Just Black Chaps

Kirk/Spock by K'Chaps
justblackchaps @ yahoo.com
rated mild R


"Yes, Jim?"

"Slip into these for me." Kirk grinned and held out his hand. "They'll fit. I measured."

Spock took the item between his thumb and forefinger. "And what are these?"

"Chaps, of course, black ones." Kirk sat on the bunk and never took his eyes off Spock. "Put them on."

Spock raised his eyes from the chaps. "Do they come with an instruction manual?"

"Step inside, buckle in front. Simple."

"Is this part of my duties as first officer?"

"Oh, definitely." Kirk nodded fiercely. "You'll never pass your performance review without those on."

Spock raised his eyebrow and attempted to put them on. "My boots seem to be an impediment."

Kirk leaned back on his arms. "You're right. You'll have to get naked. I'll watch."

Spock pursed his lips. "You desire me to wear just black chaps?"

"I can get some brown ones, but these match your eyes." Kirk licked his lips and rubbed the straining fabric of his black pants. "As soon as you get them on, we'll go riding."

"Horses are not allowed on starships."

"Neigh." Kirk laughed.

Spock hurried.

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