Title: Love, Lies, and Murder
Pairing: B/K
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: HBO owns Oz.
Summary:  Nothing is quite what it seems in Oz.
Note: This was a challenge story that went horribly wrong.


Toby sat behind Schillinger and kept his eyes on black boots. The TV droned, men bragged and pushed, and he sat. If he had a thought in his head, he didn’t know what it was. Occasionally, he was amazed that he could feel this way without the benefit of drugs.

“Hey, Vern, loan me your prag.”

“Again?” Schillinger sneered. “Fuck you, Keller. Get your own prag.”

Toby didn’t even twitch.

Keller sighed. “They’re high maintenance. Okay, listen, what do you want? No freebie this time.”

“No more fucking freebies.” Schillinger glared. “I only share because it’s you, and we have a history.”

“So, what the fuck do you want?” Keller laughed.

Toby tried not to sigh and slump lower. He was supposed to act as if he cared about being a prag. Schillinger turned around and slapped him across the ear. “I heard that! Keller, what have you got?”

“A twenty or a calling card.” Keller grinned.

Schillinger pushed Toby’s glasses back further on his nose. “You hate Keller, don’t you?”

Toby shuddered. “I’m your prag, sir.”

“Interesting answer, but I know the truth.” Schillinger laughed. “Both and you can have him until count.”

“Deal.” Keller passed them over under the table. “Come on, bitch, you’re with me today.”

Toby got up but very slowly. Keller grabbed him by the arm and dragged him away. Schillinger just laughed.

“Please. No. Give me a damn break!”

Keller kept walking. Up the stairs and down the row, no one said a word about it. The CO on duty didn’t even seem to see them. Keller’s pod was the last one, and it was shaped oddly because of it. Toby squirmed at the last moment, looked over his shoulder, and saw Schillinger’s grin. Keller shoved him hard, shut the door, and smiled.

Toby hit the corner, put his back to it, and waited. Keller strutted to him. Strong hands took his glasses off and put them on the top bunk. Toby stood up a little straighter. “Well?”

Keller brought his face down slowly, his blue eyes sparkled, and they kissed. Kissed again, and then Toby sucked Keller’s fat tongue. Keller pulled away about two inches and said, “Ain’t no one like you, Toby.”

Toby smiled and wrapped his arms around him. “Love you.” He didn’t mean it, but it sounded good.

Keller pushed his entire body into him and humped. “We got all day.”

“I told you that it’d work.” Toby laughed. “Give me a hit.”

Keller nodded, dug it out of his pocket, and put it on his hand. Toby leaned and inhaled. His brain exploded with pleasure, and he licked Keller’s hand clean. Keller stole a kiss. “Good thing you got money, or we’d be screwed.”

“My money is going so we can screw.” Toby giggled, leaned against him, and felt so good. “You gonna take a hit?”

“Nah. I like watching you.” Keller tore Toby’s green shirt right off and fondled him. “Fuck. It was a long week.”

“No shit.” Toby rubbed his nose. One hit was all he could risk, but he so enjoyed it. His head twirled around, and he let his head loll to the side. “You fuck anyone else?”

“Waited for you, babe.” Keller ran his hands through Toby’s hair and got a good grip. “Suck my cock.”

Toby folded to his knees with a happy sigh. His back hit the wall, and Keller crowded him so all he could see was skin and clothes. Keller’s cock was hard and drippy, and Toby took him all the way down. His throat was full, his head buzzed, and it was the greatest thing ever.

“Fuck yeah.” Keller held him tight and fucked his throat, reaching down and feeling it. Toby kept his hands loose and let it all take him away. He wasn’t in Oz anymore. He was in Kellerland, where the rides were fast and the colors were pretty. Going home was the worst part, but they had some time today. He swallowed again and again. Keller gasped loud, jerked him, and came in his mouth.

Toby licked him clean and looked up. “You’re so good.”

Keller glanced over his shoulder and yanked him to his feet. “Did you like that, bitch?”

Toby didn’t have to look at the door. Bitch was more than an insult.  “Are we done? Please!”

“Not fucking likely.” Keller shoved him. “Get my damn laundry. I’ll fuck you there.”

Toby whimpered and scrambled to find his shirt.

“I don’t see what you like in him,” Schillinger said.

“Boy can suck cock.” Keller moved to the front of the pod. Toby gathered Keller’s laundry slowly. He wanted to jack off and giggle, but he had to keep it together. Keller turned like a cobra and slapped him to the floor. Toby hit it hard and groaned.

“Good enough. Listen, what the hell are we going to do about Ross?” Schillinger leaned against the door.

Toby saw Keller cross his arms. This was going to be good. Toby stumbled up. His head felt like it was on backwards, and Keller was paying for that slap.

“He’s a liability. We got Wittlesey bringing them in, and we sure as fuck don’t need him and his big mouth.” Keller shook his head. “I say we whack him.”

Schillinger tilted his head to the side. “I’m not sure.”

Keller smiled. “You want to bang him?”

Schillinger barked a laugh. “Yeah. Seen the ass on that boy?”

“Too busy wishing he’d shut up.” Keller grabbed Toby by the hair and put him down on the floor. “Stay.”

Toby nodded and crouched over the bag by Keller’s boots. He rocked back and forth and watched the pretty light show behind his eyelids.

“Anyways, Vern, you got Toby here.”

“Stupid Harvard pussy,” Schillinger growled. “You were right about the high maintenance shit.”

Keller didn’t say a word about that, and Toby was glad. The wrong word could spoil it all.

“Dead or alive?” Keller stroked Toby’s hair. Toby quivered and tried to look as if he hated it while he reveled in the light touches.

Schillinger hesitated. “Snap his neck. I’ll get him to the laundry room in about an hour.”

“I’ll be there.” Keller pulled Toby up. “Move it, prag.”

Toby went out the door and didn’t look at Schillinger. That would be a mistake. Schillinger tripped him and laughed. Keller yanked him to his feet and pushed. Toby stumbled and fumbled down the stairs. Keller was right behind him. The laundry room was empty, and Toby stood a little straighter.

“You’re going to have to move fast to find Metzger and Ross.”

“I’m going. Start that, and if anyone asks, I’m taking a piss.” Keller darted out the door.

Toby got the clothes started. His head still buzzed, and he took several deep breaths. It had come together quickly, and he had to stay calm. The pieces were in place. Keller would do his part, and with any luck, it’d be over by the time the dryer shut off. No giggling. The CO checked on him once, but Toby just huddled in his chair. He was nothing but a prag. Everyone knew it. The washer quit. Thirty minutes had gone by. He ran a hand through his hair nervously and put the clothes in the dryer. Keller caught him from behind and squeezed.

“You okay?”

“Yeah.” Toby turned inside Keller’s arm and kissed him. They simply held each other. “Did you do it?”

“O’Reily took care of Metzger for a small fee, and he happened to mention that Ross bought a shank three days ago.”

Toby smiled. “Beautiful. Do you have any more coke?”

Keller shook his head. “Had to pay O’Reily.”

Toby wished for more, but he still had a buzz and Keller was right here. “Love me a little.”

“That, I got plenty of.” Keller put his hands, lips, and talented tongue to work, and Toby gasped and loved every second of it. They worked their way into the corner, and Keller shoved Toby’s pants down. Toby thrust his hips up, and Keller stroked him. “Can’t risk blowing you.”

“Shove your fingers in my ass,” Toby panted. Keller kissed him, sucked his finger, and knuckled it inside him. Toby nearly went through the roof to freedom. The coke, the hands, and that beautiful tongue all made him want to scream. His orgasm rocked him, and Keller let him slide down to his knees to gasp and groan.

“Fuck him later, Keller. We got business with Ross here,” Schillinger said.

“Damn. I just had his pussy wet.” Keller grinned.

Ross strolled over to Toby and stared down. “Can I fuck him?”

“I paid good money for him!” Keller shoved him back. “Go fuck yourself!”

Schillinger shrugged. “We could all fuck him. He’s mine.”

“Not today he ain’t!” Keller didn’t budge. Toby fumbled his pants back up and stayed behind Keller’s legs.

Ross laughed. “Fuck it. What the hell business is this?”

Schillinger went to check the hallway. He came back and said, “Ross, you talk too fucking much.”

Keller nodded. “Vern and I don’t want to get booted to Unit B cause you bragged about Wittlesey muling for us! We don’t care if you are banging her!”

Toby slowly got to his feet and shuffled into position. He kept his head down and but his eyes never left Schillinger’s boots.

“Fuck you both! I don’t need this!” Ross was losing his temper fast. He was so predictable.

Keller put his hands up and made a twisting motion. “Fine. I’ll shut you up the hard way.”

Schillinger jumped forward, and Toby threw out his leg. Keller shoved Ross, and they all heard a sickening crunch. Toby got a good hold on Keller and pulled. They tumbled down together in front of the dryers.

“Fuck!” Ross screamed.

Toby kissed Keller hard. “Run. Run. Run!”

Keller bolted away like he was trying out for the Olympics. Toby put his hands up, cowered against the dryer, and tried to work up some tears, instead of giggling. Blood poured out of Schillinger’s chest and he looked like a fish gasping for water. Ross shoved Schillinger to the floor. The shank quivered, and Ross seemed stunned enough to stand there forever.

“Don’t kill me!” Toby screamed, praying that a CO was close now.

Not one, but two CO’s pounded into the laundry room, took in the situation with a single glance, and started doing what they ‘re best at - beating the shit out of inmates. Toby cowered, cried, and blubbered so much they didn’t really bother with him. They cuffed him and threw him down flat, but nothing else. Ross was dragged away, bloody and beaten, but Schillinger just stared at the ceiling. The shank shined in the lights, and Toby cocked his head. Dead looked good on the stupid fuck of a Nazi.

“Get him to solitary!”

Toby put his head down and kept it there until the door slammed. When he was alone, he straightened his back, grinned, and let out a joyous shout. He was free. Fucking free. His heart was still pounding in a happy rhythm when the door pulled open.

McManus stared. “You okay?”

Toby nodded and swallowed hard. Looking upset wasn’t easy.  “He’s dead, isn’t he?”

“Very.” McManus didn’t seem disappointed. “Ross isn’t talking, so I need you to tell me what happened.”

“If I do, everyone will know I’m a rat.” Toby looked away. He pushed his hair back and tried to look nervous. “I don’t want to die.”

“No one will ever know.”

Toby shook his head. “Everyone knows everything.” He sniffed. “If I talk, you won’t put me with a Nazi, right?”

McManus narrowed his eyes. “Who do you want to bunk with?”

“I like Keller okay. He’s not a fucking Nazi!” Toby paced to the other end of the tiny cell. “I just want a little peace and quiet. No more ass fucking!”

“Good luck with that.” McManus shrugged. “Fine. Keller it is, but I’m not guaranteeing he’ll keep his dick in his pants!”

Toby rubbed his face and tried to look worried. “Schillinger and Ross were running cigarettes together. Someone is bringing it in, and no, they didn’t talk about who in front of me.”

“Okay, so what happened in the laundry room?”

Toby sat on the bunk and wrapped his arms tight. “Schillinger thought Ross was bragging too much. Gonna ruin it with his fat mouth. Ross said that it was his mule, so he had all the power. I was over by the dryers.”


“Schillinger went to grab him, hit him, and Ross stuck a huge shank in Schillinger’s chest. I - I - I thought for sure he was coming after me next, but the CO’s got there first,” Toby rushed out the last words. “Good thing or I’d be dead.”

McManus stared. He didn’t say anything. Toby rocked back and forth and rubbed his nose. He had to look pitiful, but honest.

“You high?”

Toby frowned and wrung his hands. This part was tricky, but McManus wasn’t completely stupid. “It makes getting fucked up the ass easier. I had a little earlier.”

“When Keller dragged you away?”

“Yeah. I snuck it while he wasn’t looking.” Toby shrugged. He sure as fuck wasn’t going to rat out Keller.

McManus shook his head. “And you want to bunk with him? You know he’s gonna fuck you!”

Toby let a slow grin break out on his face. “I paid Keller to do it. One thing I got is money. I bought myself some time away from Schillinger. Keller doesn’t want my ass. He likes my money. I do his laundry and enjoy a quiet day.”

“Toby, you are one smart fucker.” McManus laughed. “Who’s bringing in the cigarettes?”

“I don’t know.” Toby made sure his eyes darted about the cell as if he were panicking.

“Tell me or go to the hole for a month! You’ll be clean when you get out!” McManus was pissed now and yelling. He was easy to manipulate.

Toby got up and paced. This was going well. He just had to stall so it’d look as if he were telling the truth. “They never said,” he whispered.

“Fine. You can bunk with Robson!” McManus turned away.

Toby broke, just like he was supposed to. “No! Please!” He made a motion as if to grab McManus, but was careful not to touch him. “Fuck! Please. Wait.”

“Tell me.” McManus crossed his arms. “One more chance.”

Toby groaned and played his card. “Metzger is a Nazi! He’d kill an inmate for nothing.”

McManus nodded with satisfaction. “He is, and you’re right. Guard!”

“I did what you said,” Toby whined. He’d had plenty of practice at that.

“Escort Toby to the hole - one month.” McManus smiled tightly.

Toby fought. He had to do it. The CO’s were happy to beat the shit out of him, but he had to look angry, even if he wanted to laugh and dance. When he landed hard in the hole, he didn’t bother to rush the door. He stayed down and breathed hard. His nose bled and he ached, but all in all, it was a fucking beautiful day.

When his piss bucket was about full, he heard the door and looked up from staring at the floor. He shivered slightly. Getting clean sucked.

Wittlesey walked in his cell, shut the door behind her, and stared down at him. “Funny thing happened a couple of days ago. Locker search turned up a box of cigarettes in Metzger’s duffel bag.”

“I bet he’s in trouble,” Toby mumbled. He wanted to cover his dick and run. Keller had promised to handle her, but obviously, he hadn’t.

She swung her nightstick slowly and paced around him. “How’d you do it?”

Toby didn’t even have to lie. “Keller sold them to him. Metzger has a nasty habit and likes to save some money. Keller gives him a discount.”

Wittlesey laughed. “It’s all in the timing, isn’t it? Well, Tobias, I’m out. Money or not, I’m done.”

“I have plenty of money. Schillinger and Ross had you by the balls, not me.” Toby didn’t make the mistake of standing. “I’m a prag, and Keller won’t care.”

“You sure? He likes money.” She poked him in the chest. “Help me understand why I shouldn’t ask McManus to transfer him to Sing Sing.”

Toby put his hands up and talked fast. He hadn’t counted on this. “Keller said that if I gave him five hundred a month he’d protect me as much as he could from Schillinger. I took  him up on it.”

Wittlesey squatted down. “I believe you. You do realize that Keller will never turn you loose. He’ll fuck up your parole so you’ll have to stay and pay him.”

“He might, but I’ll deal with that later. Right now, I’m just sick of getting fucked!” Toby screamed in her face.

“Now you know how your wife felt.” Wittlesey stood and smiled down at him. “Good enough. I won’t beat the shit out of you.”

“Thank God.” Toby wrapped his arms around his knees. “Can you get me out of here sooner?”

Wittlesey kicked him in the balls. Toby cried out, covered up, and crawled the fuck away from her. She left the hole, laughing. He hunched around his nut sack and wished he could smile. Metzger was gone, and Wittlesey would leave Keller alone. She was right - it was all in the timing.

Toby counted the number of bricks on one wall and then multiplied by three. He then added in another three-fourths because of the wall with the door. When he had his number, he wrote it in the dirt. Finished, he counted the bricks individually to check his estimate. He was off by thirty. Fuck.

“Ready to go?”

Toby got to his feet. “Yes.”

McManus held out the clothes. “I put you with Keller. Wittlesey agrees that it’s for the best.”

Toby put on the clothes. “Anything else?”

“No more mailroom. Sister Pete wants you to work for her, and you will attend drug counseling sessions.” McManus pointed. “Right?”

“Well, okay.” Toby didn’t know how long he’d stay clean, but he wouldn’t mind working for Sister Pete. McManus nodded and took him back to Em City. Toby went directly to Keller’s pod and stripped. He needed a shower. The water felt wonderful, and he took more than his fair share. When he was very clean, he dried off and went back towards the pod. Several people laughed at him, and one of the Nazis gave him a look that meant trouble.

Keller came strutting around the corner. He smiled. “Toby, I missed you.”

Toby hesitated, unsure of what to say. The game was over. Schillinger was dead. They didn’t have to pretend to hate each other, and it made him wonder what Keller would do now.

“Nice and clean for me.” Keller pulled him into a mind-numbing kiss. When Toby came up for air, men were shouting and screaming for more.

“Break it up!” Wittlesey got her nightstick out. “Keller, keep your tongue in your own damn mouth!”

“Yes, ma’am.” Keller put his arm around Toby’s shoulders and led him away. Toby went because his brains had turned to pudding. When the pod door shut, Keller laughed. “You still kiss with the best of them.”

Toby unwrapped his towel and dried his hair. “Everyone thinks I’m your prag!”

“So what?” Keller got on the bottom bunk and leaned against the wall. “All that matters is that later I’m going to suck your cock.”

Toby nearly fainted from the thought. He’d dreamed about it in the hole. “Good.”

Keller grinned and licked his lips. “Sorry you had to spend time in the hole.”

“Had to be done.” Toby thought it was a small sacrifice. “You clean?”

“Yep.” Keller shrugged. “This place is fucking dangerous. People get high and end up dead!”

“You may have a point.” Toby dressed because he had to, not because he wanted to. “Who have you been fucking?”

“Wittlesey.” Keller examined his nails. “She’s hot.”

Toby sat down in the chair and laughed. “She kicked me in the balls!”

“She cornered me in the gym and beat the shit out of me.” Keller nodded. “Bitch was careful not to touch my face.”

“Thank goodness. I love your pretty face.” Toby was just glad Wittlesey hadn’t transferred Keller out. A beating was nothing. “Got lube?”


“Good. Did you have enough money to get by for a month?”

“Sure.” Keller licked his finger. “Are you happy?”

“Fucking ecstatic.” Toby caught some movement outside the glass and smiled at McManus. Keller waved, and after a few minutes, the idiot walked away.

Keller lay down flat and crossed his legs. “People are hurting for their cigarettes, but O’Reily is picking up the slack.”

“I was a little afraid someone might be pissed about it.” Toby got up and went to the mirror. He could shave or leave it. “Like my beard?”

“Not really.” Keller laced his hands behind his head. “Oh, guys were pissed, but my source got fired. What could I do?”

Toby grinned. That had worked out so perfectly, and Toby would never have to wrap his lips around  Metzger’s dick again. “I wanted to kill him.”

“On your own there.” Keller laughed. Toby found a brush and started pulling it through his hair. Schillinger had hated Toby to be long-haired and unshaven. Toby smiled. He was free.

“Settling in, Toby?”

Toby turned and felt his freedom slipping away. For one second, he’d forgotten he was in Oz. Where nothing is free. “Yes, Officer Wittlesey.”

She smiled. “A little respect never hurts.”

Toby had a feeling that he was about to be bent over again. “Keller, why don’t you give me a minute?”

Keller looked at her, and she nodded. Toby shrugged, and Keller was gone out the door. Wittlesey never quit smiling. “Robson asked me to move you in with him, and he offered me a hundred bucks to make it happen.”

Toby had fully expected that, but he had never considered that she would give Robson anything, much less him. “How much do you want?”

Wittlesey hooked her thumbs into her utility belt. “I’m three hundred short a month now that I’m out of the cigarette business.”

“And you have a daughter to feed.” Toby hoped it was just money she wanted, not a new house. “I want some assurances before I hand it over.”

“What did you have in mind?” Wittlesey had an edge to her voice.

“Get Robson out of Em City and I’ll give you five hundred a month in cash.” Toby smiled, but just a little. “And I want some privacy in here. No harassment after lights out, and leave us alone in the shower.”

Wittlesey stared. Her face gave nothing away. “If you have to prag for someone, it might as well be Keller, huh? At least, he’s good-looking.”

Toby shrugged and went back to brushing his hair. “Deal?”

“You first.” She pulled her nightstick.

“No. You. And if you screw me over, I’ll make damn sure that you are screwed and screwed - five or six guys and a storage closet,” Toby said softly. She expected a threat, so he’d give her one.

The nightstick came roaring at him. He had no choice but to take it, and he hit the concrete hard, gasping for breath. She gave him a kick for good measure. “Half now.”

Toby knew when to give in gracefully. He scuttled over to the locker to see what Keller had hidden away. “Here’s two hundred. It’s all I have until I go to the bank.”

“It’s enough. Get the rest by tomorrow.” Wittlesey was gone quickly, and Toby curled around his guts and tried to breathe. He should have known she’d be after him. It was the price he’d pay for protecting Keller. One lie led to another and another.

“Toby, you okay?” Keller knelt down next to him. “That bitch!”

Toby grabbed him and got up as far as the bunk. “Give me a second.”

Keller sat next to him and rubbed his back. Toby leaned against him and waited until all his organs had settled down. “When I was in the hole, I told her I was giving you five hundred a month to protect me.”

“Fuck.” Keller hugged him. “Toby, that was stupid!”

“She was going to have you transferred to Sing Sing. I had to make sure that didn’t happen, so I convinced her that you didn’t need the money from the cigarettes.” Toby squeezed Keller’s knee. “See?”

“Yeah.” Keller sighed. “How much are you going to have to give her?”

“Five hundred, but she’s getting rid of Robson. I hope.” Toby also hoped they wouldn’t be bothered after lights out, but he wasn’t going to count on it.

Keller groaned. “Now she’s got us by the nuts!”

Toby kissed him. “If she gets rid of Robson, and looks the other way when we’re in the shower, it’ll be worth every penny, and we’ll still have it over her. If she fucks with me, I’ll wire a big sum of money straight to her bank account.”

“Wow. Remind me never to piss you off.” Keller laughed softly. “Let’s go out to the quad and watch the show.”

“Miss Sally?”

“No, the James Robson Hour.” Keller grinned, and they went out together. Toby refused to play the prag. He wasn’t going to do it, and if he had to go back to the hole for fighting, he would. Keller gave him a small push. “We can fight, if you want.”

Toby grinned. “One night. I want one night.”

They sat down together, and Keller stretched out. He was always comfortable. Miss Sally was jiggling, men were arguing, and Toby could only grin. The place looked a little brighter today.

O’Reily grabbed a chair next to them. “So, you two are buddies now?”

“We were always buddies.” Toby grinned at O’Reily’s expression. “I’ve known Keller for . . . hum, how long?”

Keller gave him a push. “When did you put in that pool?”

“Let’s see. Holly was two. Wow, time flies.” Toby reached and gently slapped O’Reily’s face. “You awake?”

“I’ll be fucked up the ass,” O’Reily whispered.

“I’d pay to see that.” Keller grinned. “It used to take me hours to get your pool just right.”

Toby nodded. “I enjoyed every minute of it.”

O’Reily groaned. “No more faggot stuff please. So, you ain’t mad, Toby?”

“Mad? I’m happy as a clam.” Toby was smiling, but he was keeping an eye out for Robson and Wittlesey. She was definitely on the prowl, but Robson was nowhere in sight. The horn rang for dinner, and everyone started shuffling that direction. Toby was glad he didn’t have to carry anyone’s tray, and then Robson showed up.

“Keller, that prag is mine!” Robson wasn’t subtle, and his voice probably carried all the way to the warden’s office. “You’re not even in the Brotherhood!”

“So?” Keller grinned. “Vern sold him to me right before he croaked. Toby’s mine.”

Toby opened his mouth to curse them both out, and Robson backhanded him into the wall. The slap and the smack stunned him. Robson was on him fast, humping his hips. “You’re mine, and you know it!”

“Get off him!” Wittlesey shouted.

Toby shoved away from the wall, and Wittlesey was there, taking out Robson’s leg with her nightstick. Keller yanked Toby away from the other side, and a new CO that neither of them recognized pushed them against the wall.

“What do you want me to do with these two, Diane?”

Toby heard a slight Irish lilt, and he waited impatiently. Keller looked thoroughly pissed, and he did stupid things when he was angry.

“Let them go. Tim can get Beecher later, if he wants.”

Murphy pointed. “Move it, and no more trouble!”

Keller and Toby walked away obediently. Toby whispered in Keller’s ear, “I’m not paying him too!”

“Shit, Toby.” Keller smiled. “And Robson is out of here.”

Toby hoped so. He didn’t want to spend the next few years dodging that dickhead. “Chris, I am not your prag.”

“I know.” Keller shrugged, and they got in line. “I can carry my own tray.”

“Fucker.” Toby wasn’t sure what Keller knew, but Toby’s days as a prag were over. From now on, it was his choice. His choice! Damn it. O’Reily laughed at them, and they sat down with Hill and Rebadow. Everyone wanted to talk about Schillinger, and Toby watched Keller skip around the truth.

Rebadow pulled Toby aside. “God told me that you love him.”

“God’s crazy.” Toby didn’t love anyone. He didn’t even like himself.

“I know. You are too.” Rebadow smiled in that tilted way and left the table. Toby shivered and pushed his tray away. He had to get to the bank, but it could wait until morning. Right now, he just wanted to sit and enjoy the fact that Schillinger was dead. Keller must have felt the same because they didn’t leave until the CO’s forced them out. It wasn’t long before count, and Toby went down to his pod. Keller’s pod. Their pod. He was glad he was on the top bunk, and he made sure he knew where his stuff was before staring at his beard again in the mirror. Maybe he should shave it off. He heard the door push open, and he took a step back.

“He’s in Unit B. You have until noon tomorrow.” Wittlesey’s eyes were snapping. “I told McManus that Robson tried to rape you.”

Toby nodded. “You’ll get it tomorrow, and every month on the fifteenth. It seems a small price to pay for a measure of protection.”

Wittlesey gave him a cold smile and walked out. She couldn’t be trusted, but who could in this fucking place?


Toby went out and waited. At the last second before the hacks started getting pissy, Keller strolled up, sucking a straw. Toby leaned and whispered, “What?”

Keller shrugged, but his eyes darted. He had news. He just wasn’t sharing yet. Toby hoped it was good news. Name and number and they were encouraged to go inside. A few men always balked, but after the hole, a pod seemed luxurious. Keller rolled onto his bunk, and Toby hesitated again, unsure of what to say. Keller might have been the pool boy, but he was in here for . . . Toby frowned. Wait.

“Hey, what are in for?”

Keller flipped his straw around with his tongue. “Burglary and assault. I thought you knew.”

“All we’ve done is fuck and scheme. I missed it. Who’d you rob?” Toby took two steps and looked out the glass. The view was different from this pod, and he wanted to see who he’d be staring at for the next however many years.

“Toby, you stupid fuck.” Keller laughed.

Toby flashed between anger and amusement. “Were my kids home?” he yelled at the top of his lungs.

Keller got to his feet fast and right in Toby’s face. Toby felt his shoulders hit the glass. Keller smiled in that way that was more dangerous than a shank. “When did your wife divorce you?”

“About four months ago, right after our conjugal visit. You showed up about two months later.” Toby was still angry, but he was also trying to think. “Oh, shit!”

“Bingo.” Keller kissed him. “You didn’t tell me about the security system and all those videos of you and me out at the pool. I waited until they were gone and grabbed the good stuff. I didn’t think you’d mind. Then the police came knocking on my door. I resisted, of course, and got assault tacked on. I’m up for parole in five.”

Toby wanted to kill him for one second, and then it faded away. “She didn’t tell me why.”

Keller pushed his body against Toby’s and squeezed with his hands. “Get it all now?”

“Fuck.” Toby fought to get his hands up and rubbed his face. “You fucked up my life!”

“And I saved it.” Keller pushed a little harder. “O’Reily told me that Wittlesey is being transferred.”

“No shit?” Toby tried to reorganize all the random information in his brain. It clicked, and he could only giggle. What a fucked up mess. “I still better get the money tomorrow.”

Keller suddenly shoved off him. “I thought you might try to hurt me.”

Toby threw up his hands. “I should! But, I made the videos, and my kids weren’t home.” He sighed. “Shit. If it weren’t for you, Schillinger would’ve killed me. I just couldn’t fight him alone.”

Keller nodded as if he were satisfied with that and went to the sink. Toby watched him. They had never been friends. No. Fuck buddies and then Toby had begged for help. Begged. On his knees. Keller had pulled out his cock and promised. It had been such a relief that Toby had sobbed. No, they weren’t friends.

“Chris, thank you.” Toby thought it was the very least he could say. It had been a matter of life or death for him.

Keller wiped his face and tossed him a cocky grin. He didn’t say anything though. Toby took a deep breath and crawled up on his bunk. He felt as if he’d been walking a tightrope for months, and he could finally step down. He wasn’t sure he was safe, but he was down. It was enough to make him want to sob again - from relief. At least now he had a chance of getting out alive. Keller came over to the bunk and leaned, putting his head on his hands.

“Better nap. Later, I’m gonna keep you awake.”

Toby wasn’t sure whether to grin or refuse. He wanted him. He always wanted him, but did he have a choice? “And if I say no?”

Keller’s tongue flicked out over his lower lip. “Do you really want to play that game with me?”

Toby looked away, telling the truth was never easy. “No,” he whispered. “You know I want you.”

“I want you too, babe.” Keller licked his finger and traced it along Toby’s lips. Toby felt his cock pulse, and he knew he’d never turn Keller down. If only they were friends too, this prison would be bearable.

Keller smiled so handsome. “We’re friends, lovers, what more do ya want?”

Toby smiled from a sense of pure happiness that swept over him. He enjoyed it for two or three seconds before wondering if Keller was lying. “Nothing. I’m pretty happy stuck in this box with you.”

Keller laughed and lay down underneath him. Toby laced his hands across his chest and tried to relax. They had hours before lights out, and for once, he didn’t have to lay on his bunk and try to keep his dinner down from fear. Instead, he could breathe and look forward to Keller putting his mouth right where it would feel so good. Toby smiled. Tomorrow, he’d start a new routine here at Oz. Sister Pete and Keller. It would be fine. If not good, okay, and the nights might be great.

They both heard the water drained from the toilet, and Keller cursed, “God damn it!”

Toby agreed and got off his bunk. “We got anything?”

“No drugs. My shank is hidden well enough. You?” Keller was up and pacing. “Fuck!”

Toby didn’t think he had anything. “We’re okay. Settle down. Please.”

“I fucking hate cleaning up after them!”

“I’ll do it, just, don’t get thrown in the hole. Okay?” Toby grabbed him and held on. “Please.”

Keller stopped. He sighed. “I’ll try not to hurt them, but God damn it!” They both went to look out, and they could see the hacks moving from pod to pod. The hacks searched two or three at a time, and then moved on. “This is new.”

“Someone’s thinking. They can be more thorough, and there’s no chance of people passing things off to others.” Toby shook his head. “It looks like that new guy is giving orders.”

“Wittlesey is out then. She ain’t nowhere around.” Keller narrowed his eyes. “This could be bad for us.”

Toby nodded in agreement. “I wasted my money.”

“Don’t pay her another dime. Bitch can forget it. She’s gone. Deal’s off.” Keller pointed. “We’re next. Fuck.”

“Out! Get on your knees! Hands on your head!”

Toby went out without a quibble, but he saw Keller’s jaw clench. Keller hated being treated like a prisoner. Toby had no problem with authority. He’d obeyed orders his whole life. It was why he drank and did drugs. He thumped down to his knees, put his hands on his head, and ignored the hands that thoroughly searched him. Two minutes later, Keller was right next to him, but he was cursing steadily under his breath.

“Hang on,” Toby whispered.

The new CO came out of the pod and stood over them. “I’m Officer Murphy. I run Emerald City now, and I want you to forget any arrangements that you might have made previously. No drugs, no weapons, and no fucking! Got it, boys?”

“Got it,” Toby said. He could tell by Murphy’s look that Wittlesey had been made one deal too many, and she was gone. Toby didn’t care except that he’d hoped they wouldn’t be bothered after lights out.

“Fuck you,” Keller growled.

Murphy smiled. “About what I expected. You two are like the odd couple here in Em City. Half the CO’s told me you hated each other, and the other half swore they’d seen you kissing. So, which is?”

“Both,” Keller said. “Depends on the phase of the fucking moon.”

Toby rolled his eyes. Keller had to shut up.

Murphy glared. “No fucking!” He looked over his shoulder. “Find anything?”

“They’re clean.” Mineo shrugged. “Keller has a shank, but we ain’t found it yet.”

Keller tried to look innocent. Toby wanted to laugh. Murphy glared some more. “Inside. Don’t even think about breaking the rules!”

Toby nodded. Keller smirked, and they were shoved back inside. Keller flopped down on the mattress that had been thrown to the floor. “God damn, I hate hacks.”

“That fucker is going to watch us.” Toby sighed. “No fucking.”

“Fuck that.” Keller wiggled his shoulders. “Maybe a little less fucking, but that’s as far as I’m willing to go.”

Toby slowly started cleaning up, folding clothes and putting things away. Keller grumbled, but he finally helped. Neither of them rushed, and Toby smiled when Keller nudged him into the far corner and kissed him.

“They’re busy.” Keller smiled and his hands roamed all over Toby’s body. Toby had never understood why Keller was attracted to him. It didn’t make sense, but it sure was fun. They groped and panted. Toby had longed for this in the hole, and now he felt totally overwhelmed. Keller laughed softly. “Damn. You’re hot.”

“What?” Toby didn’t get that.

“All that lawyer fat is gone. Nothing but muscle now.” Keller grabbed him by ass and lifted him, pushing him into the wall. “Gonna fuck you so good.”

Toby hoped so and was embarrassed by it. “Not too rough,” he whispered.

“Have I ever hurt you?” Keller shoved his tongue deep in Toby’s mouth. Toby didn’t even try to answer. He squirmed and abruptly orgasmed. Gasping, he had to laugh. Keller grinned. “You shit.”

Toby quivered and blew out a big breath. “Sorry. It’s been awhile.”

Keller left him for one moment, checking for the hacks. “They’re upstairs.”

Toby grabbed the towel and tried to clean up his mess, but Keller wasn’t going wait, and he pushed him down to his knees. Keller wasted no time, shoving his cock deep into Toby’s willing mouth. Toby swallowed and sucked. God, he loved this. His shoulders dug into the concrete behind him, and he knew someone was watching, but he didn’t care. Keller ran his fingers deep into Toby’s hair and tugged him gently back and forth.

“Oh. Yeah. Damn.” Keller pushed that much harder. His hands cradled Toby’s head, and Toby had a mouthful of come. Toby swallowed, shut his eyes, and drank Keller’s passion. His wife had been stone cold during their marriage. Hell, he was lucky he had kids, but Keller wanted him. Needed him. And it was heady, like perfect martinis and cocaine. Marijuana, whiskey, and the occasional office affair had been smooth and nice, but he preferred the jolt that he blew through him from Keller, vodka, and coke. He trembled slightly, and Keller leaned down and kissed him.

“Damn. You’re good.” Keller laughed, pulled away, and tucked everything into place. He moved far enough away that Toby could see out the glass. The hacks were coming back. Toby climbed up into his bunk fast, wiped his mouth, and lay down. His breath came a little fast, and his cock was hard again, but it could wait. He didn’t particularly like being sticky, and he noticed the crumpled towel on the floor. Keller scooped it up and dried his hands.

Murphy opened their door. “Beecher’s on top?” He glared. Toby wanted to laugh, but didn’t.

Keller took his shirt off and threw it on the bottom bunk. “Does it matter?”

“Yes. Stay in your bunks once the lights go out. We will be checking. Things are going to be different here in Em City!”

“Sounds like fun,” Toby said brightly. “Are we getting ice cream with lunch?”

Murphy huffed and walked out the door. He was going to be a pain in the ass, but Toby decided he didn’t care. It had to be better than the insanity that had gone on before in this place, and he would still find plenty of opportunities to suck and fuck with Keller. Mineo was easy to pay off. Em City was remarkably quiet for the next two hours as they all cleaned their pods and flipped off the hacks that continued to prowl. Keller even licked the glass once when Lopresti went past.

“I thought Lopresti was in Unit B?” Toby dug through their locker, looking for a book but coming up empty handed. Porn, yes. Books, no. Damn. He’d go to the library tomorrow and check out a book, instead of eating it.

“Yeah. Maybe we got him on trade for Wittlesey.” Keller grabbed a porn magazine and lay down on his stomach to look at it.

Toby folded the clothes in the chest. “You got any money?”

“Five dollars in my pocket.” Keller didn’t look at him. “Why?”

“Curious. I’m broke until I can get some out of the bank.” Toby didn’t think playing the rich lawyer boy was a good idea. Someone else would be after his money. “You need some?”

“If I do, you gonna fork it over?” Keller still didn’t take his eyes off the naked girls.

Toby shut the chest and pushed it straight. He looked around the pod and made sure it was liveable - by his standards. “You know I would. I wired Bonnie a thousand last month.”

Now the magazine flew through the air. Keller grabbed a fistful of Toby’s shirt and raised his other fist. “What the fuck?”

Toby tried not to cower, but he was scared. “You made me clean your pod, remember?”

Keller frowned. “Maybe, yeah. I usually did. I was playing the asshole.”

“You do it very well.” Toby tried to smile. “I found a letter from Bonnie. She said she needed money, so I sent her some.”

Keller slowly lowered his fist. “Why?”

“I thought it was the right thing to do. You were helping me.” Toby breathed easier. “I’m sorry if I fucked up.”

Keller gave him a small push. “I ain’t gonna hit you for it, but I don’t take charity. Not ever.”

“I know. I remember.” Toby had tried to give him extra once after he’d cleaned the pool. It had gone over very poorly. “But you were helping me kill a man, and she needed it.”

“I got it. Thanks. Don’t do it again.” Keller turned away fast and went back to his bunk. The magazine seemed to be his major concern again, and Toby made sure not to slump with relief. He got on his bunk and lay quietly. He’d sent Bonnie more than that, but he sure as hell wasn’t going to mention it.

A horn sounded, and the lights went out, and the pod was thrown into relative darkness. Toby rolled to his stomach and stared out,. He memorized the pattern put down by the remaining lights and watched the flashlights of the hacks as they walked past the pods. Murphy was cracking down, but in the end, it would make no difference. Oz was a hell hole, and one Irish CO was not going to make a difference. No fucking way.

“Toby,” Keller said softly, “crawl down here later, okay?”

“Maybe, yeah.” Toby wanted to kiss him, and if it seemed safe, he would. “Good night, Chris.”

What passed for silence fell over the Emerald City, and Toby decided to try to check that book out tomorrow. The wizard had been a hell of a liar, and a skill like that was necessary for survival in Oz.


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