Title: Fireworks and Potato Salad
Pairing: B/K
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: HBO owns Oz.
Summary: It's Fourth of July, boys. Have fun.


"You're in a rush today, Sister Pete. What's up?" Toby asked as she came back into the office that she'd dashed out of moments ago.

"It's the Fourth of July, Tobias." Sister Pete smiled and started rummaging in her bottom drawer. Toby watched her pull out streamers, napkins, and what was probably a tablecloth. She then pulled out a sack from under the desk. "I thought it would be fun to have a staff picnic."

Toby tried very hard not to be jealous or resentful. He managed it for about ten seconds, just long enough to say, "That's nice. Need some help?"

Sister Pete didn't stop finding red, white, and blue accessories, and Toby swallowed back the memories of Independence Day with his family. He hadn't been drunk on all of them. She suddenly nodded. "Yes, help me carry all of this to the cafeteria please."

"You're having a picnic in the cafeteria?" Toby took the sack and filled it to the top.

"Why not? The point is to have a get-together for the staff." She scooped up an armful. "Let's hurry. I still have to finish the potato salad."

Toby went quickly with her and helped set up the decorations. It wasn't much, but it gave him a bare taste of the day. They sure as fuck weren't going to do anything for the inmates.

"Why are you frowning, Tobias?" Sister Pete put the last doo-dad in place and raised her eyebrows at him.

Toby didn't try to smile. "I guess Independence Day takes on a whole new meaning behind bars."

Sister Pete started back to her office, and he fell in beside her. "Our founding fathers believed in a rule of law, and so do you."

Toby loved the law, but he hated Oz. He hated what the prison system did to men in a blind effort to enforce the law. "I'll just finish up that file and then head back to Em City."

"I'll go make the potato salad." She rushed off. Toby was glad they weren't going to continue to discuss the holiday. He'd just end up angry. He finished the latest evaluation of Alvarez and locked the door on his way out. About the time he walked under the archway, he realized that if the staff were having a picnic, the inmates would be having dinner elsewhere.

O'Reily waved Toby over. Keller had a smirk on his face, as usual - the beautiful bastard. Toby slumped down in the chair, shoved his hand through his hair, and watched them play chess. Keller didn't have a chance.

"Can I have your attention, please?" McManus was on top of the tower, trying to look important. He waited until the TV was turned off, and some people were looking at him. "Because of the incident last year with the toilets and the firecrackers, lockdown will be initiated until further notice."

The horn rang. Everyone groaned and started throwing things. O'Reily snorted. "Fuckers. I had nothing to do with that!"

Toby slowly got to his feet. "Happy Fourth of July, ya losers."

"This day's supposed to be about freedom!" Keller shouted. "Fuck you!"

"I had no idea you were a patriot," Toby said.

"More of a Jets fan, but the Patriots are pretty good." Keller shoved back at a CO, and things were starting to get ugly all across the quad. Someone threw some firecrackers, and Toby along with everyone else ducked automatically. SORT would show up any minute, but Toby wasn't going until they made him, and it was apparent that everyone else felt the same.

Keller grinned. "Let's make a few of them see stars."

"Try for the sparkler effect," O'Reily said. One second later, he was grabbing Cyril and running off. They wouldn't be back. Toby laughed, but he wasn't getting the snot beaten out of him.

"Lock down! Lock down!"

"Yeah, we know, ya fuckers!" Keller threw a chair.

Toby had never seen those chairs bounce, but apparently they did. He edged towards his pod, avoiding bumping into a young Hispanic who seemed determined to get his head bashed. Alvarez must have been giving him lessons in crazy. Toby grabbed Keller by the arm. "Maybe we should run."

Keller still had that spooky grin on his face. The one that spelled trouble for inmates and CO's alike, and Toby knew he was on his own. He took another couple of steps back as Keller threw himself into the fray. SORT plowed their way through a group, and that took the fire out of about everyone. Toby put his back to their door and waited. It was all in the timing.

"Oh, man, that is gonna hurt in the morning!" Toby pushed, and SORT threw Keller into the pod. Quickly, Toby threw up his hands and moved to the back, stepping over his podmate. The door shut, clicked, and SORT bolted away to break other heads. They seemed to putting extra spirit into it today. Must be the holiday. He wet a small towel and tossed it on Keller's groaning head. Idiot.

"Is that the rockets red glare?"

"No, that's blood seeping into your eyeballs." Toby sat down on the locker to watch them clean up Em City the hard way. It was amazing that no matter how insane things got, no one had the balls to break the television. "Well, I'm sure everyone will make it to the picnic on time."

"What the fuck are you talking about?" Keller staggered over and leaned against the glass. He had the towel on his head.

"Sister Pete is giving a picnic for the staff in the cafeteria." Toby pointed. This was almost better than Miss Sally. The Nazis and bikers needed the shit kicked out of them regularly. "Hoyt is going down."

"So, we're in lockdown, and they're having a damn party?" Keller looked out the glass. "Oh, yeah, he's fucked."

"Ouch." Toby looked away. He got up and gently checked Keller's head. "It's not bad. Here, let me apply some pressure."

Keller bowed his head, and Toby wiped the blood away and then pressed. "Happy Fourth, Toby."

"Happy Fourth, Chris." Toby kissed him on the forehead, loving the stolen moment of intimacy. Hacks would bang on the glass soon, but right now, they were busy busting heads. "Hurt?"

"Nah." Keller glanced out. "Well, no more excitement today."

"Unless O'Reily shoots off those firecrackers in his pod." Toby laughed and took the towel away. "It's stopped. Don't touch it." He slapped Keller's hand away and kissed him to make up for the insult. "They'll have a shakedown before they let us out."

"Fuckers." Keller snorted in disgust. "We got anything good?" He sounded hopeful now. "Drugs? Whiskey? Porn?"

"Us?" Toby grinned. He wasn't confessing his sins until the lights went out. The quad emptied of SORT and extra CO's, and soon they would start walking the routes that took them past the pods - over and over again. Toby sighed and waited for it, but it didn't happen. "They're all going to the picnic."

Keller went back and looked out every wall and the door, craning his neck. "I'll be damned. They only left the guys in the tower."

Toby looked around the pod. "Where?'

Keller grabbed him by the arm and took him to the corner by the toilet. "Right here. How long do you think we'll have before they notice?"

"Five minutes?" Toby pulled Keller's neck until they kissed.

"Plenty of time." Keller laughed in a soft, deep voice that made Toby tingle in all the best places. Their hands groped and tangled in each other's clothes, and they were both hard instantly. Keller went to his knees, and the back of Toby's head hit the wall. Oh, fuck. Keller's tongue wrecked havoc on Toby's slit before sliding down the length of him.

"Throat me," Toby said very softly. He gasped happily when Keller did just that. Carefully, he put his hand on Keller's head. He didn't push. Keller would kill him for that. He just held him. Swirling tongue, tugging lips, and groping throat worked at him, and he whispered, "My bomb's about ready to burst."

Keller slipped his middle finger up Toby's ass. That was it. Toby bucked and came with sparkles behind his shut eyelids. Keller licked up him, ripping the green shirt off. Toby crumpled to his knees, panting, and Keller pushed his nuts at Toby's face.

"I always liked bottle rockets," Keller said for some reason. Toby dragged his tongue around Keller's balls, getting spit everywhere. Keller took him by the neck and head, showing him what he wanted. Not too rough, but insistently, and Toby always quivered at the touch. He'd be alive at the end of this - that was certain. Keller gave a small grunt. "Ready?"

Toby was. He opened his mouth, relaxed his throat, and surrendered control. Two weeks locked in the pod together, they'd learned how to please each other, and he knew that Keller loved to take it. Oh, he was willing to give first, but when it was his turn, he wanted it his way. Toby shut his eyes and let Keller fuck him down the throat.

"Open your eyes and look at me," Keller said with that sexy catch in his voice.

Toby looked. He wrapped his hands into Keller's ass and shuddered. Keller smiled like a man does when his cock is happy, and Toby felt the first bit of come hit the back of his throat. Toby let Keller push him down hard. Swallowing convulsively, he drank it all. He knew their five minutes was about finished, and he gave a last lick before getting up enough to sit on the nearby toilet. Keller yanked his pants, staggered over to the bunk, and sat down hard. He flopped back, and Toby laughed at him.

Two minutes later, the door flew open. "No fucking!" Murphy shouted.

Toby wasn't worried. Murphy would yell, but he wasn't going to try to drag them to the hole. He didn't have near enough CO's to get Keller anywhere. Toby got up, shook off, and fixed his trousers. He waved his hand at his podmate. "Keller has a head injury. We wouldn't dream of it!"

Murphy scowled. "He don't look hurt!"

Keller got up and pointed. "See."

"Well, that could probably use a bandage, but why the hell is your shirt off?" Murphy wasn't giving up.

"It's hot. It's July." Toby picked it up, folded it, and stuffed it away. "Don't miss the picnic. Sister Pete made the potato salad. Should be good."

Murphy cooled down. "We're taking shifts. You'll get fed later."

"Yeah, I bet," Keller sneered, but he didn't get up. "Now go away and leave me to fall into a fucking coma, okay?"

Toby put on another coating of deodorant. It couldn't hurt. "He's just pissy because of the hot dogs. Ignore him."

Murphy rolled his eyes and left. Keller laughed. "Hot dogs sound good."

"My weiner wasn't enough for you?" Toby giggled and crawled up on his bunk. He wanted to lie down and enjoy the sex afterglow for an hour or two. "That was really, really good."

"It was." Keller sighed in that way that meant he was pleased with himself. He rolled off the bunk and went to the mirror. Toby watched him clean the rest of the blood from his short hair and a drop or two from his neck. Keller leaned against the sink and groaned softly. He left the towel across his neck and went to stare out the glass again. Toby didn't ask a bunch of questions. He'd learned not to bother. Keller would talk on his own terms, and when pressed for answers, he usually lied.

"You like mustard on your dog?"

"And ketchup." Keller braced his hands on the struts and stared. "Some holidays are harder in this damn place than others. Since I was usually fucked up on this one, missing it don't mean shit."

"I was always afraid someone would catch fire," Toby said with a shrug. "Someone like me who’d had five or six gin and tonics."

"Gin is flammable?" Keller laughed. "Uncle Fred caught fire once. I put him out."

Toby raised his eyebrows in surprise. "Good thing you had a hose close by."

Keller adjusted his cock. "Yep."

Toby didn't know whether to believe it or not, but it was damn funny, and he laughed. He rolled to his back, put his hands behind his head, and decided to be grateful for what he had on this Fourth. It wasn't much, but it was better than the hole, and Keller knew how to make Toby feel like a roman candle.

"They're switching." Keller spoke quietly. "Again?"

"I hate to blow my wad before the lights go out." Toby slid off the bunk and went to watch Murphy and his crew leave. They were hurrying. "You?"

Keller took the towel off his neck and went back to the sink. "My balls are damn full."

Toby laughed and waited until the guys were in the tower. Slowly, he went to the back wall. Keller covered him instantly, and their mouths came together hard. Toby put his hands on Keller's strong arms and held him close.

"Tongue. I want the tongue," Keller whispered. He slid his hands down to Toby's ass and squeezed.

Toby let his tongue out to play, and Keller sucked the tip of it. They kissed and teased, letting their hands roam. There were no shadows on Keller's face, and Toby drank him deep.

Keller suddenly pulled away. "Hang on. I got that itchy feeling."

Toby abandoned him and went casually back up on his bunk.He had no idea how Keller knew, but he was usually right. Keller unzipped his pants and pointed his cock at the toilet. Thirty seconds later, Mineo opened the door.

"You two faggots keep your hands to yourselves!" Mineo glared. "Murphy told me to keep an eye on you."

"Why? Need pointers?" Toby asked innocently.

Keller burst out laughing, and Toby heard the sound of him pissing. Mineo stormed out. He'd be back. Toby sighed. They'd have to wait.

"Fuck," Keller groaned the word. "That hurt!"

Toby grinned. "Poor cock. I'll kiss it better later."

"You sure will." Keller rolled onto the bottom bunk. "I wish I had some damn porn."

Toby reached under his pillow and slid it down to him. "This do?"

"Shit!" Keller grabbed it. "Porn and a blowjob with the lights on. This is a fucking great holiday."

Toby didn't completely agree, but it could be worse. He dug out his copy of Slaughterhouse Five and found his place. Time slowed way down like it did in Oz, and he didn't look up until he heard a commotion. Half of Em City was laughing their asses off, and he shut the book fast.

"What the fuck?" Keller was already at the glass. "Mineo just threw up over the railing!"

Toby stared and then tried not to giggle. The man was obviously in distress. "I'll be fucked up the ass."

"What?" Keller furrowed his brow. "And I ain't cleaning that up!"

"The potato salad." Toby smiled. "She used bad mayonnaise."

"They're gonna puke their damn guts out." Keller laughed. "All of them!"

Toby sat down in the chair and laughed with him. It was cruel, but funny. "For some reason, I don't think they're going to be thinking about us for a while."

Keller nodded, strolled over, and kissed him. Toby wrapped his arms up around Keller's neck and slipped his tongue deep. No one interrupted them, and when he came up for air, he could see McManus running around like a fool.

"Now this Fourth, I'll remember," Keller said with a laugh in his throat. "Mineo missed the trash can again."

Toby eased up and caught Keller in a hug. "Fuck them. You know what this means?"

"We can fuck?" Keller frowned. "Now?"

"We can have some privacy." Toby smiled. He appreciated Keller's singlemindedness.

Keller looked around. "We are gonna fuck, right?"

Toby nodded. "Help me drape the blankets over your bunk."

"They might throw us in the hole for that." Keller took his blanket off though, being careful with the magazine. Toby noticed Keller's priorities.

"They might. You care?" Toby knew the answer. They spent the next few minutes making what his children would call a fort. No one came to the door. And when they looked again, McManus was alone up there, and he looked damn worried.

"He'll stay there. One open door and he's dead, and he knows it." Keller shrugged. "Why ain't he puking?"

Toby didn't care. "He probably has a potato allergy. Come on." He slipped inside. It was dark, and he had the strange feeling that he was in a coffin. It was weird, but he liked it. No one could see him. Keller had his shirt off when he crawled inside.

"Kinda freaky."

"It is." Toby rubbed him, pulling him on top. "Now I can shove my tongue up your ass without everyone watching."

Keller nearly threw him out of the bunk in his rush to get his pants off. "Okay, I'm ready," he said breathlessly.

Toby laughed. He'd done a lot of that today, and it felt good for a change. "I don't know. You have a head injury."

"Ain't my head I want you to tongue." Keller got comfortable on his stomach. He about filled up the bunk, but Toby found spots here and there to put his arms and legs. Toby knew exactly how far to crouch to keep from hitting his head. He rubbed Keller's back and ass, enjoying the touch and the fact that no one could see what he was doing. This time, the perverted fuckers would have to use their imagination.

Keller groaned softly. He loved the touching, sometimes more than the fucking. He'd said so, and Toby had chosen to believe him. Toby teased with his tongue until he heard Keller breathing hard. Keller's asscheeks were soft, muscular, but baby-soft. Toby expertedly adjusted his body and drove his tongue deep. Keller squirmed, and Toby was relentless, adding a finger.

"My teeth are starting to ache!"

Toby bit him gently on the ass and slid up, nudging his way inside. The tightness made him dizzy for a moment, and he took a deep breath. Carefully, he started to move. No shoving hard and no thrusting like a maniac, which was what he always wanted to do, but Keller would go off like a bomb. This was a delicate operation. Sorta like fucking dynamite. Toby groaned.

"Don't be quiet," Keller hissed.

"Oh, fuck! You feel so fucking good!" Toby yelled. He would shout himself hoarse if it turned Keller on. "Your ass is damn soft!"

Keller reached around and grabbed him by the throat. "Shut up!" he hissed.

Toby's next sentence died instantly. He licked his lower lip. "Sorry."

"Don't go limp on me," Keller said and clenched his ass muscles.

Toby gasped. He was glad when Keller took his hand away. "Can I be loud quietly?"

"Yeah." Keller pushed his hips up a little. "And touch me."

Toby found his rhythm again and matched his hand to it. He did groan, moan, and curse, but not too loudly. Extending his tongue, he slipped it in Keller's ear and thrust. Keller shoved his ass back hard, and Toby went over the edge into that wonderful place that his orgasm carved out for him.

Keller pulled him around and kissed him until he was truly breathless and aching. "My turn?"

"Let me catch my breath." Toby needed one minute, and he knew Keller had come, so there was no rush. Keller nodded and left the fort. The blanket slid to the floor, but because of the wall, they were still out of sight. Toby shut his eyes and breathed. That had been phenomenal, except for the choking part, which he understood. He sat up, wiped his dick off with his shirt, and pulled the locker over.

Keller crossed to the window. "How long before the fuckers from Rikers or Attica get here?"

"A few hours," Toby guessed. He found what he was looking for and grinned. "What's the rest of Em City doing?"

"Hiding behind blankets." Keller laughed. "You started a fucking fad!"

Toby pulled out a cigarette and lit up. "Ah, fuck, that's good."

Keller's fingers eased it out of Toby's mouth, and they sat together. Keller inhaled deeply. "Now, that's fireworks."

"You can have that one." Toby lit another one. He let the smoke slide into his lungs. "Every Fourth should be this damn good."

"Least I had this one," Keller said softly. He flicked his ashes on the floor. "What else you got hidden away?"

"Nothing but some food." Toby was a packrat lately when it came to food. It gave his mouth something to do when he was desperate for a drink.

Keller grunted. "Get it out! I'm fucking starved."

Toby glanced at the blanket and laughed softly as he spread it in front of the bunks. Keller swatted him on the ass. He got out the food, and they had a picnic - naked. Somewhere in the distance, outside of these walls, fireworks went off, kids laughed and played, and people celebrated their freedom. He ducked his head and kissed Keller on the lips, tasting oranges.

"Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose," Toby quoted softly. He wasn't free by any stretch of the imagination, and right now, he didn't want to be.

Keller put his magazine down, laced his hands across his belly, and dug his head into Toby's lap. "Still can't believe you like the Patriots."


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