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OZ Universe  | OZ x SVU Universe (Beecher/Stabler)

B/K, NC-17. Tongues and fun

A Single Moment
B/K, NC-17. AU Keller makes one small decision that changes everything.

Before the Clock Strikes Midnight
B/K, NC-17. It's New Year's Eve, and everyone is a little on edge.

Boy Meets Boy 
B/K, NC-17. AU Keller arrives before the riot.

The Devil Made Me Do It
B/K, NC-17. Halloween is such fun, even in Oz.

Fireworks and Potato Salad
B/K, NC -17. It‛s Fourth of July, boys. Have fun.

Fuck Me
B/K, NC-17. Toby gets angry and all hell breaks loose

Hit and Run - New!
B/K, AU NC-17. Toby hits Chris Keller instead of a little girl

Lights Out
B/K, NC-17. Lockdown just ain't fun, when the lights are on.

Love, Lies, and Murder
B/K, NC-17. Nothing is quite what it seems in Oz.

B/K, NC-17. In Oz, things never quite go as planned.

B/K, NC-17. Toby has a bad day.

Protection - New!
B/K, NC-17. Toby and Chris don't see eye-to-eye.

The Rules of the Game
B/K, R. Chris plays the game.

Life is Good (Keller/Sully)
NC-17. This is porn. Smut. There is no plot.

The Warden (Schillinger/Beecher)
R. Beecher is in big trouble. AU

Boots (Schillinger/Beecher)
NC-17. Toby learns how to survive.

Fate Makes a Man (AU novel)
B/K, NC-17. Beecher meets a new CO and starts looking at prison in a new light.

Accidents (SVU crossover novel, Beecher/Stabler)
B/S, NC-17. Beecher is haunted by Keller after release from Oz, and then he meets Stabler.

Arousal (Beecher/Stabler)
B/S, NC-17. Beecher and Stabler meet unexpectedly and the sparks fly.

Hammered (Beecher/Stabler)
B/S, NC-17. The guys get drunk.

Homeless (Beecher/Stabler) - New!
B/S, NC-17. A serial killer brings Beecher and Stabler together.

Hurt and Comfort (SVU crossover, Beecher/Stabler)
B/S, NC-17. Beecher and Stabler struggle with their relationship.

Lifesaver (SVU crossover, Beecher/Stabler)
B/S, NC-17. Stabler intervenes in Beecher's life, keeping him from making a big mistake.

Needs (Beecher/Stabler) - New!
B/S, NC-17. Beecher and Stabler work a case together, but neither of them are happy about it. Please read warnings!

Time Served (Beecher/Stabler) - New!
B/S, NC-17. Beecher struggles to deal with parole, and life has a few surprises in store for him, like Elliot

Summer Fun (Accidents Universe, Beecher/Stabler)
B/S, NC-17. Toby needs a vacation.

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