Title: Life is Good
Pairing: Keller/Sully from Rescue Me
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: I don't own either of these characters.
Summary: This is porn. Smut. There is no plot.


Keller ducked down the dark stairs and eyeballed the fucker at the black door. Brawny arms crossed, but he wasn‛t worried. "Move it."

"Members only, dickhead."

Keller pulled the card out and flashed it. "Fucker."

The fucker hesitated and then slowly moved aside. Keller grinned and blessed the pervert whose wallet he‛d stolen earlier today. The money would come in handy too. He‛d thrown out the credit cards - too risky. He ordered a beer and let his eyes adjust to the darkness. The place was like a pit of smut. Dark. Naked bodies. Chains. And more smut. Nice. He craned his neck and watched the orgy off to the side. Some damn ugly women, but a couple of those guys had potential.

"Hey, honey, wanta fuck?"

Keller turned and gave her a slow grin. "Why do all the ugly chicks come to these joints?"

She glared. "Fuck you!"

"I think I can do better." Keller adjusted his straining cock. It was about play time. He took his bottle,  strolled around the walls, and checked out the meat hanging. Too skinny. Too short. Just yuck. That looked damn uncomfortable. And then back in the corner, a blonde with long hair and a mask caught his eye. He gave her a long look. "Now, you are the hairiest bitch I‛ve ever seen!"

"Hey, bro, not into guys. Beat it."

Keller looked again before checking under the leather skirt. He laughed. "Look at the huevos!"

"And I‛m fond of them. Go find me a chick, will ya? I can‛t hang here all night."

"What? Late for a fire?"

The blond laughed, showing nice white teeth. "You could say that."

Keller liked that laugh. He ran his hands over the entire package. Muscles. The long blond hair was fake - part of the mask - but he stroked it anyway. Soft. Nice equipment for a shit hole like this. He slid his finger under the edge of the leather bra.

"Did you miss the part where I said I wasn‛t into guys?" The voice was slightly breathless.

Keller licked him in the crevice created by the chains that pulled his arms towards the ceiling. "You chained yourself up. Better take what you can fucking get."

"Look, what‛s your name? We can have a girl between us!"

Keller loved that sweet desperation. He laughed softly and ran his tongue across a strong chest. "Chris, and I think I‛ll have this piece of meat. Thanks."

"Shit!" The guy squirmed, and Keller smoothed his hand across the blond‛s mouth. Eyes grew wide as he clamped down. Panic set in after two minutes, and he turned him loose.

"Please. My name‛s Sully. I just like girls!"

"You‛ll like me." Keller kissed him on the shoulder and untied the leather bra. When more skin showed, he caressed it. Sully - stupid name - groaned and yanked on the chains. He sounded more aroused than unhappy, and Keller circled around behind him. For several long minutes, Keller did nothing but drink his beer. He wanted to savor this one. One night only. Get it here.

"There are rules!"

"Funny. Don‛t see them posted." Keller didn‛t give a shit about any rules. He lifted the leather shirt and found bare skin - one sweet ass. "Don‛t worry, Su-lee, by the time I finish with you, you‛ll be into guys. Dark haired guys with big dicks."

Sully bucked hard in the chains, and Keller kissed him on the back of the neck. Keller wasn‛t into taking it, but he loved making people want it. Sully looked back and bit his lip. "Please?"

"Happy to help out." Keller laughed. He hadn‛t this much fun in forever. "Come on, tough guy. You like it rough, remember? The ache, the slight pain, that feeling of surrender, and not being able to do a fucking thing without permission."

"But . . . but."

"Yeah. Butt." Keller pushed his jeaned crotched against Sully‛s ass. "Don‛t worry."

Sully groaned. "Shit."

Keller gave him a sip of beer and a kiss. The kiss was stiff at first, but he kept licking and pressing for more until Sully‛s mouth opened. Keller quit immediately, strolling back around to Sully‛s front and finishing the beer. Sully looked good - all pale in the dark light.

"I can‛t get it up with guys!"

Keller put the bottle down and licked down Sully‛s front. Sully tasted good, not too much sweat yet. He squirmed in his chains, and Keller put his knees on Sully‛s boots.The floor was fucking filthy, and anyway, it‛d hurt a little. The guy had to be into pain. He was chained up!


Keller didn‛t. He nuzzled and licked through and under the leather. No man turned down a blowjob, and Sully wasn‛t going to be the exception. His cock bobbed, excited. Keller grinned. "You may not be able to get it up, but your cock is!"

Sully thrust with his hips. "Crap!"

Keller sucked and teased. Sully had a nice dick. It was worth taking time with, but Keller was careful not to let him come. When he‛d tortured him enough, he eased his way up and kissed him deep. He shoved his tongue hard and fucked him with it.

"You like being paddled or anything special I should know about?"

Sully shook his head desperately. "No. No!"

Keller knew a ‛yes‛ when he heard one. "Damn, fucker, you‛re kinky." He looked at the skirt again, saw the ties, and took the whole thing off. Sully‛s naked ass seemed to gleam in the smoky darkness and his cock was still sticking straight out. Sully rolled his head back. "Motherfuck."

"Yeah." Keller touched, felt him up and down, and used the flat of his hand to make him jump. Not too hard, but hard enough. The guy liked it after all. "Damn. I forgot lube."

Sully let out a yelp. "Wait! No!"

Keller laughed. He bit him on the back of the neck and caressed his front. Up and down until he heard nothing but moans and soft curses. "Into guys yet?"

"Not too late to get us a chick! A cute one!"

Keller slid his hand through fake, blond hair. "Pretty. I like blonds." He didn‛t take the mask off. He could tell by the hair down below that the guy was really a blond. "Your ass is nice and red. What else do you like?"

Sully bit his lip. "Look, bro, enough already."

"Enough?" Keller curled into the side of him. He turned Sully‛s head, kissed him, and fondled him on the cock and ass. He didn‛t penetrate him, just teased. "You sure?"

"Damn," Sully whispered, and Keller sucked Sully‛s tongue. Sully began to move back and forth in the chains. His hips strained up and flicked back. Keller licked his finger and held it against Sully‛s asshole. It was Sully that backed onto it, and Keller wormed it deep.

"You ain‛t no virgin," Keller whispered.

Sully panted. "Usually chicks with dicks."

"Fucking pervert." Keller let go of Sully‛s cock and just rolled his balls. "You like this position or you want to go to the bench?"

"I - well - you." Sully reached for a kiss and Keller gave it to him. Easiest seduction ever. This guy had rolled right to his belly and begged for it. Keller pulled away from Sully‛s tongue and thrust with his finger. He shoved it hard, making him feel it. Two fingers was easy, and Keller turned loose of Sully‛s balls.

"Can‛t wait," Keller muttered. He unzipped his jeans, found a condom, ripped it open with his teeth, and put it on. Sully yelled something, and Keller shoved his cock deep. Keller gripped him hard and didn‛t wait. He jerked his cock in and out.

"Harder! You fucker!"

Keller dug his fingers into Sully‛s armpits and pulled when he pushed. It had to hurt. Sully howled and Keller saw come shoot out to the floor. Damn. Quick trigger on this pervert. Keller pounded him. Sully whispered something, and Keller filled up the condom. He slapped him on the ass about a dozen times before sliding out and tossing the condom on the floor.

"Nice." Keller kissed him, making him love it. "Want me to get you one of those ugly bitches now?"

Sully quivered all over. "Get me down."

Keller almost walked away, but he wanted more. He zipped up and let him down. Sully crumpled to his knees, gasping, and Keller cradled Sully‛s head. The mask came off easily, and Keller looked down into brilliant, blue eyes. Sully breathed hard.

"Well?" Keller stroked his hand through sweaty hair.

Sully grabbed for his skirt. "The bench, but this time, leave the skirt on."

Keller laughed. He had plenty in his balls, and two more condoms. "Want a beer?"

"Can‛t. Gotta work later." Sully put the skirt on fast and tied his bra. "Too girly?"

"Nah. Leather suits you." Keller helped him up. "Get me a beer, Sully, and then the bench."

Sully put his mask back on. "No prob." He slipped away into the crowd, and Keller grinned. He knew how to pick ‛em and how to please ‛em. Sully came back, handed him the beer, and said, "You ain‛t a member here."

"Got a card." Keller took a big drink. "Stole it, but hey, a card‛s a card."

Sully laughed. "You think this place is scummy?"

"Seen worse." Keller had. "Not sure where." He watched the orgy - not much variety. "Cute girl like you could do better."

"I did tonight. And I thought I‛d done it all!" Sully straightened his skirt and brushed his hair back. "I‛m a natural blond."

"Yeah." Keller was tired of talking. He pointed at the bench. "Front or back?"

Sully giggled. It was almost annoying. Keller took him by the arm and led him there. Sully sat down, but Keller shook his head.

"Chris, um, what?"

Keller went to the other end of the bench and sat down. "Crawl to me and suck it."

Sully‛s eyes flared behind the mask. "Not. Into. Dicks."

Keller pulled it out and stroked it. "Belly down on the bench. Now."

"Fuck." Sully put his hands on his hips. "I‛m gonna have to find a new club. The guys are watching!"

Keller smiled, licked his finger, and traced it around the tip of his cock. "Don‛t you want me to fuck your mouth?"

Sully groaned. "Fuck!" He slowly lowered his chest onto the bench and scooted to Keller‛s crotch. "Don‛t tell anyone, okay? I got a reputation!"

"As a cross-dressing submissive? Got it." Keller gripped the long hair tightly. "Suck. It."

Sully put his mouth on Keller‛s dick fast. It felt good, and Keller reached as far as he could and slapped that leathered ass. He drank his beer and enjoyed Sully‛s mouth. For a beginner, Sully did pretty well.

"You suck a lot of dick?" Keller tapped him on the forehead.

Sully pulled back. "No! Taste like a fucking condom!"

"Could taste like ass." Keller put a little beer in his hand and stroked it up and down.

"Better." Sully started licking and sucking. Keller shoved this time, kept him down, and tried to push it deep. Felt good. Sully wiggled and gagged, and Keller let him have it on the ass again. A couple of girls came over to watch. He encouraged them to have at Sully‛s ass, and they seemed to enjoy themselves. One girl even slipped her finger deep. Keller grinned when Sully groaned deep in his throat.

"She ain‛t got a dick." Keller pulled him up and kissed him. Tongued him. Made him groan and moan. "Want me to fuck ya?"

Sully tore off the mask. "Now you ask!" He started blabbing about some shit, and Keller didn‛t listen. No. He shoved him back flat and sucked him. Sully curled his hands into Keller‛s shirt. "Oh, shit!"

Keller hummed and shoved two fingers deep. Sully needed to shut up, but he kept groaning and cursing and yelling. Next time, Keller was bringing a gag. He caught Sully under the knees, rolled him back to his shoulders, and whispered, "Get the condom out of my pocket or we‛re going bareback."

Sully scrambled to get it, and he rolled it on. "Not so damn hard this time!"

Keller grinned and shoved deep. He felt the wince, saw the mouth curl down, and said, "For someone who likes it rough, you‛re a pussy!"

"Fuck you!" Sully grabbed him and held on. Keller balanced around the bench, fucking him slow and easy. No rush this time. His balls wanted to enjoy this one. He skimmed his hands over leather and skin.

"Damn. I still ain‛t into dick!"

Keller took that as a challenge and swiveled his hips. He used all the tricks until Sully was frantically shoving back, and then he slowed way down. No rush. None.

"Come on!"

Keller grinned and licked his lower lip. "You ain‛t into this. I‛ll go find someone else to play with."

Sully grabbed him hard by the shoulders. "Put that burrito back in the oven, dickhead. We ain‛t done here!"

"You want it?" Keller purred.

"Yes! Yes! I‛m into guys. Now. Please!" Sully did his best to slam himself on it.

Keller peeled the grabbing hands off and back away. "Turn around and give me your ass."

Sully stared and then flipped around fast, shoving his ass back. Keller nudged his jeans down just that much more and pushed it deep. His eyes fluttered from the pleasure, and he groaned as he pumped. Faster. Harder. Deep as he could go. Sully grunted and screamed for more. Keller gave it to him. Come hit the bench, and Keller filled up another condom. He tingled, quivered, and bit back a soft whine. Sully had a big mouth, but he was a great fuck.

Keller stayed deep until he was out of juice, and then he moved away. He dropped the condom on the floor and pulled up his jeans. Leaning over, he snatched up his beer and drained it. Yep. He was done.

"Wait." Sully grabbed him by the arm. "You‛re coming back, right?"

"To this shithole?" Keller looked at the writhing mass of people. "Not damn likely. You can go back to your regularly scheduled fucking of the ugliest broads in town."

Sully groaned. "Shit! Can I have your number?"

Keller laughed. He‛d fucked himself a new girlfriend. "Just call nine-one-one. I‛ll come put out your fire."

Sully grinned. "Bring that big hose of yours." He turned away to grab his mask, and Keller found a big ass bitch to slide around. He made for the door and didn‛t look back. It had been fun, but he had business elsewhere. He might have heard someone yell his name, and then he was out on the street. Breathing deep, he walked until he found a motorcyle parked by the curb. A Harley. Sweet. He used the magic in his fingers, not a key, and the wind was in his face, and he was looking for another score. Life was good.


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