Title: Commands
Fandom: Wild Wild West
Pairing: J/J, J/A implied
Feedback: justblackchaps at yahoo dot com
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Richmond and Jim bump into each other at the wrong place.
Disclaimer: All this belongs to CBS.


Colonel Richmond shut the last folder and considered briefly laying his head on his desk. It would be undignified, but heartfelt. So much trouble these days. If it wasn't one thing, it was another, and there were never enough field agents. He did let out a sigh. It was all a juggling act, and he was juggling the water to throw on whichever fire was burning hottest. He rubbed the back of his neck and stood up to stretch. Enough self-pity for one day.

"I'd like to forget it all. Just for one night," he murmured.

"Excuse me?"

Colonel Richmond waved his hand at his secretary. "Nothing. I'm done for the week."

"It is growing late," the secretary said. His blue eyes pleading for a respite.

"Go home. I'll see you back here Monday morning. Early."

"Yes, sir." The secretary put away his things in record time and bolted for the front door. Colonel Richmond was hard put not to laugh. He took his time, straightening his desk and making sure he'd be on top of things come Monday. It wasn't as if he had a family waiting on him. Nope. He stretched and found his hat. A late dinner would be just the thing and then, perhaps, some entertainment.


Jim took off his hat and followed Artemus through the whorehouse door. This wasn't his idea. He'd rather be on the train, napping. Hadn't their last assignment worn the man out? Obviously not.

"Artie, why don't you go ahead? I'm not entirely sure I'm in the mood."

"The great Jim West tired? Come on, one or two." Artemus smiled and disappeared into the smoke and sofas full of willing women.

Jim sighed and let his shoulders slump. He wasn't tired, not exactly, just feeling worn out. Nothing but problems lately. Dashing here and there, trying to make a difference, and lately, he doubted they were doing it. Artemus, clearly, wanted to forget. Jim wasn't sure he could.

"Jim West! It's good to see you!"

Jim turned and automatically smiled at the madam of the house, Jeanie Marie. "Don't you mean my wallet?"

"Well, that too, but come on, I have some new girls." Jeanie Marie took his arm possessively. She wouldn't let him or his money get away.

Jim let himself be hauled from room to room until finally he'd had enough. "Jeanie, please. Let me sit somewhere. Have someone get me a whiskey. I'll find a girl, but give me a minute."

She smiled at him. "Come to the back room. It's quieter there. You do look tired."

Jim shrugged and followed her again to a private, small salon in the very back of the building. It was mostly empty, and he was surprised to find that it was a welcome relief. She fetched him a whiskey while he found a seat on a sofa in a conveniently placed shadow.

"Nice room."

"Just finished it. Sometimes men want something a bit different." She smiled mysteriously and took herself off. Jim was glad to see her go. He sipped his whiskey and hoped Artemus would be done soon. Why had he been bullied into this? He wasn't horny, too tired. Running a hand through his hair, he nearly laughed. "I'm getting old."

There was no one close enough to argue with him, and again it was a good thing. He adjusted his coat, took another drink, and glanced at the other two people in the room. Both men, sitting, talking quietly. He could make out only a murmur, no words. They didn't glance at him. The dim sound of the piano came through the walls, and he had to wonder what this room was for. What money was to be made back here among the plants, shadows, and empty sofas. He shrugged. Right now, he didn't care. It was quiet, and that was enough.


The dinner had been excellent, and all it had lacked was a dinner partner, but there was no help for it. All decent women had a date or were in bed. He shrugged and paid the bill.

"Anything else, Colonel Richmond?"

"No, it was excellent." Colonel Richmond, no, it was James now, he was off-duty smiled. "All it needed was a woman."

"They are hard to come by. Too bad we don't have a menu." The waiter grinned at his own joke, and James chuckled softly. It was too bad. What kind of woman went with a good red wine? He wasn't sure. Stepping out onto the boardwalk, he put on his hat, and headed uptown. There was a place that had a good selection, if not a menu, and tomorrow was his day off. He'd indulge tonight. Forget everything for one night and sink himself in pleasure. Did he have enough money? He checked his wallet and nodded. Enough, if he wasn't choosy. Walking a little faster, he smiled in anticipation. Dessert wasn't much further up the street.


Jim drank his whiskey slowly, enjoying it and the quiet. He didn't watch the men that came into the room. Some left and other stayed to talk. No one approached him, and that was enough.

Jeanie Marie breezed in the doorway and headed right for him. He suppressed a groan. Were ten minutes too much to ask? "Jim! You doing alright?"

He nodded and let his curiosity out. "Yes, but why build this room? No whores."

"Oh, you'd be surprised." Jeanie Marie gave him another strange, slow smile. "Now, don't be shy, if you see something you like."

Jim shrugged and nodded. She spoke to the other four or five men in the room quietly and moved on. He didn't stare after her. He took a drink of his whiskey and considered leaving. Artemus could find his own way home. Oh hell, he always got so pissy about it. Jim placed his whiskey down and took off his coat. Might as well get comfortable. When he looked back around, a fellow was sitting next to him.

"Can I help you?" Jim took a drink.

The fellow smiled. "I hope so." He licked his lips. "You want?"

Jim stared at the nervous young man. What did he want? "Excuse me?"

"Well, I hoped, since you were here. A room?" The fellow ducked his head. "Thirty dollars?"

Jim blinked in astonishment. It swept up him, pure and clean. How long had it been since he was truly amazed? This young man thought, well, it was laughable, except it wasn't. Jim looked around the room again and understood. Jeanie Marie's idea of a joke. He shook his head. "No thanks."

"I didn't think you could refuse." The young fellow was growing bolder, placing a hand on Jim's knee.

"You'd be surprised." Jim removed the hand. "Go on, before I break some bones."

The young man jerked and left with only a small complaint. "Cheeky whore."

Jim rubbed his face. He was going to kill her. Slowly, and he might use his knife. Definitely time to leave. He stood up and finished his whiskey, picking up his coat and trying to avoid eye contact with any of the other men in the room. It had filled up in the last fifteen minutes. A noise made him look to the far side of the room, and he couldn't resist staring, even though it was rude and might get him in trouble. Some whores enjoyed their work, and this man did, a lot. The other man was also having a nice time. His hands laced through dark hair. Jim found his hat and turned to leave.


Jim was afraid his face was beet red, and he faced his boss.


James made his way through the whorehouse, smiling at the girls but resisting their advances. He wanted more for his money tonight. Something to help him forget. The small salon was busy. It was usually quiet, but tonight a couple of men were putting on more of a show than Jeanie Marie liked. If she caught them, they'd be tossed out, but for now, the two were moaning. He wouldn't have liked to admit it, but it was fun to watch. Someone in front of him turned, and he nearly fell over dead from shock.

"West?" James cursed himself immediately. West was red, flushed from embarrassment, not surprising that. James should have controlled himself. "Sorry, for a moment I thought you were someone I knew." It was worth a try.

West stared at him briefly and then looked at his hat in his hands. "Yes, well."

James almost grinned. West, at a loss for words. That was almost worth the price of this blunder. James stepped close to him and lowered his head. "You don't have to leave."

West's red face went pale. "Sir, I was lured back here by Jeanie Marie. Some big joke to her."

James stepped into a dark corner, confident that West would follow, and he did. "Don't worry. We're off duty. I don't care."

West's eyes widened. "You don't? But-"

James watched the understanding dawn on West's stunned face. "Yes, I came back here willingly." He shrugged. "You can leave. I won't tell a soul."

"Colonel." West looked at his boots. "My career would be ruined."

"And mine." James felt a moment of fear. One word to President Grant and his world would tumble down. West had powerful friends. He could see Colonel James Richmond ruined. Would he? "Perhaps I should be leaving."

West looked up and frowned. "I would never, but I am confused."

James sighed. He have to talk about this, when all he wanted to do was sink to his knees and enjoy some well-endowed stranger. "Let's get a whiskey."

West nodded, and they went out to the bar, standing close. Jeanie Marie gave them both a smug smile. James heard West curse under his breath at her. She had tricked him. It was extremely funny, except for the predicament it put James in.

"West, we've worked well together. Let's not fuck it up."

West jerked. "Sorry. I've never heard you curse. I apologize. I'm only concerned for you. If word got about."

"I know. I'd be finished, but occasionally, I take the risk. Lately, things have gone poorly. Tonight, I wanted to forget."

"That way?" West drank his whiskey fast, emptying his glass. "Honestly, I've felt the same. Too much trouble and we're spread too thin."

"Don't I know it." James took a drink. "I assume Artemus is here somewhere getting his brains fucked out?"

West sputtered into his whiskey. James smiled. That had been too much fun. In some ways, West was an innocent. "Yes."

"You two are never far apart." James winked at him.

West's mouth dropped open. "My god, Colonel, you don't think that!"

"Lower your voice, West." James shrugged. "I've never cared one way or the other. You two are the best at what we do. That's what matters. The rest is your own business."

West ordered another whiskey and slammed it. "I doubt Colonel Sharp or Colonel Armstrong would feel that way."

"Yes, well, they're prigs." James grinned. "I run the operations west of Denver, not them!"

West put his whiskey glass down carefully. "I should be leaving."

James shrugged. He had said far more than he should, even to a man like West, and he never would have considered any of it except that this man understood the pressures of the job. "West, I apologize. I'm not myself tonight."

"We can't quit." West gave him an intense look. "Or lose hope, too many people count on us, including the president."

James nearly growled an obscenity. He really didn't want to hear this, even if it were true. "Yes, but tonight, I wanted to sink myself in pleasure and not think about it." The truth spurted out of him, and he wished for the words back. "Guess that won't be happening. I'll go home to my empty house. You go home and enjoy Artemus."

West grabbed him by the forearm and took him to a private corner. "Tell me."

"What?" James pulled away. He'd been rude, but what was West after now? "Tell you what?"

"What you want."

James looked at West's earnest face. The man wouldn't walk away from this. "I want-"

West leaned closer. "Tell me."

Perhaps West wasn't so innocent after all. James shrugged. "I want to not command."

"That I understand. It does grow tiresome. So many people rely on the decisions you make. Screw up and they're dead. You want someone to put you on your knees and make all the choices for a little while."

James blushed in shame. "Yes." The word was nothing but a whisper. "I want to forget."

West put his mouth very close to James' ear. "It's too risky in these places. Someone will see."

"I know that!" James shoved him away and headed straight for the door. He'd go home to his cold bed. This could wait for another time, maybe never. Damn West and his morals. He yanked open the door and stepped out into the brisk evening. A steely hand wrapped around his arm and turned him. He had no choice.

"We're not finished."

"Yes, we are!" James tried to yank away. West was too strong and always had been. "Unhand me."

"You don't command me, not tonight." West kept an iron hand on him and put him in a hack. James heard him give the driver quiet instructions. West stepped inside and sat nearly on top of him. "We're going, but I'll decide where."

James' cock grew hard, and his breath quickened. It wasn't possible, was it? "I don't understand."

"You will. Now be quiet."

The command lashed across James' mouth, and he fell silent. West didn't look at him again. They rode in silence through the streets. The hack stopped, and West pulled him out. James controlled the urge to struggle. It would do no good against the strength of Jim West. They went together into a hotel. West paid for the room and took the key. James said nothing at all.

The room was comfortable but not large. West locked the door. James opened his mouth to ask what the hell was going on, and West forestalled him with a small slap.


James swallowed and wasn't sure about this at all. He glanced at the door. West went to the lavatory and washed up. James bit his lip and edged away from the bed. What was going to happen?

West returned and came over to him. "No talking. Kneel!"

West put his hands on his hips and waited. James stared at him longer than was prudent, but he couldn't believe this was happening. West? And him? Here? What? A big fist wrapped into his hair and shoved him down to his knees. It hurt, not a lot, but some, and it was a shock. He grunted.

"If you can't obey, I'll restrain you and take what I want."

James almost passed out. Restraints? Oh, shit. West would do it too. He was a man of his word. James couldn't speak, but he shook his head.

"We'll see." West sounded determined.

James hoped he didn't come in his trousers. He was seeing a completely new side of Jim West and not unwelcome either. West used the fist to shake him. "Buttons."

With trembling hands, James reached and started to unbuttoned West's trousers. He fumbled a little. His brain couldn't seem to come to grips with this. West jerked him back by the hair and growled in his face. "You are seriously out of practice."

James stared up at him and swallowed hard. He nodded frantically. West was intense, almost frightening. Who was this man? James loosed the last button, and West yanked out his cock. It was hard and long. He stroked it. James licked his lips and let his mouth hang open. He wanted it, badly.

"Eager?" West shoved him back. "Get naked. Now!"

James jumped and began to strip. He didn't question or hesitate. West looked angry. Was it all an act? Gordon was the actor, not West. Finally, he was naked, and he reached. It was a mistake. West grabbed him again by the hair and twisted him. James hoped his cock didn't spill out on the floor.

"I command. You don't!" West shoved him at the bed. "Hands and knees."

James scrambled to get on the bed. He wasn't screwing up again. He hoped. This was harder than it sounded, and West knew it. West took his time taking his clothes off, putting them on the chair in a pile. James lowered his head and tried not to pant. This evening had turned out much different from planned, and that was good. Very good. A big hand smacked his ass, and he held still.

"How many?"

James almost answered. West was a devil, tempting him into sin. The hand stroked and landed again, hard. James let out a yelp.

It wasn't a word, but West was displeased. "You are remarkably bad at this." He left James' aching ass, but came back. James' knew he looked panicked when West gagged him. "There. That's better." West released him and swatted him again. "You want more?"

James dropped his head to the coverlet and prayed. West laughed and gave him more until James' ass wanted to drop off. It was burning. He chewed his gag, and his hands curled into fists. West stopped and licked up the small of James' back. It felt so good, and James wished he could beg.

"Spread your legs wider."

James tried, but he didn't do enough because West shoved him on his face. "You will learn this tonight." West wrenched James' arms back and cuffed them. "Now, spread your legs."

James spread his legs and didn't yank the cuffs, much. He felt something inside him crumble. Obey. He would obey.

West opened him wide and said, "I suspect this will hurt. You will not move."

James had never, not that way. West was crazy! James shook and wanted to fight. A slick finger slid inside him and reached. He tried to hold still. He did, but he jerked and groaned. West removed the finger and applied the flat of his hand to James' ass vigorously. James shut his eyes and moaned. When the spanking ended, West tied James' legs to the bedposts with what felt like bindings from the drapes.

"I warned you." West sighed. "I can tell you're going to learn the hard way. Some men do."

The burning sensation in James' ass swept over his body, and suddenly he was raging with lust. He wanted to be taken, possessed utterly. West stroked a slick hand down him and thrust. James stayed still. He didn't do any of the things he wanted. He obeyed. It almost hurt.

"You can do it," West said softly.

West knew it hurt. It was a comfort. James let out a sigh and surrendered to this man, but no other, ever. West understood. The fingers plundered and pushed. West bit, nibbled, sucked and licked all over him, until James wanted to thrash with desire, but he held still.

West praised him. "Excellent. Now, push back into this."

James tried to focus his spinning brain. West pierced him through, and James pushed. Hard. His body ached and shoved. West put a hand on James' shoulder and didn't hold back. His strength pounded James into oblivion. James forgot everything, including his name, and he orgasmed on his chest twice in rapid succession, clenching his entire body.

West gasped and groaned, grunted and straining, finally releasing deep. James controlled a whimper. He wanted more. West sagged down on him for a moment. Sweet skin touched James' hands and he gripped it, being careful not to squeeze. West laughed softly and left the bed. A long pause and the bindings dropped off his legs.


James moved. His aching ass and cuffed wrists didn't slow him down. He found West and knelt in front of him. The gag was removed. West stroked him on the face. Pure pleasure roiled up him. He'd obeyed. It felt good.

"You may."

James did, immediately. He licked, teased, and sucked. The big cock was a hard pillar of flesh, cramming his mouth full. He groaned deep in his throat.

West pulled him. "Take it all."

James shut his eyes and gave himself. The cock went down and back up, fucking him. It was a heady feeling. His own cock grew hard again, and he felt it throb against his stomach. He doubted he'd come again. Three times in one night? He wasn't a boy any longer.

"Stroke yourself."

James yanked the cuffs in his effort to obey, and West laughed. Laughed. James whimpered and tried again. It was useless. West shoved James' head down and proceeded to make him forget himself. Minutes, or hours later, James tasted saltiness. He greedily drank it all. West waited and sighed once before pulling away.

"Now that, you're very good at." West kissed him on the forehead. James grew faint from the praise and the brush of sweet lips. He wanted to thank him, but kept his mouth firmly shut. West sat on the edge of the bed. "Stand in front of me."

James obeyed, quickly.

West removed the cuffs and tossed them away. "Stroke yourself. You will come on yourself. If one drop touches me, you'll be punished."

James nodded and caressed himself fully, watching West watch him. He kept a rhythm and once squeezed his own nipples. West merely grinned. James felt the world begin to drop away, and he frantically made sure his come splattered his hands. His knees sagged, and he felt like passing out.

"Lick it clean." West snapped the words out. James licked his come off and noticed the slightly different flavor. When his hands were clean, West smiled at him. "Are we done?"

James didn't even think a reply. He waited. It might pay.

West nodded. "You'll do." He smiled again. "Hands on the door and spread your legs." James did this and felt his breath quicken. More? West was suddenly there and inside, shoving and reaching around to pinch. James threw his head back and felt teeth sink into his neck. He shook. Pleasure and pain raced up and down him. Delicious. West went deep and flexed. His seed pouring out of him.

"Jim?" After a small knock on the door.

"Give me a minute, Artie. I'm about finished here."

James quivered. He tried to think, but gave up. West caressed him and pulled out. James didn't move. He leaned into his hands and breathed hard.

West dressed quickly and came back to him, slapping him firmly on the ass. "Kneel."

James whirled and dropped. He wanted to beg, but West was in command. West stepped around him and pulled open the door.

"About time," Artemus said.

"I needed a minute." West laughed. "Hang on one more second."

"Geez, Jim. Get done. I'm hungry."

West came back and tilted James' face up. The touch was exquisite. "If you need this, merely ask, politely. No more chances. Say Ð yes, master."

"Yes, Master." James hoped his voice was loud enough to be heard, because he would obey. "Thank you."

West nodded. "Artie, how much do I owe you?"

"Ten dollars was the original bet." Artemus laughed. "I'm never wrong. When will you learn?"

"Oh, shut up."

The door shut behind West, and James clutched himself in an effort not to fall over. Staggering, he went to the lavatory and started a tub of water. He sank down on the floor and let his mouth groan and whimper. Gordon had known! And West had moved decisively to make him nothing more than a slave. Oh God. It had been so good. He slipped into the tepid water and relaxed after some more groaning. Going home seemed like a grand idea, and he was looking forward to work on Monday. So much to do.


Jim clapped Artemus on the shoulder. "Where to?"

"Found some energy after all, huh?" Artemus flagged a hack. They laughed and tumbled inside. "Smith's Restaurant, down by the wharf." He told the driver.

Jim nodded. That was fine. A late meal, and then some rest. He was tired, now. "I suppose you want details."

"Just all of them, slowly and exquisitely recited in a hushed whisper." Artemus grinned. "Or, hit the high points."

Jim laughed again. He felt much better. "You were right. I was wrong, and he thinks we fuck."

"That was fast. I want more, but later, while you're on your knees."

"After dinner and some sleep, I'm yours to command."

"Excellent. You let me know when you're ready," Artemus said and nuzzled Jim for a quick kiss. "Next time, I'm watching."

Jim put his head on Artemus' shoulder. "Yes, Master."

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