Title: Plans
Pairing: B/K
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: HBO owns Oz.
Summary: In Oz, things never quite go as planned.


By the time Andy had stopped shivering and fallen into an exhausted sleep, Toby had changed his mind. Sure, Schillinger, the fucker, was going to try to kill Andy, but Toby was going to do his best to make sure that didn't happen. After all, this poor, little fuckwad had suffered as much as he had, maybe more. Fifty percent genetic material wasn't a good enough reason to see him dead. Andy hated his father, and that made him a comrade in arms, so to speak.

Keller and O'Reily would go along with it. They were clueless. And the point of all of this was to make Schillinger pay, and Andy could do that much better alive than dead. Toby smiled.


"Andy, I'm going to be honest with you," Toby said. He loved the look of astonishment that dropped for one instant over Keller's face.

Andy studied his cards, looked up, and rubbed his hand across his nose. "Okay. What?"

Toby used his leg to nudge Keller. O'Reily was just watching. "It's like this. Your dad wants you dead. Right, Keller?"

Keller threw down a card. "That's what I heard. You're fucked, ya snot-nose rat."

Andy slumped lower in his chair. O'Reily tossed down the ace, of course. "I win, and yeah, you're dead, kid. Sorry, I kinda like you."

"Why?" Andy slapped his cards down. "I know he thinks I'm shit, but why?"

Toby shrugged and inched his chair closer. He lowered his voice. "You hang out with us, and Vern wants to kill us all. He really hates us."

Keller gathered the cards up and started shuffling. "O'Reily, I think you cheated again."

O'Reily just smiled. "Find some new friends, kid, or you're dead, so dead, fucking dead."

Toby ran a hand through his hair and wish O'Reily would chill out. "It's true, Andy. Schillinger has hurt all of us here, and he hates us for it. We survived, and he can't stand it. We were supposed to roll over and die, but we didn't."

Keller started dealing. "Beech, you should have quit after he broke your legs."

Andy flinched.

O'Reily snatched each card. "How old were you when he pragged you, K-boy?"

Keller glared at him. "We ain't discussing that shit. Not if you want to keep breathing, you mick bastard!"

Toby caught him by the arm. "Settle down. We're trying to help Andy here. Another week and he's going to be out of here in a box."

Andy ignored his cards. He was breathing hard. Rubbing his nose again, he whined, "I need a tit."

O'Reily shook his head. "No fucking way. Anyway, I'm out."

Toby didn't believe that for one minute. "It's hard to get clean, Andy, but if you're high when the shank comes for you, well, you don't have a chance."

Keller rubbed his back and stabbed Toby with those killer blue eyes. "Even that don't always help."

O'Reily put his cards facedown on the table. "We're not playing, are we? And I got two aces!"

"Fuck the game," Keller said. "The little pusbag needs a hand."

Toby nearly laughed. "Andy, what do you want us to do?"

Andy looked at them all. He sniffed and coughed. "I like you guys. If I hang out with you, you'll watch my back, right?"

O'Reily slipped away without another word. Keller and Toby exchanged a long look. Toby finally said, "If we do, he'll come after us all."

"Ain't fucking anything new about that, Beech." Keller shrugged and squeezed Toby's leg under the table. "What are you gonna do for us, puppy?"

Andy looked desperate. His eyes were wide, and he was about ready to run.

Toby jumped in before it was too late. "I'll owe you, Keller. Just watch his back, okay? Schillinger has raped and killed enough of us."

Keller seemed to consider it. Andy looked at him pitifully. Toby put his hand on Keller's hand and caressed it. One touch would be enough. Keller suddenly smiled. "Good enough for me. Toby, you owe me one. I got the little pansy's back."

Andy heaved out a huge breath. "Thank God."

Toby used his cane to get up. "Let's get some lunch."


Keller waited until Andy was yelling at his fucking daddy. "Toby, if you really want me to do this, you do owe me."

Toby didn't even look worried. "I do. I don't want him dead. What fun is that?"

"You're a mean bastard, and I like it. You gonna prag him?"

"That would be ironic, wouldn't it?" Toby kept on eating. "Go rescue the little fucker."

Keller groaned and stood. "I'm going, but later."

"Later." Toby could at least throw him a smile, but no, the smart fucker just ate. Keller would do anything to get back with Toby, but this was asking a lot. Toby looked up at him and licked his lips. Keller's cock told him to get his ass over there and save Andy from his daddy. Oh fuck. It was gonna be sweet.


Toby wasn't watching TV. He was gloating. Schillinger was handing out the mail, and he looked like he'd swallowed a rat and it was clawing at his guts. Seeing that was almost like a hit of heroin. Damn.

"He looks pissed," Andy whispered. He was practically cowering.

Toby edged closer to him. "You stood up to him. He hates that. You were supposed to beg to be Daddy's boy."

"Fuck that," Andy tried to snarl, but it was more of a yap.

Toby didn't bother to get in line for mail. He never got anything but empty envelopes, and he wasn't in the mood today to see who wrote him. Keller shuffled closer to the mail cart. He had his arms crossed and a straw in his mouth. The straw was being chomped to death.

"Give it up, fuckhead."

"You got nothing, Keller. Beat it." Schillinger didn't smirk. He looked mad as hell.

Keller looked in the basket. "I want Toby's mail or you know what's gonna happen."

Toby narrowed his eyes. What fucked up game was Keller playing now? Schillinger got even uglier. "What exactly?"

"I will fuck your spawn so hard that his eyeballs bleed." Keller flipped the straw and grinned. "Give it."

Schillinger hesitated before reaching in the basket. "Take it and keep your dick in Beecher's cunt where it belongs!"

"Keep delivering." Keller waggled his talented tongue and strutted towards Toby. The mail dropped into Toby's lap. "Mail call."

Toby looked at the empty chair next to him. Keller took it instantly. Andy whispered, "Hey, would he really do that?"

Keller hadn't lost his smile. Toby put his arm around Andy's shoulders and squeezed. "No. He might break your arms, but rape isn't his style."

Andy rolled his shoulders, and Toby quit touching him immediately. Keller put his knee against Toby's. "That was fucking fun."

Toby let the leg stay close. "Thanks, and I could tell you enjoyed it." He picked up a letter. Yes, Andy living and breathing was a good thing. "Later is getting sooner, huh?"

"You bet your ass." Keller reeked of sex. His hand rubbed his groin.

Toby wasn't worried, not yet. He still had a little time, and a few things to say. "I still hate you."

"Don't fucking care."

"You're still a traitor bitch." Toby twisted it harder.

"Yep." Keller reached and tore open a letter. "Look, a letter from Holly."

Toby snatched it away. He clasped his mail tightly and went to his pod to read it. Keller could look after Andy. After all, Toby was paying for it.


Keller nudged him. "Hey, sweat meat, let's go work out."

Andy swallowed hard. "You sure?"

"Don't be a pussy. Swagger." Keller jerked him up. "Somewhere in those balls is Schillinger spunk."

"My dad's a fuckhead." Andy tried to stand tall. He wasn't ever gonna make it. Keller had seen it a thousand times. Schillinger's boy was a bitch waiting to happen. It was fucking hilarious. All the boys and men that 'ol Vern had fucked and here was his boy - a prime piece of meat.

Keller started for the gym. "You're lucky, ya know."

Andy trotted to keep up with him. "What are you talking about?"

"You ain't blond and pretty. If you were, your dad would have you in pigtails by now." Keller laughed loudly. "Blood or not, you'd be sucking cock."

Andy covered his mouth. "What the fuck are you talking about?"

Keller put his hand around the back of Andy's neck. "You need a fucking wake up call."


Toby could hear Andy sniveling. Tits. It was always tits. "You okay?"

"Yeah," Andy sobbed.

Toby slipped off the top bunk. "Want some company?"

Andy wiped his eyes and scooted over. "Keller told me what my dad did to you. Why are you nice to me?"

"You didn't do it, and you hate him as much as I do." Toby sat down, but was careful not to touch him, not yet. Keller was working both sides of this triangle. It was just like him. Fucker needed to shut up.

"I do hate him. He always hit me and yelled, and he hurt my mom." Andy was pathetic. He'd probably used drugs to strut, and now it was all gone. All that was left was a little boy.

Toby sighed heavily. This was so easy. "Vern will eventually go to hell where he belongs. Stay away from him. That's all you can do."

Andy looked at him. "I can help him get there."

"You better eat your Wheaties." Toby leaned back and put his arm around the boy. Andy leaned and sighed as if he were in his mother's embrace. "And hang out with Keller. He can give you pointers on how to kill people."

Andy's eyes fluttered shut, and soon, he was breathing heavily. Asleep. He was so vulnerable, so weak, and yet, he was the only one in this hell hole that had a shot at Schillinger. It might be the ultimate revenge. Toby didn't sleep. He waited and rested. His leg ached, but he didn't move.

Andy snuggled closer and his hand rested on Toby's chest. Toby whispered in Andy's ear, "Do you want to feel good?"

Andy opened his blurry eyes. "Yeah."

Toby smiled.


Keller headed straight for Toby's pod when the doors opened. Toby was up and half-dressed, but Andy was still sleeping, or faking it.

"Going to breakfast?"

Toby nodded. "Why the fuck do you care?"

Keller grinned. "Gotta keep my eyes on the prize." He sat on the bottom bunk. "Little faggot ain't sleeping."

Andy pushed his way up. "I ain't no faggot!"

Keller saw it then. Right on Andy's face. He was damn impressed, despite his anger. "No one is in here; well, except for the faggots."

Toby pointed at the door. "Keller, beat it. Laundry room, you and me, later."

Keller stood up fast and got in Toby's face. "You jerking me around?"

"Be there." Toby found a shirt. "Just keep your end of the bargain."

Keller looked over at Andy. "The snot rag is safe." He couldn't help but laugh.


Toby went through the day doing his best to avoid Schillinger. He had this strange sense of euphoria, and he didn't want to ruin it. Andy stayed close to him or Keller, and Keller's grin was a mile wide and never faded. Toby didn't even care about that. He'd deal with it.

Sister Pete even noticed it. "Your leg feels better?"

"Yes. The whole world looks a little brighter today." Toby shut the last file. He grabbed his cane and got up. "Anything else?"

"Let's hope tomorrow is good also." She smiled at him. Toby went back towards his pod. He'd grab his laundry.

Schillinger came around the corner. "Tobias, we have a problem."

Toby leaned against his cane. The hack was close, but that didn't mean shit. "I'm having a happy day, Vern. Don't spoil it."

"Did you prag my boy?" Schillinger spat.

Toby started walking again. He loved the hate and fear on Schillinger's face. It tasted sweet. "Andy's a good boy. You should be proud of him."

Schillinger clenched his fists. "You're dead! Dead!"

The hack pushed Schillinger back. "Go on, fuckhead."

Toby laughed and went to his pod. Perfect. Absolutely perfect. Schillinger might actually be suffering enough. Well, no, but close. Toby grabbed his bag and headed for the laundry room.

Andy came up behind him. "You done working?"

"Yes." Toby smiled. "Everything okay?"

"Yeah. I was moving tits with O'Reily, but I'm clean." Andy bounced along. "Want some help?"

"Sure." Toby handed him the bag. "My leg hurts."

Andy carried it beside him. Toby marveled at how simple this was, and it was so much better than watching Schillinger kill him. So much sweeter.


"Hey, Said." Toby paused. He liked the Muslim. "How are you?"

"I'm well." Said held out a book. "Here's the book you asked about."

"Thanks! I'll get it back to you soon." Toby caught the look on Andy's face. "Andy, this is Said, a friend of mine."

Andy screwed up his face. "A nigger."

Toby grabbed Andy by the arm. "A man. Like you and me. And Said doesn't rape people."

Andy flinched and looked away.

Said smiled. "We will talk later."

Toby nodded. "Come on, Andy." They went inside the laundry room. Before Toby could upend his bag, Keller came through the door.

"Hey, Beech."

"Hey, Keller." Toby held up his hand. "Give me a minute."

Keller shrugged and went to the other side of the room. Andy stepped close. "What does he want from you?"

Toby put his hand on Andy's and squeezed. "A kiss or two, nothing much. Start this and let me take care of it. Okay?"

"You're doing this for me?"

"You need some muscle behind you. And it's Keller, your dad pragged him too." Toby watched closely. Andy felt guilty and responsible, not angry. He was easy to read. Toby went towards the corner. Keller was there instantly. He had a hard-on that any idiot could see.

"Toby, oh shit," Keller breathed.

Toby leaned against the wall in the small space. "Schillinger is furious."

"I saw him. He's going to do something stupid, and you may get killed." Keller eased his hands down him.

Toby almost quivered with longing. He was so stupid to love this man. "I might. You too, and Andy."

"Was he good?" Keller whispered and slid his lips down Toby's ear.

Toby caught his breath. "You know that pod on the corner with three bunks?"

Keller kissed Toby's jaw. "Yeah."

"Get moved in there." Toby tried to keep his hands off him. "I haven't forgiven you."

"You never will." Keller was so close. He smelled good. "I don't blame ya, but I did what I could to keep you alive."

"You enjoyed every snap." Toby raised his head slightly. "Are you going to watch out for Andy like you did me?"

Keller's lips came down, but didn't touch. "You owe me." The words were soft and low.

Toby opened his mouth and kissed him. Keller seemed to melt. One kiss led to ten.

"Keller! Beecher! Get off it!"

Toby shoved Keller away. Murphy grabbed him. "Get out of here, Keller!"

Keller strutted away. Toby wiped his mouth and went to his laundry. "Thanks, Murphy."

"Pretend all you want." Murphy followed Keller out. Toby limped over to Andy. Andy's eyes were wide, and he looked worried. Toby shrugged and added the soap. He had to think about all this again.


Keller racked the weight and smirked. "Nazis."

O'Reily turned around. "Gotta hate 'em."

Schillinger pushed his way over to Keller. Robson was right behind him. "Did Beecher fuck my boy?"

"All I saw was Andy doing Beecher's fucking laundry." Keller shrugged and watched carefully. "Oh, and Andy slept late this morning."

Schillinger put his hands on his hips. "Are you fucking with me?"

"Fuck you. I'm trying to be friendly." Keller smiled. Watching Schillinger sweat was a beautiful thing. Toby was a genius to think of it. Keller did have an offer to make him. "I'll kill Andy for you."

O'Reily laughed. "Let me. Please. The little dirtbag owes me for tits!"

Schillinger was about ready to explode. Keller had seen it before. Someone was going to get hurt. Robson wasn't smart enough to get back a step. Keller stepped close and lowered his voice. "Vern, your soldier there, Robson, hates Andy. Have him do it."

"He's my son," Schillinger ground out. "Anyone touches him, and they die."

"Robson told me that Andy is weak, prag-bait, and you should kill him like a dog in the street." Keller didn't even have to lie. Robson had a big mouth. Keller whispered, "Before you come after us to protect your scumbag son, maybe you should clean your own fucking house."

Schillinger whipped around. "Robson, you fucker!"

Keller got the hell out of the way. O'Reily did too. Robson wasn't smart enough to deny it. The shouting led to fists, and Keller made sure no one thought he was involved. He didn't want to waste time in the hole when Toby owed him.


Toby opened his book to read. The TV was on. Andy was drooling over Miss Sally, and all was right with the world because Schillinger was in the hole.

"Did you get my little present?" Keller was right behind him.

"I wish you wouldn't do that." Toby glared over his shoulder. "You put Schillinger in the hole?"

"Yep. It was fucking easy. Ask O'Reily." Keller sat down and scooted his chair close. "I did it for you."

"Nice. Did you get moved?" Toby leaned away. "Back off, fucker."

Keller laughed and didn't move away. "I don't want to move."

"Then you aren't ever bunking with me again." Toby went ahead and grinned. Putting Keller through hoops was fun. "Ever."

Keller licked his lips. "More? Later?"

"You are such a slut." Toby had had enough for one day. "Keller, go play nice with Andy."

"Tell me again. Was he good?"

Toby turned the page. "Move and you'll find out." He found his spot and started reading. Keller was thoroughly enjoying himself. Toby would have to watch him. The fucker couldn't be trusted. He went with the wind, and when Schillinger got out, things around here were going to be blustery. Nothing at all happened until count, and it was nice for a change. He stood in line next to Andy and then went inside to read his mail again.

Andy stood at the door and looked out. "Prison is fucking boring."

"No shit, kid." Toby used his cane to help him get on the top bunk.

"I want a nickname like Bricks." Andy was about one lip away from pouting. "Andy sounds like a baby."

Toby put his back to the glass and opened his letter from Holly. "Mine is prag."

Andy slumped. "Keller calls me snot rag."

"He must like you." Toby let the words flow into his brain again. His daughter loved him. Loved him. Him.

Andy started pacing. "How about Killer?"

"How about you shut the fuck up?" Toby didn't want to hear it. He wanted to pretend that he was going home to see his kids. Andy reached up and put a hand on Toby's leg. Their eyes met, and Andy looked away. Toby put the letter down. "I'm sorry. I miss my kids. Your father never delivers my mail. For once, I have something, and I miss them."

"I miss my mom."

"Like that." Toby reached and patted Andy's hand. "My wife is dead, and they need me."

Andy looked up at him. "Will you ever get out?"

"I hope so, if Schillinger doesn't kill me." Toby pointed at the glass. "Move away. The hack is coming."

Andy pulled away. "Why does the hack care?"

"Were you high during orientation? Em City - the land of no fucking." Toby put the letter to his nose and tried to catch a whiff of his child.

"My dear old dad doesn't seem to go without." Andy leaned against the wall and shoved his hands in his pockets. "Keller thinks I'm too weak to last in here."

Toby heard the anger, but also a lot of desperation. Andy was scared, and he should be. He was easy meat. Toby fiddled with his cane. "Keller has a big mouth, and he says the same thing about me. I'm still kicking."

"He's right. If it weren't for you, Keller, and O'Reily, I'd be dead." Andy rubbed his face. "I don't think I'd mind being dead."

"It isn't much fun is what I hear." Toby smiled. "Fuck, Andy. Don't get all weepy on me."

Andy wiped his eyes. "You fucking Keller?"

Toby laughed. "He wishes."

"What are you going to give him to watch my back?" Andy was earnest. He looked upset. Stupid boy.

"As little as possible. Don't worry. I can handle Keller." Toby tried to sound confident. He hoped he could handle him. Keller was dangerous and sexy, a bad combination. Toby caught Andy's eyes. "Do you want to pay him?"

Andy bit his lip and wiped his nose. "Would it be better than being dead?"

"Oh yeah." Toby had said enough. When the time came, Andy would fall the right direction. "Andy, why don't you get some rest? I know you're tired."

Andy nodded. "Thanks. When the lights go out, uh, well, could we talk?"

Toby smiled at the horny, little prick. Definitely Schillinger's offspring. "Sure."


Keller slumped into the chair in front of McManus. "What?"

McManus put down his pencil. "How's Andy Schillinger doing?"

"You fucking think I'm going to talk to you?" Keller laughed. "You're fucked in the head."

Murphy took a step. "Some respect or you're going to the hole!"

Keller raised his hands. "Okay. Okay. Andy's fine, at least, he's alive. Why?"

"What's Beecher planning?" McManus leaned forward. "Just tell us."

Keller looked them over. They were absolutely fucking crazy. "You think I'm going to rat out Beecher for Schillinger's brat?"

"Let's see - you broke Beecher's arms for Schillinger. We figure Schillinger is paying you to keep Andy safe." McManus glanced at Murphy. "You and Andy are never far apart."

Keller let a slow smile come to his lips. "Andy needs a little help. I'm willing to give it."

McManus sighed. "Beecher is planning something. I want to know what."

"I want to live in that corner pod, the one with three bunks." Keller shrugged. "You help me, and if Beecher tells me anything, I'll pass it on."

"Why?" Murphy asked immediately.

"Better view." Keller leaned back and crossed his arms. "Move me and I'll get him to tell me everything."

"Deal." McManus nodded. "But don't fuck with me, Keller, or you'll be naked for a very long time."

Keller wasn't scared. "Funny thing is - I kinda like the snot rag."

"Right." Murphy took him back down towards the quad. "You're getting paid."

"That too, but Andy ain't bad, in a pissy puppy kind of way." Keller headed for his pod to get moved before McManus changed his mind. "When's Schillinger getting out?"

"Two days. He owe you?"

"He might." Keller got his shit together. He had to get with Toby and find out what the real plan was, so he could change it. As far as he could tell, things were going fine. Murphy made the switch, and Keller made his bunk. He'd be living with Trigger and Sal, and that was fine. Two dumb fuckers, but there wasn't any other kind in this fucking place. Except Toby. Toby was special.


Toby leaned against the wall outside one of the classrooms. For some reason, his leg was killing him today. He needed to take a minute.

Andy got right next to him. "You okay? Can I help?"

"Ain't that sweet," Keller drawled. "Andy, beat it. I gotta talk to Toby."

Toby shook his head. "We'll talk in the classroom. Andy, watch the door."

Andy nodded. "Sure. Who am I watching for?"

"The hacks," Toby said with a soft sigh. "Just give me a sign if you see Murphy. He's a pain in the ass."

Keller opened the door and practically knocked Toby down. "We have a fucking problem."

Toby winced, bit back a cry, and sat down heavily in a chair. His pulse pounded in his head for a long minute. "Fuck! Christ!"

Keller backed off. "What the fuck?"

"My damn leg." Toby glared at him. "What the fuck do you want?"

Keller stared down at him. "Hurts, huh?"

"Did you think it would magically heal?" Toby hated him in this instant. "You held me while he pounded my legs into more pieces than you can count. You held me!"

"I'm, well, sorry." Keller put his hands on his hips. He did look sorry, but it would never be enough, the prick. "McManus yanked me into his office. He thinks you're planning to kill Andy."

"He wants you to rat me out."

"Yep, and he thinks Vern is paying me to look after the snot nose rat." Keller grinned. "I made him move me."

"And now he thinks he's got you." Toby rubbed his leg gently. "Interesting. What will Vern think when he gets out?"

"He's got two more days, and he'll think you pragged his boy." Keller laughed. "He'll come after you with a shank."

Toby nodded. It made sense. "It'll work, but Vern may come after Andy."

"Stupid fucker." Keller sat down next to him. "I am sorry."

"You are?" Toby wasn't sure he believed it. "You liked making him happy. Pleasing your daddy."

Keller's eyes were like the pits of hell. "Andy might too. What's the fucking plan?"

Toby thought that was a good point. Andy could jump back to his dad if given even one hint of approval. "Chris, the plan is to make Schillinger suffer, squirm, and scream. The rest is all details."

"I'll tell McManus." Keller stood and turned away from him. "Later?"

Toby knew Keller was talking about sex. "Maybe. I hurt like hell."

Keller went out the door fast. He gave Andy a pat on the head and didn't slow down. Toby rubbed his leg some more. Dealing with Keller was exhausting, but it would be worth it. At some point, things might come together, but he was going to have to watch out for Murphy.

"Everything okay, Toby?"

Toby leaned heavily on his cane and got up. "McManus wants you dead. For a punk, you sure have a lot of enemies."

Andy opened the door for him. "I'm fucked!"

"You sure are, but I'll think of something. Don't panic." Toby sighed. "Said will help us, and maybe the Italians."

"Niggers and wops." Andy sniffed. "Dad would kill me for talking to them."

"Your choice. You can deal with people who don't rape for fun, or you can go live with your dad!" Toby lashed out at him. "Think about it."

"I'm sorry."

Toby put his arm around him. "Use your brain, Andy. You're short, scrawny, and have no money. You can die today, if you want."

Andy took a deep breath. "My dad would protect me."

"You think so?" Toby had known this moment was coming. "Next time you see him, ask him. Ask him!"

"I might." Andy might have been talking big, but he was burrowing into Toby's side. "I'm sorry."

"You're a good guy, Andy." Toby smiled and took him to watch TV. Miss Sally could cheer anyone up.


Keller timed his shower to coincide with Toby's. "Where's the brat?"

"Watching TV. He's in love with big tits."

"Ain't we all?" Keller turned on the water and put his face in it. "You're scrawny as hell."

"Thanks. You're damn ugly." Toby was naked, under the water. Keller loved to see it. A look was enough to get him through the day. He didn't give a shit about insults. His mouth still tingled from the kisses they'd shared.

"I need you." Keller knew his cock was hard.

"People in hell want ice water." Toby showed him that damn swastika. "And we are in hell."

Keller didn't think about what all that shit meant. "I ain't watching him for free. I kept two of the homeboys from fucking him up today."

"I know. Andy told me." Toby nodded. "Where?"

"Under the stairs, thirty minutes before count when they're busy." Keller wanted to hump the wall. He gripped his cock tightly. "And don't bring Andy."

Toby stayed turned away. He left when he was clean, and he limped heavily. Keller felt another pang of guilt go through him. Shit. Well, there was time to see Alvarez. Toby was worth it.


"Andy, I'm meeting Keller. Stay out of trouble. Go to the pod, if you have to."

Andy shrugged. "What's Keller want?"

"Me." Toby turned away so he didn't have to see whatever emotion Andy was feeling. Andy broadcasted everything. He had to learn to shut up and look tough, but Toby didn't think that would happen soon.

Keller was there, under the stairs. "Hey, I got you something."

Toby nearly hobbled the other direction. It might be a shank. "Right."

Keller helped him further under the stairs until they were out of sight. "Here. Hide them."

Toby looked down at the pills on Keller's palm. "I don't do drugs." He'd like to, but it wasn't a good idea.

"It's Demerol." Keller pointed. "See. They're marked."

Toby looked closely. "Chris, this was nice of you."

Keller looked away. "I hate it when you're hurt."

Toby laughed softly and took them. "And you get a kick out of it. But thanks. Alvarez won't give me shit."

"You're a puta." Keller threw up his hands. "Hey, not to me!"

Toby knew Alvarez thought he was a whore, but it didn't feel good hearing it from Keller's mouth. "This kind of foreplay really gets me going."

Keller came to him fast. "Let me make you feel good."

Toby popped a Demerol and put the rest in his pocket. "Be ready when Schillinger gets out. You may have to move fast."

"I'll be ready." Keller's mouth was right there. "Please."

Toby loved watching him beg. "Suck me."

Keller groaned and kissed him. Toby tingled as the drug and Keller worked on him. He forgot his leg, his problems, and his hate. Later, he'd remember.


Keller knew the plans were in the wind, but he wasn't worried. Like Toby said, it was details. The results were all that mattered, and for two days the screams of Schillinger had been loud and clear. The Nazi fucker was pissed off. He might actually have a fucking heart attack.

O'Reily slopped some food down on Keller's tray. "Toby says to sit by Andy and don't even look at him."

Keller smiled. "When are you gonna get your hands dirty?"

"Never." O'Reily smirked. "Move on, prick."

Keller went on down the line and spotted Toby and Andy. Doing what he was told was never fun, but today he was going to go along. Schillinger must be planning something. Keller plunked his tray down by Andy and sat.

"Hey, snot rag."

"Hi, Keller." Andy hunkered down over his tray.

Toby scooted away even the short distance he was from Keller. "I'm not in the mood for your shit today, Keller."

"Too fucking bad." Keller laughed. He started eating before Schillinger showed up. "You on the rag, Beech?"

"Fuck you." Toby looked damn evil today. It was the beard. Had he sharpened it? Keller smiled. It was all a fucking game.

Andy leaned close. "Can we go lift weights later?" he whispered.

Keller caught Toby's eye. "Sure, after work."

Toby didn't say a fucking thing during lunch, not one word, but his eyes snapped and snarled. Keller hoped most of it was an act, and he rubbed his back without Toby noticing. Toby looked weak, but he was as dangerous as any fucker in this place, and Keller didn't want to get shit on today.

"Keller, we need to talk." Schillinger, the fucker.

Keller refused to get up and act like he cared. "What?"

Schillinger crossed his arms and looked death at Toby. "Man to man."

Toby laughed. "Cunt to prick." He stood slowly and leaned against his cane. "Andy, watch how Keller sucks your old man's cock."

Keller roared up. At the last moment, he caught the glint behind the smirk. It all made sense now, in a twisted Beecher way. "Like you ain't been sucking Andy's cock? Strutting around here like you got a prag. I know the truth. You're a fucking slut!"

Schillinger's eyes grew crafty. "Andy, have you been fucking with my prag?"

"I'm not your prag!" Toby snarled like a cornered rat.

Andy fumbled to his feet. "Well, maybe. It felt good. He's good at it. You taught him!"

"Andy, you shut your fucking mouth!" The vein in Toby's forehead popped out, but Schillinger wasn't buying it. Keller could tell, and he watched him squirm. Toby must be loving this, underneath all that anger.

"Dad, why don't you protect me?"

Keller jumped for the chance. "He did, ya stupid fuck. Who do you think paid me to look after you? Toby? Right. Like Bitcher has anything I want."

Andy looked confused as hell. Toby threw his tray at Keller and stormed off. Schillinger laughed. He laughed. "Andy, go on. Let us talk."

Keller sat back down and watched Andy do what Daddy said. Snot rag needed some balls. Schillinger slid onto the bench across from him. "You made me look good to my boy there, but you ain't got your hooks in me."

"Way I see it, you and me got a history. Beecher's just another ass. It didn't hurt me none to look after your boy, and Beecher put out, thinking I was on his side. I haven't had this much fucking fun in years!" Keller laughed.

Schillinger frowned. "Bitcher has been fucking my boy."

"I can't do shit after count." Keller shrugged. "And you owe me."

Schillinger was quiet for a minute. "I heard you pulled two niggers off him. What do you want?"

Keller couldn't believe how good this felt. It swept over him like tits. What did he want? Toby's ass, and Schillinger rotting in the ground somewhere, but it had to be something that made sense to a Nazi fucker. "How much is it worth to you?"

"It's gonna take me awhile to get him transferred to my unit." Schillinger leaned back and stuck his hand in his pocket. "Fifty bucks a week?"

"A hundred, and you owe me." Keller took the money offered. He'd been broke since he bought the Demerol for Toby. "And I ain't guaranteeing he stays clean, just alive."

"He'll stay clean or I'll break his legs." Schillinger lowered his voice. "I'll get him moved to your pod, but you keep Beecher out of this!"

"No fucking problem. Money talks." Keller stood and picked up his tray. "You keep that cocksucker Robson out of my face."

Schillinger nodded. "Bitcher is dead. Dead. And don't think you can stop it."

"Don't fucking care." Keller saw Andy, hovering near the door, and went to him after he tossed his tray. "Snot rag, you gotta grow some balls!"

Andy shuffled his feet. "I'm scared of him."

"We all are, but he bleeds the same damn color as you and me." Keller sighed. He almost cared about this little prick, and that was Toby's fault. "Toby saved your ass in this place, and you fucked him over."

"I know." Andy rubbed his nose for the ten thousandth fucking time. "Did my dad really pay you?"

"Not until about two minutes ago." Keller put his arm around the snot rag's shoulders and took him towards the quad. "Toby has been looking out of you. Your dad didn't give enough of a shit to ask, but I got some money out of him. I like to play both sides of the street."

"He doesn't care?"

"Not one fuck's worth." Keller shook him. "Go to work and then we'll lift weights."

Andy broke away and took off. Keller tracked down Toby in his pod, reading his mail.

"Hey, Toby."

"You ever call me Bitcher again, and I will kill you," Toby said softly, and the soft words had more of an impact than if he'd yelled them.

"I was playing along." Keller put his hands in his pockets, leaned against the wall, and tried to ignore the ache in his back. "Schillinger thinks he's got the upper hand now."

"Good. When you prag Andy, his Nazi heart will be broken." Toby laughed.

Keller nearly winced. Toby was fucking insane. Keller took a deep breath. "I have to fuck the boy?"

"Why not? You'd fuck dogs." Toby carefully put his mail away. "I got him ready for you."

"Damn, Toby. That's cold." Keller chuckled softly. It was a hell of a game. "Do you want me to hurt him?"

"Hell no." Toby shook his head. "Make him love you, like you did me."

Keller rubbed his forehead. "And then what? Kill him? Throw him to the niggers?"

"Live happily ever, and leave me the fuck alone!"

Keller saw it all now. He'd fallen for it too. "You saddled me with the little snot rag!"

"Merry Christmas." Toby smiled and started laughing. Keller felt a slow burn inch its way up his neck. He'd been played, and he'd sucked Toby's cock.

"When Vern comes for you, you are fucking on your own." Keller knew he was a fool, and it tasted bitter. "And you still owe me."

"Fuck that. You'll owe me until you die, you bitch." Toby grabbed his cane, slid down, and opened the door. "I'm due at work. Go fuck yourself."

Keller followed him out and nearly knocked him down. Murphy was right there. Fucking hack.

"Keller, you looked pissed."

"Fuck off!" Keller raged. He had been played! Him! No matter what he did now, he was fucked, and Toby got the last laugh. Toby hated him. Hated him!

Murphy yanked out his stick and shoved Keller against the wall. "Would you care to rephrase that?"

Keller watched Toby leave, laughing. "You fucks were so worried about Beecher?"

"Spill it." Murphy pressed hard.

"He's dead! You hear me, Toby! Dead!" Keller starting fighting and didn't quit until there were too damn many of them. "Dead!"


Toby laughed all the way to Sister Pete's office. He might be good as dead, but wow, he'd had fun this last month. She wasn't there, and Toby sat down at his desk to laugh some more. Even killing Keller wouldn't have been that great. Keller hadn't seemed to understand that his betrayal had been worse than Schillinger's anger. Maybe he got it now.

"Tobias, I've never seen you so happy."

"Hi Sister Pete," Toby said and managed to stop chuckling. "For some reason, Keller having a bad day makes me laugh."

Sister Pete frowned and sat down at her desk. "Be careful."

Toby opened the first file. Fuck careful. He didn't give a shit. Well, he had one more thing to do, but that was the easiest part of this plan.

When he finished, he made his goodbyes and went to the gym. The guy he needed was usually there. Andy and Keller were also, over at the punching bag. Keller had a black eye, but he wasn't in the hole. He glared but stayed away. Toby grinned at him. The man he was looking for wasn't around, so he limped back to Em City. There he was. Perfect.

"Hey, Trigger."

"What, prag?" Trigger rubbed his crotch. Asshole.

Toby flashed some cash. "You like living with Keller?"

"He's all right. Why?" Trigger's fingers twitched. "You want him dead?"

Toby was tempted, but Trigger was a pussy. "I hear Andy is moving in with you."

"Schillinger's boy?" Trigger smiled. "How's his mouth?"

"Pretty damn good." Toby held out the money. "Fuck him for me."

Trigger took it fast. "Any position you want?" He laughed. "Schillinger wants you dead."

"That's what I hear. Fuck his boy for me before I go." Toby looked around and smiled. "And if Keller gets in the way . . ."

"He's dead." Trigger smirked. He took off with the cash. He'd be high in five more minutes, and he had a big mouth. Schillinger would hear about this before dinner. Toby leaned against the wall and smiled. No matter what happened, he was set. He went to his pod, sat on Andy's bunk, and rubbed his leg.

O'Reily came through the door fast. "K-boy wants to kill you!"

"Yeah." Toby smiled. This was such a fucking good day. "Do you really give a fuck?"

"Not much." O'Reily never stopped watching. "Which of them is gonna kill you first?"

"Robson will try at dinner. You ready for him?"

O'Reily nodded. "Yep. Later."

"Later." Toby found his book and hobbled out to sit. He might as well read until the shit hit the fan. He giggled softly.


"Andy, we're moving you into Keller's pod." Murphy put his hands on his hips and tried to look tough. For an Irish fucker, he wasn't bad.

Andy looked at Keller. "I like Toby."

"Get your shit and get moving." Murphy pointed. Andy slunk off without another word.

Keller sighed loudly. "I don't want the snot rag with me!"

"Too fucking bad." Murphy laughed. "McManus doesn't trust Beecher, not any longer."

Keller got up, walked to Toby's chair, and kicked the back of it. "Prick."

Toby turned. "Kiss my ass. Oh, wait, you did that."

Keller raised his fist, but Murphy shoved him from behind. "Go give Andy the snot rag a hand."

Everyone laughed, and Keller watched his jizz flush down the toilet. "You're dead, Beecher!"

Toby shot him the finger. Keller stalked off. He began to wish that Toby had just broken his arms. It would've been less humiliating than this shit, but of course, Toby knew that. Toby knew how to hurt him. Toby hated him. Keller punched the wall and watched his hand bleed. The pain was nothing compared to what Toby had dished out. Toby. Fuck.


Toby limped to dinner and got ready. It was all coming to head here in a few minutes. It would be interesting to see who lived, who died, and who took the rap for it.

Andy trotted up and took him by the arm. "Toby, I didn't want to move out."

"You told your father that I was your prag," Toby said slowly. "You cut me down. Thanks. A lot."

"I didn't want to look weak!" Andy flushed red. "I didn't think you'd care."

"You betrayed me. I saved your ass, paid off Keller, helped you get clean, and you fucked me over. I guess you are a Schillinger." Toby started walking again. "Go play with Keller. He'll suck your dick."

Andy opened his mouth but nothing came out except, "Fuck!"

"Not me. Not ever." Toby pushed him away with his cane. "Fuck off."

Andy ran away. Toby regretted it. He had cared for the little fucker, for a minute or two, but that Schillinger blood had shown its true colors. Of course, he hadn't expected Andy to tell the truth. Toby got his tray, sat down, and waited for it. Schillinger wasn't subtle. Keller swaggered past, but it didn't look all that cool with baby Andy right at his heels. It was Said that came to sit down by Toby.

"Beecher, I don't understand the game you are playing."

Toby shrugged. "I'm trying to stay alive."

"You're trying to taste revenge." Said frowned. "It will sour in your mouth quickly. Do you truly wish for Andy to die?"

"No, but if it happens, it's on Keller." Toby believed that.

"If you are going to forgive yourself, you must forgive him." Said hadn't touched his food. He'd stopped to preach at him.

Toby narrowed his eyes. "Forgive and forget? Never. Keller and I shared something special and he fucked it, and me, over."

"And is that something special that was in your heart dead?"

Toby swallowed his bite of food hard. He took a drink of juice and hoped the food stayed down. "Please don't make me answer that."

A strong hand dropped on Toby's shoulder. Toby whirled around, nearly fell off the bench when his leg gave out, and he caught himself on Keller's arm. Keller's eyes bored into his. "I see the answer in your damn blue eyes."

Toby saw the shank. It was huge. Keller had bought the kind that tears a man's guts out. He was going to tear them out for real this time. Toby hadn't expected this, but he'd known that Keller was the loose screw in the plan. He shut his eyes and said, "Do it."

Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. The arm left him, and Toby opened his eyes. Said smiled tightly. "He changed his mind."

Toby shoved his tray away and tried to breathe. Damn.

Said stood. "Trouble." He came around and helped Toby to his feet. "Will you watch it all come tumbling down?"

"I built it." Toby saw O'Reily push Wangler right into trouble's path. Wangler found himself face to face with Robson. Only one of them had a shank.

"Nazi's got a shank!" Wangler screamed.

The hacks moved fast, and Toby stopped watching Robson to look for Vern. Now, it was time to get into the thick of things. Schillinger had his arm around Andy. Where the fuck was Keller?


Keller handed the shank off to Robson and gave O'Reily the sign. O'Reily would take care of it, and he wouldn't get dirty doing it.

"I gotta talk to my dad," Andy sniveled. He left his food and started for the back of the cafeteria. Keller didn't want to go with him. No fucking way. He'd sit here and watch everyone try to kill someone else. Toby still cared. Toby. It had been easy to read. He'd gotten his revenge, but he still felt something. Shit. Toby.


"I had one friend! One!" Andy screamed and shoved his father away. "Toby actually liked me! You drove him away!"

"He used you to get his rocks off." Schillinger had that nasty smirk on his face. "You're nothing but a prag for a piece of shit prag!"

Toby had known that Schillinger was evil, but that was crossing the line. Keller suddenly grabbed Toby by the arm.

"Chris, don't stop me."

"This ain't your fight. Andy let you down. He's gotta be a man, for once." Keller kept an iron grip on Toby's arm. The horn blew.

"Lock down! Lock down!"

"About fucking time," Toby said. "Let me go!" He never saw the fist coming for his head.


Keller dropped Toby to the floor and made sure no one trampled him in the confusion. Trays were flying, people were screaming, and somewhere in this fucking mess, O'Reily was laughing. Keller was sure of that. He couldn't see Andy or Schillinger. Toby had set this all in motion, but who the fuck could know how it would end?

SORT threw people down, and Keller went to his knees by Toby and put his hands on his head. No fucking reason to get bashed in the brains. Toby sat up groggily. "What the fuck?"

"Hands on your head!"

Keller and Toby were jerked up and herded down the hallway to Em City with all the other fuckers. Toby stumbled, nearly fell, and Keller put an arm around Toby's waist to keep him up. The hacks glared, but no one hit them.

"Lock down! Lock down!"

Murphy shoved Keller from behind. "Toby's pod. Now!"

Keller held him up and didn't bother to curse at Murphy. Toby muttered, "Just fucking great."

The door locked behind them, and Keller helped Toby sit on the bottom bunk. "You okay?"

"Get the fuck out of here!"

"Yeah. Like I can." Keller went to stare out the glass. "God fucking damn! I can see the blood from here!"

Toby limped over to him. "Shit."

Keller sighed. "How the hell did you manage that?"

"With cash." Toby went back to the bunks. "God damn it!"

Keller nodded. It was all fucked up, and where the hell was the snot rag?


Toby rubbed his sore face and waited for guilt to pour over him. For some reason, it didn't. Schillinger had killed Trigger, not him or Keller. That blood wasn't his fault, not much.

"Did you see Andy?"

"Nope, but they won't put him in there!" Keller went to the sink and washed his hands. "I am never fucking with you again. You're like the plague or something!"

Toby wasn't sure what to say to that. Things had gotten out of hand, a little. "You were supposed to watch Andy!"

"I was busy trying to kill you!"

Toby hadn't counted on that. "I guess I pissed you off."

"You think?" Keller tossed him a wet towel. "You got blood on your face."

Toby gently cleaned himself off. He should have been mad and screaming, but all he felt was tired. Tired of the scheming, the fighting, and the anger. And perhaps, most of all, tired of his own desire for revenge. "Thanks, Chris."

Keller laughed. "What the fuck for? I still might kill ya!"

Toby nodded. He could see it happening. "You still got that shank?"

"Gave it to Robson to kill you. O'Reily was ready." Keller grinned at him. Toby had to smile. He had pushed Keller away, and it hadn't worked all that well. Keller sat down next to him. "I'm sorry."

"I know. I forgive you." Toby had to do it. He'd had his fill of getting even. It wasn't possible anyway.

Keller leaned his head next to Toby's and their lips met. "I love you," Keller breathed.

"I love you." Toby rested his head on Keller's shoulder. Whatever they had was fucked, but it ran deep and strong. Neither of them could escape it.


"Turn around, Keller."

Keller turned and put his hands on the top bunk. "Later, Beech."

Toby nodded. "See ya."

Keller didn't drag his feet too much as they took him towards McManus's office. "These cuffs really necessary?"

"Yeah. They are." Murphy shoved him down in a chair right in front of McManus. Keller looked them over. Not enough sleep and nowhere near enough sex, not even with each other.

"Robson says you gave him the shank." McManus got right down to it.

Keller shifted and tried to find a comfortable spot for his arms. Fuck it. "I didn't stick it in anyone!"

"So, you did give it to him?"

"Fuck no!" Keller shook his head. "I was over by Toby."

"I thought you two were on the outs," Murphy said.

"I was getting ready to snap his neck when Robson went fucking crazy." Keller shrugged. "It don't matter now. We made up."

"I'm relieved to hear it." McManus rubbed his forehead. "You two make me crazy. I'd transfer you out, but Beecher crying all day would drive me nuts!"

Murphy laughed. "And Keller would whine."

Keller didn't find any of this a damn bit funny. "Where the hell is Andy?"

McManus tossed his pencil down. "In protective custody. Schillinger butchered Allen, and Andy is testifying against his daddy."

"Who the fuck is Allen?" Keller breathed out a small sigh of relief. Andy wasn't dead. Toby would be relieved.

"Trigger." Murphy rolled his eyes. "How did he get a horsey nickname?"

"Ever seen him in the shower?" Keller smiled. "Okay. Can I go?"

McManus studied him. "Convince me that you didn't plan all this."

Keller raised his eyebrows. "That is the nicest thing you've ever said to me."

"Tim, he ain't smart enough. It was Beecher or some weird series of events." Murphy put his hand under Keller's arm. "How long in the hole?"

"A week." McManus smiled up at him. "Just because I can."

Keller kicked McManus's desk. "Fuck you, asshole!"

Murphy dragged him out.


"Get down and turn around." Murphy put his hands on his hips.

Toby slid down, winced, and assumed the position. "Can I have my cane back?"

"No." Murphy searched and cuffed him. "Limp. Or crawl."

"Who pissed in your corn flakes?" Toby limped, and he fell once, but Murphy yanked him up. This wasn't his idea of a good time. He staggered through the door, and Murphy pushed him into a chair. The pain in his leg beat into his brain, and he could see McManus's mouth moving, but he couldn't hear a damn thing.

"Involved?" McManus fiddled with a pencil.

Toby tried to catch a breath. "What?"

"Sean, smack him around."

Toby ducked his head. "I couldn't hear you over the rush of pain! Give me a break!"

Murphy backed off. Toby had never seen McManus's so angry. McManus pointed at him. "Tell me how you did it!"

"I was eating with Said, and Keller tried to kill me. I woke up on the floor." Toby assumed Keller was already in the hole, so it didn't matter. "Of course, we made up, so don't worry."

Murphy laughed. He laughed! "We heard. I got two people who say you paid Trigger to fuck Andy."

"Which lead to Schillinger killing him." McManus loved to state the obvious. "Tell us the plan."

Toby looked from one to the other. He had to lie and lie some more, but also sprinkle enough truth in the mix to fool them. "I was mad at Keller. He's always fucking with me!"

"And?" McManus leaned forward. He was eager to hear it.

"I paid Trigger to cause some trouble in the pod. That's all! Piss Keller off." Toby licked his lips. He had to look like he meant it. "Trigger said he'd try to kiss Andy. I knew that would do it. I said, 'Fuck yeah!'"

"And you're telling us that Trigger took that a little too seriously?"

"He knew that Andy and I were, uh, well, you know, occasionally, not often, but-"

"Shut up!" McManus stood up and leaned into his hands. "You were fucking Andy?"

Toby winced from the yelling. He shook his head frantically. "No, not that! I swear! Andy was upset. I just . . ."

"Made him feel better about his dick." Murphy rolled his eyes. "Schillinger found out, didn't he?"

"Yeah." Toby lowered his head. "I didn't tell him. I like living."

McManus stood up straight, rubbed his face, and walked over to Murphy. "Sean, I have never heard anything so stupid in all my life."

"It was our idea to move Andy," Murphy whispered. "Lopresti said it was a good idea."

"Schillinger got to Lopresti. We moved him, and the shit rolled downhill. Damn it!"

Toby watched their inadequate minds try to figure out the loops and bends. They were doing pretty well, but they didn't have enough brain power between them to get it done.

"Is Andy okay?" Toby said quietly.

They both turned on him. "No thanks to you, and he won't talk about this!"

"I was trying to help." Toby lowered his head.

"Right. Next time, keep it zipped!" Murphy yanked him up. "How long in the hole?"

"A week, for fucking, and another week for pissing me off!" McManus was such a pussy.

Toby really didn't want to spend two weeks in the hole. "Wait! It was Robson's fault! He started the whole damn thing!"

"What the hell are you talking about?" McManus didn't look convinced.

"Robson convinced Schillinger to kill Andy. That's why they had that huge fight." Toby had to take a small hop. Shit! His leg hurt. "Robson was supposed to kill me, and Vern was going to kill his boy, and none of that is my fault!"

McManus shook his head. "It's like some sort of damn soap opera around here. Beecher, Robson is going to fry. Schillinger and Andy are headed to opposite prisons. None of it matters. Take him to the hole."

"Well, fuck you, McManus!" Toby regretted that instantly. Murphy pushed him towards the door, and Toby hit the floor hard. "Fuck you!"


Keller slumped down in the chair in McManus's office. "Help. Please, someone."

"You're a fucking comedian." McManus was on the rag again. "Tell me which pod to put you in."

"Uh, you're the unit manager." Keller kept his eye on Murphy. "Or ask him."

McManus sighed. "Sean, if I put him anywhere but with Beecher, they'll complain."

"But, they might kill each other." Murphy smiled. "Right, Keller?"

Keller pushed his lips together.

"Could we be so lucky?" McManus shrugged. "Put them together. Maybe with Schillinger gone, they'll live happily ever after."

"I hate your fucking guts." Keller smiled at them both. "Can I have a shower?"


Toby put on the clothes. "I need my cane."

Murphy held it out. "If you so much as raise it over your head, I will take it, and you can crawl around the quad."

"Fine." Toby took it and started for the showers. He didn't say another damn word until he was clean and dressed. He felt like a fucking animal after two weeks in the hole.

"Hey, Beech."

Toby wanted to hit him, but he throttled it down. "When did you get out?"

"A week ago." Keller sat down in the chair. "There's some Demerol under your pillow."

Toby went for it without thinking. He took it fast and sighed happily. That would help. "I have never been so angry in all my life."

"Shit. That ain't true. You were more pissed when I broke your arms." Keller shook his head. "The way I figure it, we were lucky."

Toby had to laugh. "Maybe so. Andy is alive. Schillinger is gone, and Robson is as good as dead. It could have been much worse."

"Yeah, Trigger could have killed me like you wanted." Keller smiled.

Toby stared at that beautiful, and fake, smile. "Keller, if I wanted you dead, you'd be dead. Trigger's job was to get Schillinger to make his move at dinner. It worked perfectly. Too bad Schillinger sliced Trigger into bite-sized pieces."

Keller stood and walked to him. "You knew Andy would try to kill him?"

"Of course! I set it up that way." Toby had done his best. "If anyone could have killed Vern, it was Andy. The only reason he failed was because you didn't give him a shank."

"How was I supposed to know to do that?" Keller threw up his hands.

Toby laughed. "Keller, you can tell me the truth."

Keller laughed back at him. "Okay. I was going to give it to him, but I was so pissed at you!"

"That was my mistake. I forgot that you can't take a joke." Toby leaned against the wall and smiled at him. "Andy's safe. He'll get along somewhere else."

"O'Reily says the snot rag worked a deal. He'll be in a minimum security facility."

"That little fucker." Toby was envious. "He'll have a TV in his cell."

"Yeah. We should have killed him."

Toby limped over to the door. "I gotta get out of here."

Keller held the door open for him. "Let's kill Murphy and McManus next."

"Good idea." Toby shot Murphy a glare. "Later, Chris?"

Keller caught Toby's hand and squeezed. "I'll be here."


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