Title: The Night of the Stallion
Fandom: Wild Wild West
Pairing: J/A
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Rating: NC-17
Summary: Artemus has horse troubles.
Disclaimer: All this belongs to CBS.


Artemus cursed when his horse began to limp. He immediately dismounted and picked up the leg to stare at the hoof. The horse flinched, and Artemus set the hoof down carefully. Where was the hoof pick? He dug around in the saddlebags until he found one. Picking the hoof back up, he carefully cleaned it out. The shoe was loose, and he found a sharp rock deeply embedded in the frog. He pulled it out and tried to assess the damage.

Jim expected Artemus to rendezvous with him in Houston, and he was going to be late. Artemus drank some water and gave the horse a slurp. It was hot. He shook his head in disgust. There was no help for it. He'd have to get another horse. This would take a week to heal, and he didn't have a week.

Artemus pulled the limping horse behind him, and they walked to the next town. His feet were killing him, but he didn't have the heart to ride the poor beast. When night fell, Artemus kept moving, at least it was cooler.

The moon was well up and shining brightly when Artemus limped into a little town, somewhere in Texas. His horse limped behind him. They were a sorry sight. Artemus went to the horse trough and got a drink for both of them. Then he pulled off his boots and poured out the accumulated sand and pebbles. Ouch. He sat on the edge of the trough, wiggling his feet. The town was quiet, not a light on or a door open. He searched through a saddlebag and found some beef jerky to chew. Jim was going to be unhappy with him, no doubt. Artemus stamped his protesting feet back into his black boots and persuaded his tired horse to move along. There had to be a livery stable somewhere. There was and, of course, it was at the other end of town.

"Hello? Anyone up?"

"What can I do for ya, Mister?"

Artemus peered into the dark stable and made out the shape of a man. A little man. Quite short. He lit a lantern and hung it on the wall.

"That's better," Artemus said. His eyes adjusting to the sudden light. "My horse came up lame, and I need a bit of assistance."

"Shore enuff." The little man stepped up close. "Name's Tiny, and yerself?"

"Artemus Gordon." They shook hands. What was it about short men that made Artemus nervous? He grinned. "If you don't mind me asking, where am I?"

"Kingswood, and let's get that poor horse a stall." Tiny took the reins from Artemus and pulled the horse through the stable. Artemus followed along. Tiny began stripping off tack and saddlebags, handing each item to Artemus. He used the stall partition to hang everything up. The horse dropped its head and shook all over. Tiny laughed and picked up a brush. "Hotel's closed for the night, but you can bunk with your horse."

"Thanks, and I'm going to need to buy, trade, or steal another horse."

"Yer right funny, Gordon," Tiny said. "I'll trade you up a sound horse for this'un, but you'll need to throw in some cash. This leg's pretty bad. Take a while ta heal."

"Fine, let me get a couple hours sleep, and we'll get it done." Artemus patted his tired horse.

"This is a nice hoss." Tiny went to get oats and hay.

Artemus untied his bedroll and laid it out in the corner. He was tired enough to sleep while listening to his horse chew.


A stable is not a quiet place in the morning. Artemus rolled to his back and groaned. He felt like he'd been beat up. His horse was asleep with his sore leg wrapped.

"You awake, Gordon?"

"Yeah, Tiny, I'm awake. Don't suppose you made any coffee?" Artemus grimaced at the sound of high-pitched laughter from the next stall. "Guess not."

"CafŽ's open. Go get some grub, and I'll saddle up yer new horse."

"Thanks, Tiny, I'll do that. You only have one, right?"

"Right, and you'll need to come up twenty more dollars. Deal?"

"Sure, Tiny." Artemus got up slowly. He was sore from all that walking. No man should have to travel in such a fashion. He brushed the straw from his clothes and picked up his bedroll. He shook it out, tied it up, and tossed it back onto the saddle. Breakfast sounded more than good. He washed up a little at the horse trough before walking down to the cafŽ. Kingswood was small enough that he garnered a few assessing looks from the locals. He smiled and found a table.

"Can I help ya, honey?"

"Bring me one of everything," Artemus said, "and some coffee."

"How bout some flapjacks?"

"Please." Artemus pulled out his wallet and checked to make sure he had enough for the horse and breakfast. Enough, but he'd be broke. "Before I die."

She laughed and swayed away. Artemus found little to amuse himself with while he waited. She did return quickly with coffee, and he wanted to kiss her, but she wasn't all that nice looking. The coffee was gone and needed a refill when the flapjacks made an appearance. She refilled his cup, and he began to eat. He didn't want to flirt or chat. He wanted her to go away, so he could eat in peace.

"Anything else, hon?"

"No," Artemus mumbled around a mouthful of food. She left, and he sighed with pleasure. Breakfast didn't last long enough, but Artemus ran out of money so he left to get acquainted with his new horse. He should've been in Houston already, and Jim was somewhere pacing. This situation wasn't Artemus' fault, but Jim would fuss at him anyway. Tiny had tied the horse out front, and Artemus didn't stop to look. He found Tiny working on the gelding and handed him the cash.

"Thank ya kindly, Gordon." Tiny tucked it away.

"You're welcome. That horse can make to Houston, right?"

"You'll be fine." Tiny didn't get up. "Don't fergit yer stuff."

"Thanks." Artemus loaded up the horse and swung into the saddle with a small groan. Stretching his back, he reined the horse around and headed out of town towards Houston.

Artemus began cursing almost immediately. This horse was incredibly enthusiastic about life. Prancing, swishing, bobbing, and putting up a fuss every time he tried to rein in. At last, he gave up and let the horse canter. Maybe he could wear the animal out. Miles later, he was tired, but there was no wearing this horse out. Artemus' butt was worn to the bone. He pulled up hard and brought the horse to a snorting stop. Artemus dismounted and kept a good grip on the reins.

"Damn it, horse, you are killing me."

The horse snorted and stamped. Artemus rolled his eyes and vowed never to buy another horse without trying it out first. Rolling a white eye, the horse reached out and bit him on the forearm. Artemus jerked away with a hiss.

"You son-of-a-bitch!" The horse neighed, and Artemus answered, "I will shoot you and continue on foot, don't push me!"

The horse yanked its head up high and ignored Artemus. He rubbed the bite and regretted not wearing a jacket. Pulling the reins back over the horse's head, he tried to remount but the horse sidled away. Artemus pulled the reins hard and jumped for the stirrup. He threw his leg over the horse in full gallop. Head high, tail flicking, the horse bolted up the trail, and Artemus tried desperately to yank the bit out of its teeth. When that didn't work, he leaned up and twisted a sensitive ear. The horse bucked, and Artemus was in control again.

"You bastard, slow down!"

The horse didn't care, and they continued to argue on their way down the trail. They finally came to a mutual agreement. Artemus would curse a lot, and they wouldn't under any circumstances walk.

The sun was directly overhead when Artemus forced the horse to stop. He simply had to get off. Tying the horse tightly, he moved away with the saddlebags and found some shade for himself, far away from his nemesis. He ate some travel food, drank some water, and wished that Texas would lay some more rails. Houston was too far away to make it in one day, and he cringed at the thought of another day on the trail. Oh well, nothing he could do about it.

The horse was thirsty, and Artemus made sure those teeth didn't bite him again. Back in the saddle, he settled down for another ride from hell. Tiny had definitely suckered him. The sun was quartering in the west when Artemus spotted a rider coming towards him. It was Jim, no mistaking that horse. Artemus didn't try to rein in. He waved and let his horse run a bit.

"Where the hell ya been, Artie?"

"Horse went lame!" His horse reared up and finally stopped not far from Jim's stallion.

"I was worried," Jim said.

"So am I. I may have to kill this animal."

Jim laughed, and his stallion began to dance. Artemus groaned and glared at him. Jim pointed at the trail, and Artemus guided his horse down it ahead of Jim. There was no way Artemus was going to attempt to ride side by side. His horse twitched and danced, bobbing its damn head.

"Artie! Look out!"

Artemus turned back, and Jim's black stallion was up on its back legs, reaching out to bite him. What the hell? Now Artemus' horse decided to stop, and the stallion kept coming. Artemus kicked and slapped, but his horse wasn't going anywhere, and the stallion was mounting up behind. Teeth snapped near his head. Artemus ducked again, and the stallion had hold of his shirt.

"Get down! NOW!" Jim was on the ground holding the stallion's reins trying to beat him back, but Artemus could see that wasn't working. He kicked his feet out of the stirrups and tried to wrench away. The stallion's eyes were rolling, and he was grunting and snorting. Artemus' horse neighed, and Jim grabbed him to pull him down. The shirt ripped off, and Artemus slammed to the dirt under his horse's hooves. A hoof hit him in the chest. He looked up and saw the huge black and pink phallus of the stallion enter the mare. Another hoof banged him. Jim grabbed him again, this time by the hair, and pulled him out from under the horses. Artemus was more stunned than he'd ever admit.

"Hold the mare! Hold her!"

Artemus scrambled to do this. She tried to bite him again, but he dodged and slapped her sensitive muzzle. The stallion was fully mounted now, grunting and heaving. Artemus knew his mouth was open. The stallion's eyes almost shut. His head bobbed down. The mare tried to move, and Artemus held her still. Jim used the reins to get the stallion back off, now that he was finished. He staggered a little, and Jim moved him away. Artemus remembered to breathe again. The mare swished her tail, and Artemus took her to a tree to tie her up, tightly. His shirt was in the middle of the trail, torn in half and stomped. He sank down on a dead tree limb.

"Artie, are you okay?"

"Uh, yeah, thanks," Artemus said and rubbed his face.

"Then what the hell were you thinking, buying a mare in heat?"

Artemus looked up at his partner. Jim was furious. Artemus stood up and adjusted his pants. He had a raging hard-on. "Well, how was I to know? I needed a horse!"

Jim pulled off his hat and ran a hand through his hair. "You could've been killed."

"Jim, give me a minute. I have a personal problem," Artemus said, "then you can yell at me."

Artemus tried to move away around a set of boulders, but Jim put a hand on him. "You hard?"

"Now that's a question I shouldn't answer, but yes."

"First time I helped Uncle James breed a mare, I came in my pants." Jim smiled. "Of course, I was only twelve."

Artemus wasn't quite sure what to say. He smiled back at Jim. What was going on here? A joke was definitely call for, so Artemus said, "I might in just a second, want to watch?"

Jim tilted his head to the side. "And if I do?"

"I'd think you were sun sick. You hard?"

"Yes." Jim smiled. "Now."

Artemus thought about that. "You want to do something about it?"

Jim tugged Artemus close and gripped his cock through his trousers. Artemus groaned and put his hand on Jim's hand. They stood that way until Jim said, "I want. Do you?"

"Well, you're not as pretty as what I'm accustomed to, but you'll do." Artemus was trying to be funny. Jim was much better looking than most of the girls Artemus dated.

"Neither are you, but any port in a storm?" Jim rubbed him up and down.

"Yes," Artemus gasped out the word. He took his hand off Jim's and looked for something to lean against before he collapsed from lust. Jim pushed him back slightly against a big rock and unbuttoned him. Artemus sucked in a deep breath, and Jim went to his knees to suck him. His vision began to fail, and his heart bucked. He put his hands flat against the rock and visions of stallions pranced through his mind. God, yes, it felt so good. Jim pushed deeper, and Artemus cried out. His orgasm lasted forever, and he was sorry it ended so soon. Jim stood up and leaned against Artemus. He shook his head, trying to clear the cobwebs of lust away. Jim pushed his erection into Artemus' groin.

Artemus fumbled for buttons and after five long seconds freed Jim's cock. Artemus groped his way down. Jim took up the position on the rock. His cock was big and tasted sweaty. Artemus cupped Jim's balls and teased him a bit before sucking him.

"Good, yes,"  Jim gasped. His eyes shut, and his hands grabbed Artemus' bare shoulders.

Artemus pumped and sucked Jim's cock. Jim pulled him even closer and pulsed seed down his throat. Artemus swallowed it all before sagging against the rock between Jim's legs. He was tired. His cock wasn't all that tired, but he was worn out.


"I'm okay, just let me rest here a minute. I need a nap."

"We'll make camp close by. Sun's almost down."

Artemus nodded. "Thanks, I needed that."

"Me too," Jim said softly, "and thank you." He rested his big hand briefly on Artemus' head and carefully moved away, buttoning his trousers. "I'll go find water."

"Give me a second, and I'll help out." Artemus closed his eyes and breathed deeply. That had been phenomenal. Why was he fooling around chasing women, if Jim was down the hallway? He staggered up and cursed. His shoulder hurt from the fall, and the rest of him felt pretty bad too. Damn horses.

Jim and the black stallion trotted up. "Get that mare and follow us."

"I'm not even going to get in the saddle."

"Good thinking. She'll be in heat a while longer." Jim grinned down at him. "You have an extra shirt?"

"Yeah, I'm moving." Artemus went to the mare and resisted the urge to shoot her dead. He found his extra shirt in a saddlebag and pulled it on. Not bothering to button it, he untied the mare and followed Jim. He had found a nice little spot down by a small stream. It had been used for camping before, as it already boasted a fire pit. "Nice, but what should I do with this horny beast?"

"Tie her there. I'll get to her in a minute," Jim said, swinging down off the stallion and leading him away. Artemus stepped in front of her to tie her and she tried to bite his back. He jerked away, but she managed to nip him. The shirt didn't rip. Cursing vividly, he tied her tightly and pulled off the saddlebags. She kicked out, and Artemus surrendered the battle with a quick retreat.

Artemus had a fire going when Jim crossed the small clearing, dropped his gear, and headed for the mare. A warning or two might have been in order, but Artemus decided to let him learn the hard way. Jim did curse a time or two, but he managed to avoid hooves and teeth.

"You sure can pick'em," Jim said.

"The stable man only had the one, but he definitely got the better horse." Artemus began to rummage through their supplies. "Why don't you go shoot a rabbit before the light is gone?"

"Okay, maybe I'll get a deer."

"How long we gonna be here, a week?"

"Never know." Jim shrugged. "You want to walk?"

Artemus groaned because he hadn't realized that they were stuck here. "Ride double?"

Jim didn't answer. He disappeared with his rifle behind some rocks and trees. Artemus thought it through again. They weren't stuck here, unless they wanted to be, because he could always ride on ahead or far behind. He went to the stream and washed up. His shirt had horse slobber on it, and he washed it out. Now he had no clean shirts, but it wasn't cold and he had his bedroll. He'd be fine.

A rifle shot rang out as Artemus finished hanging up his shirt. Dark was arriving, and he went to build up the fire. He pan-fried the rabbit with some cut up apples. Jim put down the bedrolls and collected enough firewood to last a while. They didn't talk. The stallion neighed and stomped from time to time. The mare always answered.

"You're quiet tonight," Jim said.

"Who can get a word in with all the horsey love talk?"

Jim laughed and squatted by the fire. Artemus watched the food carefully. He was hungry. It also was an excuse not to look at Jim. What to say? Nothing. It had been great, but it was no big deal.

"Does your back hurt?"

Artemus rolled his shoulders and bit his lip. "Between falling, being kicked and bitten, I'm a mite sore."

"Sorry about that."

"Hey, any time I'm about to be crushed by a horse, you go right ahead and pull me out of the way." Artemus grinned. "Although, it was my first time with a horse."

"And a man?"

Artemus shot Jim a look. He was studying a branch, avoiding Artemus' eyes. "What do you think?"

Jim said nothing, and Artemus pulled the rabbit from the fire. No plates. He found a spot near Jim and sat the pan between them. They ate and didn't look at each other. The sounds of the night seemed loud.

"I think you've always been extremely discreet when taking a lover."

"Well, you make enough noise for both of us," Artemus said. "I'm ten years older than you. I've been around the block."

Jim grabbed a canteen and took a long drink. Artemus stared at the empty pan and wished for more. He took the pan to the stream and washed it out. His shirt was still wet. Returning to the fire, he saw that Jim had relocated to a bedroll. The fire was casting shadows, and Artemus was a trifle uncomfortable. This conversation was over, he hoped.

"I like sex, Artie, and I like a lot of it. I won't apologize."

Artemus put the pan in a saddlebag to stall, then, he drank some water. Jim shrugged out of his short coat and pulled off his boots. He was relaxed.

Artemus turned his back to the fire and stared off at the mare. "I never asked you to apologize, but I never dreamed you could be interested."

"In you or men in general?"

Artemus considered lying very briefly, but the truth couldn't hurt. "Both."

Jim didn't reply, and Artemus turned around to face him. He was digging in his saddlebag, oblivious to Artemus. He went to his bedroll to sit down and pull off his boots. He was tired. His bedroll was closer to Jim's than usual, but he refused to interpret that to mean anything. It was an accident.

"Lay flat and let me rub this into your back," Jim said. "It'll help."

"Is that the stuff I made?" Artemus felt the hair on his arms rise when Jim sat down right next to him.

"Yes." Jim opened the jar and smeared some on his hand. "Lay down."

Artemus heard the order in Jim's voice and moved to obey. It came naturally. He was also too tired to argue. Jim's hands worked on him.

"Ouch, easy there, buddy." Artemus pushed up a little.

"You have not one, but two bites back here. I think my stallion got you as well as the mare." Jim pushed him flat again. "Should I clean them?"

"The salve will help, just be gentle," Artemus groaned.

Jim smeared it on gently and rubbed the rest of him a bit harder. Artemus wiggled and moaned a little. It felt good. Jim's hands finally stopped, and Artemus didn't move.

"Artie," Jim said in Artemus' ear, "will you be my mare tonight?" Jim bit him just as a stallion would, on the back of the neck.

Artemus let the shock run its course through his brain. It took a minute.

"From the stiff silence, I would say that the answer is no." Jim moved away, and Artemus wanted him back.

"I, well, yes, but I don't want this to ruin our partnership." Artemus stayed flat, putting his chin on his folded hands. "I mean, this is just sex right? You don't want anything more than that."

"Artie, you're talking like a woman," Jim said. "You're my best friend, partner, a man I care about, and after much thought, I want to have sex with, but you can't hold out for marriage and children."

Artemus stared into the dark and ran that answer through the mill a couple of times. Jim cared for him? "So this is a one night thing, sort of a camping adventure."

Jim ran a hand through his hair. "When we get back to the train, if I asked, would you say no?"

"I can't see any circumstance where I'd refuse you. You're too damn sexy."

Jim laughed and put a hand back on Artemus. "You're kinda cute too. Let's be partners, Artie."

"What if I want your ass, you gonna let me stallion up?" Artemus got hard just saying it.

Jim stroked his hand down and circled it around. "You'd be gentle?"

"No, probably not. I'd be so excited that I'd bust you in half."

Jim burst out laughing and poked Artemus in a horse bite, eliciting a shout. Artemus sat up and grabbed Jim by the ear, pulling him down into his crotch. Jim bit him through his trousers.

"Geez, you're a mean stallion," Artemus said, "and me with no sugar cubes."

Jim stopped biting and curled into Artemus' lap. Artemus ran a hand through Jim's hair. They stayed that way long enough to sooth the worry in Artemus' heart. Sex was fine, but he also wanted affection, maybe even a little love from time to time. The life they led was very solitary.

"You gonna be okay with this?"

"Let me do this every now and again, and you can have your way with me any time you want," said Artemus.

"Artemus, you're easy, possibly even cheap."

Artemus laughed and hugged him. "Now you know the truth about me."

"I had suspected it." Jim got up and gave Artemus a gentle push. "Now get on your knees."

"I'm not in heat." Artemus laughed at Jim's brazen attitude. Jim did love sex.

"I can fix that." Jim traced a finger around Artemus' lips. "Easily."

Artemus crossed his eyes and moaned. "I don't doubt it."

Jim made a fire start in Artemus' groin and blaze through his body. Artemus let Jim be the stallion.


Artemus woke up the next morning so stiff and sore that he didn't even bother trying to get up. He just lay there and prayed he didn't have to ride a damn horse today.

"Artie, are you okay?"

"No, and leave me alone." Artemus pulled the blanket up over his head.

"Well, nothing like a sweet morning after."

Artemus groaned and said, "Please leave me alone."

"That's better," Jim said. "I'm gonna go get us another rabbit and then rub salve on you again."

"I'll pay you to shoot that damn mare."

"She'd be tough eating."

Artemus groaned again, this time a little louder. Jim laughed, and it floated away on the breeze. With a small stretch, Artemus tried to tell himself he wasn't in all that much pain. It wasn't working. Everything hurt, even his ass was sore. Jim had been gentle, but he was a stallion, no doubt about that. Artemus rested and tried not to think or move. He heard the rifle shot that heralded the return of his partner. Sure enough, not much later, the blanket ripped away. Artemus was glad he'd put his pants back on.

"Have mercy, Jim." He covered his chest with his arms.

"Christ, Artie, you're nothing but bruises, and those bites are huge." Jim stared down at him. "Why did you let me touch you?"

"I couldn't resist you, ya big stud. Now, please, the blanket." Artemus widened his brown eyes and tried to look pitiful, which was how he felt this morning. Jim put the blanket back on him and sat down. Artemus wiggled over the short distance and put his head in Jim's lap.

Jim looked stunned. He glanced down and touched Artemus' lightly on the head. "Don't ever do that again. I feel like a brute."

"What? I'm a grown boy, capable of making my own errors in judgment," Artemus said and grinned. "It's not your fault I walked more than a few miles dragging a limping horse, fought that damn mare over half of Texas, nearly got fucked by a stallion, fell under my horse's hooves, and topped it off with the best sex of my life. Wait a minute, some of that was your fault, sorry."

Jim stared down at him some more and then slowly grinned. "Artie, you drive me crazy."

"I know. It's a gift." Artemus shut his eyes and got comfortable. "Do we have to go to work today?"

"I'm not sending you off alone on that mare. Hell, she'd probably kill you. I'm in command, and no, we're not going to work."

"Your faith in my horsemanship is touching, and accurate."

Jim leaned over and kissed Artemus. He was stunned into silence. They were going to kiss? Suck and fuck, yes, but he'd assumed that there'd be no kissing. It was intimate, personal. It was nice to be wrong.

"Well, now I know how to shut you up. I should've done it years ago. Think of all the rest I could've gotten."

Artemus blushed. He kept his eyes shut and tried to relax. A little more sleep was what he needed. Jim held him and said nothing more.


The blanket under Artemus' head was a poor substitution for Jim, but Artemus wasn't going to complain too loudly. After all, he had slept late. This time, he was determined to get up and go piss. He sat up and controlled a yelp of pain. Jim was suddenly behind him, helping.

"Thanks, Jim."

"What are partners for?"

"Excellent question." Artemus stretched back, hissed, and kept a hand on Jim. He waited with a patient look on his face. Artemus patted him after a moment and went down to the stream. He was a little surprised that Jim followed along. "I don't need a nursemaid."

"That's what you think." Jim stayed close. From where I'm standing, you look like you need a hospital."

Artemus kneeled down to splash water on his face and happened to see the bite on his arm. It was purple and easily covered half of his forearm. No wonder it hurt. He used his other arm and gasped when the cold water hit him.

"Quite a shock, huh?"

Artemus ignored that comment and got to his shaky feet. He stretched again and groaned. Going to a tree, he leaned against it, unbuttoned himself, and pissed. Jim watched with a small smile.

"Go away, Jim."

"You are so sweet in the morning." Jim disappeared.

Artemus stuffed himself back inside, but didn't bother to button up. It seemed like more work than it was worth. He scratched his head and found his way back to their little camp. Jim had skinned and gutted the rabbit, but it lay uncooked. He was building the fire back up. Artemus sat down near the fire on a bedroll.

"Make a spit, will ya?" Artemus fed the fire and tried to get a nice even flame while Jim cut branches. Jim built a spit quickly and efficiently. Artemus put the rabbit on to cook. "We'll starve if we don't leave here soon."

Jim smiled and sat on his bedroll. "Tomorrow is soon enough."

Artemus nodded and watched the rabbit. When it was finished, he handed it to Jim, who plunked it into their only pan. Once again, they sat shoulder to shoulder and ate, but this time Artemus leaned in ever so slightly.

"Is there somewhere nearby where I can get wet?"

"Are you cracked?" Jim didn't look over. "That water's cold."

"I feel filthy, like I've been abused by a horse."

Jim shot him a glare. "It's not far, but you are going in alone."

"Thanks." Artemus smirked and patted Jim on the face. "Good morning, stud."

Jim groaned and grabbed the last of the rabbit. Artemus let him have it and dug around in the saddlebags for something else to eat. He found a piece of jerky and handed it to Jim. Artemus wasn't in the mood to fight his food. Jim began to suck on it. Artemus knew what was on Jim's mind today. Sex. He searched around and found his dry shirt, boots, and extra pair of pants.


Jim nodded and led the way to a place where the stream widened and got a bit deeper. Artemus undressed and piled his clothes on a rock. He waded in and sat down. The water was up to his chin. It was cold, but not that bad. It felt good on his sore body, and he began to relax. Jim took up a post near Artemus' clothes, chewed his jerky, and studiously ignored him.

"Come on in, the water's fine," Artemus said. Jim shook his head, and Artemus played dirty. "What, you chicken?"

Jim gave him a glare. "That won't work."

"Pussy! Nothing more than an old, bitchy woman!"

Jim stripped off his clothes and waded in, cursing Artemus and his ancestors. Artemus stood up and let Jim push him down and sit on him. Jim let him come up for air after a moment. Artemus sputtered and laughed.

"Apologize," Jim said. He was going to push Artemus under again.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean it," Artemus begged. "I'll never, ever call you a pussy again."

Jim dunked him again. Artemus didn't fight. He was busy laughing and choking up water. Jim didn't let up until Artemus was truly sorry.

"No more, Jim, I'm sorry," Artemus wheezed. "I'll be good, I promise."

Jim quit with a grunt and let Artemus rest. "You always know how to get to me."

"It's my job." Artemus got behind Jim and wrapped him tight. Jim relaxed back, and Artemus nibbled him on the neck before shoving him under the water. He came back up, and the two tussled for a minute or two. "Okay, okay, you win."

Jim pointed a finger at Artemus. "You cheated."

"Sure, I have to, you're a big stallion, and I'm nothing but another mare." Artemus sat back down in the water and scrubbed his face. He was about done here. Jim suddenly grabbed him by the chin and got right in his face.

"You're not just any mare. You're the lead mare, so have some respect for yourself." Jim shook him.

Artemus put his hand on Jim's. "What the hell does that mean?"

"Lead mare, boss mare, the one in charge of the herd, the mare that makes nearly every decision down to food, water, and who the stallion fucks. Don't you know anything about horses?"

"Not enough, apparently." Artemus ran his tongue around his lips. "Kiss me."

Jim leaned in and did a thorough job of it. Artemus pulled back, and Jim came back for more. "How is it possible to get hard in water this cold?"

Artemus reached down Jim's fine, muscular body, and sure enough, he was hard. Stroking him firmly, Artemus encouraged him to stand. Jim caught on quick, and Artemus captured the cock with his mouth. Jim's cock bobbed right above at water level, and Artemus teased him.

"Artie, please." Jim took hold of Artemus' wet head and pressed deeper. "No more teasing."

Artemus complied and sucked Jim deep while pushing a finger up his ass. He stiffened, jerked, and orgasmed. Artemus pulled his mouth away, continued to finger him, and watched cum hit the water.

"Artemus Gordon, when I can walk, you are getting a beating."

Artemus laughed and rubbed Jim's pleasure spot. His cock bucked and oozed. Artemus licked it off. Jim quivered and went to his knees in the water. Artemus pulled his hand away. Jim scooped up a mouthful of water and spat it at Artemus. It hit him in the face, and he stood up to avoid the next shot. Jim was right there, and Artemus found himself on the receiving end. He didn't let Jim touch him on the ass though. It was sore. Artemus kept Jim's hands far away. They were hot on Artemus' thighs, and he lost track of time. He curled his cold toes and came hard. Jim didn't have time to pull away because Artemus grabbed him by the head and held him there. Those green eyes flashed at the demanding restriction, but he swallowed.

"You are so good at that, Jim. Natural talent." Artemus turned Jim loose and prepared to be drowned. "Maybe I'll season the next rabbit with cum."

Jim stood up and laughed. "Mine or yours?"

"Good question." Artemus beat a hasty retreat to the water's edge while Jim was feeling generous. "You have more, but mine tastes better."

"Artie, how do you know that?"

Artemus laughed and shook his hair. "Just a guess. Come here and kiss me."

Jim stepped close and stuck out his tongue. Artemus opened his mouth and sucked it inside. Jim pulled his tongue out. He licked up to Artemus' ear. "How's it taste?"

"Better than yours." Artemus laughed. "Not by much, though."

Jim grinned. "Let's go get some salve on you."

"Okay, but no ass-fucking."

Jim narrowed his eyes. "Why?"

"You figure it out, you big stallion."

"You're sore, aren't you?" Jim redressed in a flash.

"Yes, but don't worry. Your turn is coming." Artemus put on his clothes, didn't button his shirt, and brushed his hair back with his fingers. "Soon."

"Can't I just apologize instead?"

"No," Artemus said. "Actions speak louder than words."

Jim and Artemus walked back to the camp together. The stallion had broken his tie-down and was fucking the mare. She looked smug. Jim threw up his hands in disgust, and Artemus stayed well back. The stallion grunted and pumped.

"Now I know where you get your technique."

"Artie, you're pushing your luck," Jim growled and adjusted his cock in his pants in full view of Artemus.

Artemus laughed. "Neigh."

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