Title: The Devil Made Me Do It
Pairing: B/K
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: HBO owns Oz.
Summary: Halloween is such fun, even in Oz.
Beta: Lyra


Toby hid under his headphones and pretended to watch TV. If he were lucky, no one would talk to him. A story flashed across the screen, and he watched, but refused to listen. It was Halloween, not that anyone in this fuck hole gave a fuck. They'd never gone trick-or-treating with their kids or had apple cider. So what that his had been mixed with brandy? He had loved Halloween when he was a kid. It was the one day a year he be someone--something--else. Halloween was special, but not in here. Nothing in here was worth.

"Helps if you put them on yer ears."

Toby felt the brush of Keller's hand along his shoulders, and he shivered as if someone had walked over his grave. "Go haunt someone else."

"But I like you." Keller plunked himself down. "Going to wear a mask tonight?"

"You ever going to take yours off?"

"That's cruel, baby." Keller laughed. His mouth didn't seem to want to stop smiling. Toby wanted to smack that smile off. He shifted on his chair and considered finding somewhere else to sit, but Keller would follow. He wouldn't quit until he'd gotten what he came for, whatever the fuck that was. "My favorite part was soaping windows."

"Sounds about right." Toby moved his chair enough that he didn't have to smell him. "Plenty of glass here--get busy."

"That's not a bad idea." Keller reached, grabbed the cord of Toby's headphones, and popped them off. "You scared . . ."

Toby waited.

"Of ghosts?" Keller twirled the headphones before tossing them in Toby's lap.

"I'm scared of the living dead." Toby paused. "Fuckers like you who have nothing but worms in their hearts."

Keller turned dangerous, and Toby found himself on his ass. One of the hacks moved their direction, and Keller stood over him, breathing hard. "The only thing I have in my heart is you, and don't that make me a piece of shit!"

The hack shoved Keller away, and Toby fumbled to his feet. Instead of listening to the laughter, he went to his pod. He washed his hands and stared at the mask in the mirror.


Keller found O'Reily in the gym with Cyril. "Hey, want to make some trouble?"

"I'm in." O'Reily grinned. "Place is fucking dull."

Keller grabbed the chain link fence and rattled it. "It's Halloween. We have to celebrate."

Cyril nodded. "I like candy."

"Me too." Keller licked his lips. It was time to raise some hell.


Toby found some quiet in the library. He opened the book he'd found and stared at the letters. Summoning the energy to make sense of the words seemed out of his reach. Fuck. He was so incredibly stupid. Why didn't he ignore Keller? Wait. Could anyone ignore Keller? Toby leaned his face into a hand and flipped the page.

"Helps if you look at the words."

"Could you, please, go haunt someone else?" Toby groaned softly.

"Couldn't think of anything new to say?" Keller sat down on the table. "I'm disappointed in your intellect."

Toby was also. "Go away."

"Just stopped in to warn ya." Keller grinned at the hack and stood up. "Wait. You hate me. I'm all wormy. Forget it."

Toby shut the book and got to his feet. There was no place in this hell safe from Keller. Why had it taken Toby so long to see it? He stepped around him and went out the door. If Keller had any self-respect, he wouldn't trail along. Toby leaned against the wall and tried to think of somewhere safe. Right. Safe.

"Trick or treat!"

Toby gave Keller the finger. Keller rubbed his groin and went away. It was enough. Toby let out the breath he was holding. Warn him? Fuck. Keller was fucking with him. Again. Toby heard the horn for dinner and started that direction. He wasn't hungry, but it was a place to go.


"We ready?"

"All set, K'Boy. How long you think you'll be in the hole?"

"Who the fuck cares?"


Toby noticed the wild gleam in O'Reily's eyes and prayed that it had nothing to do with him. "What's up, Ryan?"

"Something's in the air, Toby. Watch your ass."

"Don't fuck with my head." Toby looked around for Keller, didn't spot him, and picked a place that didn't have room for him. The food looked like shit, but they had tried to be festive--everything was orange. Some sick fuck's idea of humor. Nuggets, mac n' cheese, corn, and orange jello. Very fucking funny. The good news was that they hadn't gone with black.

"Happy Halloween, sweetpea."

Toby threw a nugget at him. Vern brushed off the crumbs and looked offended. Rebadow nudged Toby. "Where's Keller?"

"Who the fuck cares?"


Toby hefted another nugget, but didn't throw it. He did care, but only in the sense that it was a good idea to know where trouble lurked.

"What the fuck?"

"Look at that shit!"

Toby didn't want to look. A strong hand grabbed his shirt and lifted. "Fuck off!"

"I'm a horny devil." Keller grinned, and it sent a chill down Toby's spine. Whether it was the horns, the red shirt, the lurid face paint, or the obvious hard-on was anyone's guess. "Treat or treat!"

Toby picked up his tray and threw it at Keller's head. Keller ducked and threw Toby to the floor. Toby grunted and pushed, but Keller rolled him under the table.

"Give me a treat." Keller swarmed him, and Toby was only dimly aware of the food fight that had broken out above and around them. Hellishly hot hands seared his flesh, and Keller's devil grin mocked him. Keller groaned and licked him. "Fuck, you're hot."

Toby fought, but he wasn't gaining any ground. "Chris!"

"That's me!" Keller flipped him and yanked.

Air hit Toby's ass, and he had one moment to brace himself before he screamed at his demon lover, "Fuck!"

"Yeah." Keller didn't move. He lay atop Toby and panted, smearing the face paint on Toby's neck. "Best candy ass I ever had."

Toby groaned and cast himself on the devil's altar. "Do it hard."

Keller's hips pounded him into the floor. Toby squirmed and panted. He knew they were both going to wake up in the hole, but fuck it--it was Halloween. Keller pushed two fingers in Toby's mouth, claiming both ends, and Toby spurted on the floor. His head was full of demons and buckets of candy that chased each other in circles, neither winning, both losing, no way out, not that they cared.

Fingers tore across his body as Keller was ripped away, banging his head into a strut under the table--come still shooting from his bobbing cock. Keller howled and fought, but the black-costumed members of SORT dragged him away. Toby laughed crazily and struggled to get his pants up as they yanked him out and bashed him with a shield. He forgot his pants, covered his head, and let them push him around. The trick was on them, and the treat was his to savor.


Keller collapsed on the concrete floor. "Fuck you, ya tight ass fuckers. It's Halloween!"

"And when you get out, it'll be Thanksgiving!"

"Fuck off." Keller laughed softly. He loved the holidays.


Toby stared in amazement and laughed with everyone else in Em City. McManus wasn't laughing, but fuck him. O'Reily looked smug as hell, and Toby knew the Irish fucker had been in on it from the beginning. The food fight had been orchestrated, and someone had been paid off to give Keller time to do all this.

"Lock down! Lock down!"

Toby had no trouble finding his pod. It was the only one with a big heart sketched in soap on the glass. The other pods had been decorated with gravestones, skeletons, and assorted curse words. He slowly traced his fingers over the initials. The arrow was so appropriate, but he was going to have to talk to Keller. It was Halloween, not fucking Valentine's Day.


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