Good Stuff

Lyra's Variations

Star Trek TOS, Holmes Watson, and more, links, and more great stuff. Take a dive inside. 

B/K Bin

Screencaptures, videos, and icons of Chris Meloni and Lee Tergesen.

Wild Wild West slash fan center

Fanfiction, episode summaries, and screencaptures from the TV show

Unit B Fanfiction Archive

Author driven archives full of tons of B/K fic.

The Kirk/Spock Fanfiction Archive

Fanfiction uploaded by a variety of authors. Lots of good stuff here.

Side by Side

Kirk/Spock online e-zine with new issues every few months. Huge collection of stories and art of all ratings.

Spies and Secret Agents

Fanfiction and zines for Man from UNCLE, Wild Wild West, and others

Acidqueen's Fanfiction

Star Trek fanfiction from all the shows, mostly Original Series and many very kinky. Features the Trek kinky linklist, the womyn linklist, and all the stories of Acidqueen including S/Mc, K/Mc, K/S, Saavik fiction, and more


Farfalla's fanfiction, mostly Star Trek, focusing on the Original Series. Over a hundred stories of all ratings, including five and a half dozen tales of Kirk/Spock. Also hosts the Chapel and Uhura Fests and the Rose and Gold Uhura/Chekov Archive

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