for the candle. His mate's breathing increased. "If it hurts, we will stop. I am curious."

"Spock, please."

"I knew you would agree." Spock settled himself right between Kirk's legs. "Spread your arms out."

Kirk groaned. He licked his lips and spread his arms up and out. "I'll jerk."

Spock put his hand on Kirk's stomach. //You will NOT//

//I won't// Kirk's eyelids fluttered. His breath came fast, and his genitalia were completely engorged. Spock tipped the candle slowly. If it hurt, he would stop. The wax dribbled out and smacked Kirk's chest. Spock gasped and so did his mate. Kirk clenched his hands into fists. "Spock!"

Spock quivered from the reverberation. It hadn't hurt, but it had been hot. He poured again. His head spun, and the heat echoed through their bodies. "It is warm."

Kirk didn't answer in words. He arched his abdomen and groaned, beginning to pant. Spock agreed. This sensation was fascinating. He pulled Kirk's organ up and stroked it while pouring the wax in lines across his mate's body. The orgasm built quickly. Spock refused to allow his body to release, but he increased his stroking. Kirk trembled and orgasmed on his own chest. He gasped for air, trying not to writhe and jerk.

Spock watched, and he was captivated by his mate's passion. It was strong. "Roll to your hands and knees."

"Spock! You can't! I'll die!"

"Unlikely. You will, however, have another tremendous orgasm." Spock left the bed long enough to get the lubricant that his mate liked. "You were correct. It doesn't hurt."

"No, but!"

Spock applied the lubricant to both of them before pouring hot wax down his mate's back and buttocks. Kirk shook and cried out. Spock shuddered. The heat was exquisite, like hot sand under foot. He tipped the candle and surged deep. The results were overwhelming. The candle snuffed out from the movement. He moved his hips and poured every bit of it over his mate. When the wax was gone, he put the candle far away.

Kirk vibrated from their motions. His head tossed back, and he cried out, "So fucking hot!"

Spock rubbed the wax and leaned forward to bite Kirk on the shoulder. The shivers raced through them both. Kirk shivered and slammed back. Spock shoved him flat and allowed some of his Vulcan strength loose. It was hot. Heat curled around them. Their bodies moved as one, and Spock orgasmed. It ripped through him, up, down and over to Kirk. Kirk yowled like a sehlat, but Spock cried out only in their minds. The sounds twined around each other. Spock waited until his mate was nearly asleep before gently disengaging. "Shower?"

Kirk sighed. "I don't have strength to walk."

"You will thank Dr. McCoy for giving us the candle?" Spock separated their minds to a more comfortable distance. He was sated, completely.

"Either that or throw him to the floor and punch him. I'll let you know which after a nap," Kirk whispered and fell asleep.

Spock held him for sixteen minutes before sliding out and going to clean himself. Kirk could sleep anyway and anywhere, but Spock preferred to be clean. Returning to the bed, Spock shook his head. Wax was everywhere. It was an unpleasant result of their experiment. He put the candle on the ledge and found the hand-held vacuum. It sucked up the wax efficiently. He considered applying the vacuum to Kirk's body, but they could shower later.

"We're not using that in our lovemaking."

Spock looked at the vacuum and his mate. "It could be fascinating."

"I'm drawing the line at vacuum cleaners." Kirk began peeling the wax off. Spock vacuumed it up. "Get my back, please. It itches."

Spock complied, pulling it off and sucking it up. "You were not in pain."

"Not really, no, but let's only do that once a year, or never again." Kirk sighed and collapsed down. "I do love Christmas."

"This memory will be a pleasant one." Spock stowed the vacuum and joined Kirk on the bed. They wrapped around each other. "Will you return to Dr. McCoy for intercourse?"

Kirk's mind stalled. Spock felt it and moved to reassure him. Their thoughts enveloped the other. Feelings and thoughts flashed between them.

//You are everything to me//

//You are my mate//

//I can't hurt you//

//He needs you, and you need him//

They separated. Spock bit Kirk gently on the shoulder. "You will know when it's right."

"Or you'll tell me." Kirk shut his eyes and curled up.

Spock arched around him. Kirk fell deeply asleep. Spock lay awake, thinking of doctors, candles, and holidays. The door chimed. He donned his robe and went to the door. He stepped out so his mate could sleep. "Dr. McCoy?"

"Merry Christmas, Spock." Dr. McCoy handed him a present. "You forgot to open your gift."

"I never forget." Spock took the box. It was surprisingly heavy. "Captain Kirk is sleeping."

"I should be too." Dr. McCoy suddenly grinned. "Thanks, Spock."

"I don't understand." Spock didn't. What was the doctor talking about?

Dr. McCoy laughed and left him in the hallway with the box. Spock re-entered his cabin and returned to the bed. Kirk struggled up. "What's going on?"

Spock put the box in his mate's hand. "Dr. McCoy gave us a present. He insisted I'd forgotten to open it."

"You never forget anything." Kirk hefted the box. "Heavy."

"Please open it." Spock sat on the bed. Kirk took the paper off and ripped open the lid. He groaned, covered himself, handed Spock the box, and burrowed back under the blankets. Spock looked inside. His lower extremities grew heavy with need. "Candles. This is unexpected, but welcome."

Kirk said nothing. He covered his head. Spock pulled out each candle to analyze its scent and color. They were simple yet elegant and each one had a different odor. He placed them around the cabin, coordinating them by color. "I will have to thank Dr. McCoy."

"Well, I'm not."

Spock extended his mind and read the easy lie. "Go to sleep."

"Yes, husband." Kirk's mind drifted away.

Spock put the box and paper in the recycler. He re-lit the pine candle and joined his mate in the bed. "When you said that word, I felt you laughing on the inside."

"It's joy." Kirk yawned. "Please let me sleep. I'll give you a shift off."

"I don't require one." Spock pulled Kirk inside the circle of his body. //Sleep, mate//

//McCoy called you my husband. I hadn't thought of you in that way until he said it//

//The doctor is perceptive// Spock caressed Kirk and bit the back of his neck. //I cherish thee//

//And I love you// Kirk smiled. //Merry Christmas//

//And a joyous new year//

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