Title: Achy
Pairing: B/K
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: HBO owns Oz.
Summary: Tongues and fun.


‟Could I make ya beg for it?‟

‟The question isn‛t could you, but . . . will you?‟

‟I dunno - will I?‟


‟I promise not to use my fingers.‟

‟Just your tongue?‟


The only sound in the pod was the small rustling of clothes being removed.

‟Put your hands behind your back.‟

‟Ah, man. Don‛t ya trust me?‟

‟Not on my life.‟

A small grunt was heard.


‟One touch and we‛re done here.‟

‟Fucking lawyer.‟

‟Not if you don‛t start licking.‟

In the dark, the sucking noise was loud.

‟You could help by taking off your damn boxers.‟

‟What fun would that be?‟

‟I‛m gonna snap your neck.‟

‟What did you just mumble?‟

The smack of a bare ass hitting the floor seemed to echo in the pod.

‟That‛s it. Fuck it. You‛re getting fucked.‟

‟Fine. Deal‛s off. I‛ll go up.‟


‟A deal‛s a deal, cunt.‟

Harsh breathing filled the air.

‟We‛ll do it your way.‟

‟My way? This was your idea.‟

‟Maybe so.‟

‟I‛ll take them off, but that‛s the end of my cooperation. You and your talented tongue need to be creative.‟

The boxers flew through the air.

"Lick you damn senseless."

"Keep trying. Please. Really. Please!"


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