Title: Holidays
Fandom: Wild Wild West
Feedback: justblackchaps at yahoo dot com
Pairing: Jim/Artie
Rating: G
Summary: Party!
Disclaimer: All this belongs to CBS.


Jim slowly stroked his hand through his hair while bringing the cigar up to his mouth. He took a deep pull and enjoyed the rich flavor.

Don we now our gay apparel - fa la la la la la la la la.

He smiled at his partner, who managed to make a flashy entrance at that exact moment. Artemus looked great. Ruffles to his throat, wide smile, and a new haircut: he was in a high humor tonight. He also knew how good he looked. How could he not?


Jim didn't take his eyes off his partner. "Thank you, Rebecca, but not now."

She swept him a deep curtsey; it reeked of sarcasm. He didn't spare her more than a glance. She wasn't for him, and she wasn't happy about it. Artemus caught the smile of a beautiful lady, and they danced together. Jim's smile didn't dim. They were graceful. Artemus had been forced to take his suit in an inch or two. He had rarely been in such trim condition. It was good to see it. His eyes shone with good spirits, and it made the room sparkle.

The holidays were always a joyous time, full of good friends and good food. They went to a party every night, sometimes two or three. Washington was a glitter, and they both enjoyed it tremendously.

"James my boy, this is the cream of the crop," Artemus said gleefully.

Jim nodded. "The best party this holiday season. The brandy alone was worth the carriage ride."

"And the ladies!" Artemus rubbed his gloved hands together. "I'll take two please."

"Discuss it with them." Jim laughed softly. "Where's the President?"

"Still at dinner. He'll be along shortly." Artemus deftly removed two champagnes from a waiter's tray. "I think we'll be seeing the sun rise."

Jim accepted the drink with a smile. He thought so too, and he didn't mind. There was no place he'd rather be. "And we'll stagger home tired, no doubt."

"No doubt." Artemus took a sip and chuckled deep in his throat. "It's a date then?"

Jim smiled at the whispered words. They brought warmth to his heart that eclipsed the Yule log burning at the other end of the room. He was a very lucky man, and he took another puff from his cigar to savor the moment. Artemus's brown eyes twinkled like ornaments, but Jim made him wait until the champagne was almost gone.

"I wouldn't miss it for all the presents under that tree."

"Neither would I, James," Artemus's rich voice made a tingle dance down Jim's spine.

They shared a small smile. Jim raised his glass. "To good friends."

"And great times." Artemus drained his champagne. He cast his eye over the flock of lovely ladies again. "Excuse me, good sir."

Jim gave him a short bow. Artemus would see the respect, and he smiled. The President threw open the doors and commandeered the dance floor. Jim put out his cigar, followed his partner, and joined the party.

"Merry Christmas, Artie," he whispered.

The End

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