Title: Summer Fun
Pairing: S/B
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: HBO owns Oz, Dick Wolf owns SVU.
Summary: Set in my Accidents Universe. Toby needs a vacation.
Beta: Viggofest - thanks!


Elliot rolled to his stomach and noticed that he was alone on the bed. He usually bumped into Toby. Toby. Elliot sighed very softly. He still wasn‛t used to thinking about him that way. Calling him Beecher had kept some distance between them, but after saying, ‛I love you,‛ it had seemed ridiculous. Toby was Toby now. Forever.

"Getting up?"

"Nope." Elliot pulled the pillow over his head. It was his day off. He could sleep until noon if he wanted, and he wanted. Toby didn‛t answer. He might come back to bed. Elliot wasn‛t going to think about it. He drowsed and dreamed a little.

"Okay, see ya later." Toby kissed him on the forehead. "And shut up. I have my phone."

Elliot jerked awake. He shook off the residual dream state. "What? Wait."

Toby laughed. "You‛re tired. I am not. I‛ll see you tonight."

"Tell me where." Elliot growled. He hated it when Toby rode off on his bicycle for hours.

"The beach. It‛s summer. Have you noticed? I have this strange desire to stare at girls in bikinis." Toby‛s eyes seemed far away. "Bikinis. Girls. Yeah. I‛m going to take pictures for O‛Reily."

Elliot grabbed for him, but he was out of reach. Toby grinned and waved, and Elliot made the ultimate sacrifice. He got up, lunging, and caught Toby at the door. Toby adjusted his backpack and frowned.

"Just wait!" Elliot put his hand against the door to keep it shut. "There‛s a major bridge between here and the closest beach!"

"So?" Toby‛s eyes were wide. Innocent. "My bike and I can make it. See ya. Oh, and little Maria said she wanted you to play house with her today. Have fun."

Elliot rubbed his face, and Toby darted out the door. Shit. That hadn‛t gone as planned. Elliot crossed to the window, and Toby came out of the building with his bike. Toby pointed at him and laughed. Elliot cringed and went to get some pants. He was an idiot. Stupid too. If Toby wanted to ogle girls, that was fine.

Elliot found some sweats and a wife-beater before going for the coffee. He quit grinding his teeth and poured a cup. It was fine. He needed some rest. About the time his cup was empty, there was a knock at the door. He rubbed his eyes and prayed that it was the mail.

"Senor Elliot!" Little Maria pushed open the door - brazen little thing. "You promised we‛d play house!"

Elliot smiled and opened his arms. She came to hug him, crawling into his lap. He tapped her on the nose. "I did not."

"Well, Senor Toby promised you would, and that‛s the same thing." Little Maria grinned. "Momma is making enchiladas for lunch."

Elliot laughed. He was caught, and she knew it.


Toby laughed for a good three blocks. Elliot must have been half-asleep to stand in front of the window in his briefs. Chris would have done it to show off, but Elliot was almost shy. Elliot. Toby dodged a car and couldn‛t remember the exact moment that Stabler had become Elliot, but it had happened while they were in bed. Crying out, ‛Stabler,‛ had just seemed wrong, and once Toby had thought of him as Elliot, he‛d stayed Elliot. Ah well. They were closer now. Toby pedaled a little faster. It was hot today, and it was nice. The rain had gotten old. He was good and sweaty by the time he got to the beach, and he locked his bike before finding a place to spread out his towel and peel off his shirt.

Girls were everywhere, and he looked with no shame. This was an Oz inmate‛s dream come true. He laughed softly. He‛d started sending regular letters to O‛Reily. It might have been guilt eating at him. He wasn‛t sure, but it didn‛t cost him anything but time, and he had that. So did O‛Reily. No parole for him. Of course, he had Dr. Nathan, so he might not want to get out. Toby smeared on some sunscreen and made sure he knew where his phone was. It‛d probably ring. Chances were good that his parole officer would call. He would try not to curse at Elliot when it happened.

Some kids ran by, kicking up sand and laughing. Toby hoped that Harry and Holly were having a good time on vacation with Angus and his family. Walt Disney World was always fun, and he‛d wanted to go. He‛d practically begged, but Elliot had just looked at him. Damn parole. It wasn‛t completely Elliot‛s fault, even though it was easy to blame him.

Toby pushed his hair back and refused to brood about it. There were some things he couldn‛t do. Not yet. And leaving the state was one of them. He slid off his jeans, tucked them away, and relaxed. He‛d swim in a minute. Right now, he had girls to watch.


Elliot let little Maria boss him around until after lunch. At that point, he begged off and escaped to his bedroom. He found his phone on the nightstand and made the call before he changed his mind. Shutting it, he got a few things together and headed down to his car. It was a nice day. No reason to spend it all inside.


Toby opened his eyes when someone blocked out the sun. "Move it, asshole."

"Is it any wonder you get the shit kicked out of you regularly?" Elliot spread out a towel and sat down next to him. Toby forced his brain to catch up with his eyes. Elliot looked satisfied with himself about the whole situation.

"Did I ask for company?"

"Free beach." Elliot looked over the top of his shades. "That blonde is-"

"With her boyfriend, who is about six eight," Toby drawled. "I like living too much to do more than drool from a safe distance."

Elliot grinned. "You mad at me?"

"About what?" Toby didn‛t look the other direction as Elliot pulled his shirt off. Elliot was nice to look at also. Toby whispered, "Did you lose some weight for bikini season?"

"Smart ass." Elliot leaned back on his arms. "Your kids went to Florida last night. You came to the beach today. I figure you‛re mad at me."

"Not completely your fault." Toby‛s attention was drawn towards the water.

Elliot waved his hand in front of Toby‛s face. "Quit staring at the guys!"

Toby blinked and looked at him. "Oh. Sorry. What were we talking about?" He frowned. "You could have looked the other way."

"And when you didn‛t show up at work?" Elliot tapped him on the shoulder. "Sunscreen? Your back is getting red."

Toby dug it out and handed it over. "I couldn‛t reach everywhere."

Elliot squirted it on him and smeared it. "It‛s this too white skin of yours."

Toby ignored that and watched some girls go by. He would have lied to Cragen. Damn those morals of Elliot‛s anyway! Toby glanced at him. "I‛ll do you next."

"Okay." Elliot didn‛t rise to the bait. He was absolutely no fun to tease. Toby did Elliot‛s back fast and didn‛t linger. This swimsuit would not hide a raging hard-on. Elliot seemed somewhat relieved. He looked down the beach again. "I used to come here with the kids."

"You‛ll see them tonight. Right?" Toby assumed so.

Elliot rubbed some sunscreen on his chest. "They had plans. No big deal."

Toby heard the tiny amount of hurt. He didn‛t have anything to say to make it better. "Damn. Look at that brunette."

Elliot looked. "She‛s not exactly skinny."

"The guy with six-pack abs and bulging biceps," Toby said softly. "Shit. I bet he‛s on the juice."

Elliot sighed. "I‛m not checking out the guys with you, and yes, he probably is."

Toby smiled. He was looking at the girls too. "Swim?"

"You bet." Elliot was gone in a flash, and Toby raced after him. Dunking that stubborn cop in the ocean would be nice. The water was cold, but it felt good. Elliot was a good swimmer. Toby wasn‛t, and his attempt at payback didn‛t go well. He felt like a drowned rat when Elliot finally turned him loose near the shore.


Elliot laughed and went up the beach. Toby made sure he had his trunks before following him. Collapsing down on his towel, Toby groaned dramatically. "I nearly drowned!"

"Right." Elliot shot him a grin. "You started it. I finished it."

"My lungs are full of water." Toby slicked his hair back. "See anyone you like?"

"Nope." Elliot looked right at him - not a subtle man. "I didn‛t see much of you this week."

"Busy. Finished up that case for Angus so he could leave without feeling guilty. Cragen lent my services out to Novak, and I tried to find someone to help me create a web site for the Keller Foundation." Toby gave him a quick rundown and didn‛t worry about the insult. He knew exactly how Elliot felt about him. It kept him warm at night, even when he slept alone.

"Novak? What did she need?" Elliot looked surprised.

Toby shrugged. It wasn‛t important, and he didn‛t want to talk about it. He wanted to stare at half-naked bodies and pretend he was in Florida. He rummaged in his backpack until he found a dry shirt. His back was red enough.


Toby hated that. He always felt about six years old and caught with his hand in the cookie jar. "A case. It‛s confidential. You know lawyer stuff."

Elliot didn‛t look satisfied. If anything, he looked angrier. "You‛re disbarred."

"You remind me of that a lot. I think you take some bizarre satisfaction in it." Toby had begun to wonder. "I‛m still a lawyer. I just can‛t practice the law."

"There are some things that have to be cleared through me," Elliot growled.

Toby got to his feet. "I‛m going to get something to drink." He walked off before Elliot could say anything. Living with and loving his parole officer occasionally made his life complicated. Most of the time, Elliot would shrug and let Toby do his thing, but every once in a while, all hell broke loose. Toby had learned it was smart to keep his head down when Elliot blew up. Elliot wasn‛t unreasonable, not really, just possessive and inclined to be nosy. He was also impossible to lie to, and that was damn annoying.

Toby bought Elliot a soft drink also and went back to the towels. It was about two in the afternoon, and it seemed there was more people, not less. Elliot looked relaxed. Calm. Toby didn‛t like feeling guilty. He handed him a drink and sat down. Telling the truth sucked.

"Novak needed help with a case that had ties to Oz. Cragen sent his expert. That would be me." Toby took a sip. "I‛m not sure if I was any help."

Elliot popped open his can. "You should have told me."

"I didn‛t know we were going out there until after I got to work, and you were on a case," Toby said casually, as if it were no big deal.

"Damn it!" Elliot was pissed now. "You should‛ve said no!"

"Right." Toby didn‛t think that was a real option. "We were fine. I watched her back."

"And who watched yours?" Elliot wasn‛t calming down. "Did you see any of your Nazi friends?"

Toby finished his soda. He didn‛t want to fight at the beach. "You want to smack me around? Fine. Later. But not here."

Elliot bit his lower lip. He opened his mouth to say something, didn‛t, and got to his feet. Toby watched him walk away.


Elliot joined the volleyball game in progress and took his aggressions out on the ball. He hated Oz, and he hated it when Toby was there. It hadn‛t happened since before Sister Pete had died, and he didn‛t want it to happen again. He‛d talk to Cragen. There was an element of risk that it wouldn‛t pay to underestimate. Oz was too damn dangerous. He spiked the ball hard.



Elliot slapped hands on his team and went back to serve. He glanced at Toby, but Toby was looking somewhere else. Probably at some more guys. Elliot threw the ball up and hit it hard. He felt bad about Walt Disney World, but it had been out of his hands. He‛d gone the extra step and asked Judge Decker, but it was out of the question. Parole was still parole. He bumped the ball in the air and watched his teammates fumble it over the net. There were some things he couldn‛t control, but damn it, Toby was not going to Oz again.


Toby found his camera and took some pictures. He wasn‛t much of a photographer, but these new digital cameras made it easy to get good shots. Elliot was still angry, and the people on the other side of the net were taking it on the chin. Toby stayed out of it. He didn‛t want a ball bouncing off his head. Laughing softly, he snapped another picture. Elliot needed to settle down. Oz wasn‛t that dangerous. Okay. That was stupid. Oz was very dangerous, but he knew how to take care of himself. Novak hadn‛t seemed worried. She‛d breezed in, squeezed the hapless inmate hard until he gave up the information, and left with her nose in the air. Toby had done very little.

"Take my picture?"

Toby pulled his mind out of Oz and glanced up at her. She was cute. He smiled. "Sure. You want copies?"

She laughed and posed. Toby took three quick shots. She blew him a kiss and strolled back to her friends. They all giggled and pretended not to stare at him. Toby couldn‛t help but smile. He would definitely send those pics to O‛Reily.

"She‛s in high school!"

"Yeah. I know." Toby put the cap back on the camera and stowed it in his backpack. "Girls are more brazen today. I‛m not sure if it‛s a good thing or not."

"Not." Elliot sat back down. He drank all his soda quickly. "You‛re old, and ya don‛t need to be looking at them."

"Thanks," Toby said dryly. "So, fill me in on your week."

"Rape. Murder. Assault." Elliot leaned back on his arms, and Toby tried not to notice the muscle that rippled. "Same old. Same old."

Toby didn‛t understand the cop mentality that sent them back out there week after week to face one horrible crime after another, and he didn‛t want to get it. His one day a week was enough. He did his best to help a few of the living victims in some small way. It didn‛t erase all the crimes he‛d committed, but he was able to sleep a little easier. He was trying to make amends, and that should count for something.

"Did you find someone to help with the website?"

Toby nodded. He didn‛t want to discuss Chris, but the website seemed a safe enough topic. "Yes, but I‛m not sure I want to pay what he‛s asking. I may ask the guys at TARU if they know anyone."

"Who‛s your latest target?" Elliot raised his eyebrow.

"You make it sound like I‛m assassinating people." Toby didn‛t mind discussing his week, but he was starting to get a little defensive. "Little Maria‛s school needs a computer lab. I‛m working on it."

Elliot nodded. "Good cause, but I‛m broke. Forget it."

"Figures." Toby heard his cell phone and dug it out. He was almost grateful for the interruption. Oz always made Elliot pissy.

"Tobias, are you coming over for dinner tonight?"

Toby controlled a groan. "I‛m at the beach, Mother."

"Have Detective Stabler drive you." His mother pushed hard.

"Stabler‛s at work. I‛ll stop by tomorrow. Okay?" Toby prayed she‛d let him go. He just wanted today to himself.

"Okay. Tomorrow. Bye."

"Bye." Toby shut the phone and caught the look. "What?"

"You‛re going to hell for lying to your mom." Elliot smiled. "She likes me."

"She does not. She wanted you to drive me." Toby tossed the phone. "I‛ll have dinner with her tomorrow night and hopefully that‛ll be it until the kids get home."

"I‛m surprised she didn‛t go." Elliot found his shirt and put it on.

Toby was sad to see all those muscles covered up. "She says it wears her out." He looked up and down the beach. "We‛re about done here."

"Everyone is heading to dinner." Elliot crossed his legs. "You promised you‛d tell me when you were going to Oz."

Toby remembered that promise. "I did call you. You didn‛t answer. Not my fault. I resent being treated like a pussy."

Elliot frowned. "I did leave my phone in the car one afternoon. The battery was dead."

"See." Toby had been relieved at the time, but he wasn‛t going to mention it. "And you shouldn‛t worry so much. Oz is never going to kill me."

"I hope," Elliot whispered. He brushed his hands off. "Want a ride home?"

Toby smiled over at him. "No, thanks." He glossed over the whispered words. He appreciated Elliot‛s concern, but it was an argument that they should leave alone. Elliot muttered something under his breath, and Toby pretended that he didn‛t notice. "See you later."

Elliot gathered his things. "Don‛t forget your curfew." With that parting shot, he left Toby in the sand. Toby sighed and didn‛t rush after him. Elliot would calm down, and they‛d have a quiet evening together. Toby took his time re-packing his things and putting on his clothes. He slung his backpack over his shoulder and went to his bike. It was gone. He rubbed his face, clenched his fists, and muttered a dozen curse words.

Elliot was suddenly behind him. "Come quietly and I won‛t cuff you."

Toby whirled around to punch him, but his wrists were caught. Cuffs clicked on, and he stopped struggling. Elliot took him to the car that way. It was humiliating. Toby waited until the car doors were shut. "I hate you."

"Uh huh." Elliot took them home.


Elliot watched Toby struggle with his anger. Well, Elliot was angry too. Since they‛d met, he‛d ask Toby to do one thing. One! And you think he could do it? Hell, no. And stubborn? My God, they hadn‛t invented a word for how stubborn Toby was. Elliot parked the car, unloaded the bike, took it inside, and went back for Toby.

"Gonna play nice?" Elliot helped him out.

"I‛m gonna kick your ass. Call your police buddies now and pray they can save you." Toby smiled in that way that let Elliot know it was the truth.

"Shit." Elliot locked the car and took him upstairs. When the door shut, Elliot took off the cuffs. "Okay. Do your worst."

Toby sniffed. "You know I hate it when you take away my choices."

"You know I hate it when you‛re damn unreasonable!" Stabler tossed the cuffs on the couch. "It wouldn‛t kill you to let me give you a ride home!"

"This is about Oz. Nothing else. I slipped my leash, and you‛re pissed!" Toby ran his fingers through his hair.

Elliot was just glad that Toby hadn‛t hit him, not yet. "Well, excuse me for liking you alive!"

"Somehow the word asshole just doesn‛t cover it with you!" Toby went to the fridge and yanked it open. He would probably be pissed all night. Elliot sighed and went to him. Toby handed him a beer.

"Thanks." Elliot had him cornered, and when the fridge shut, he took advantage of it. Toby glared, but he didn‛t push, and one easy step put them eye-to-eye. Elliot leaned and then kissed him. "You know I‛m right."

Toby slumped. "You‛re not. Most of them are dead. No one out there gives a shit about me."

Elliot didn‛t believe that. He gently bit at Toby‛s ear and worked his way down. "Your parole officer is going to speak to Captain Cragen about this. Expect it."

"Shit." Toby shoved at him now, but Elliot didn‛t back away. He wasn‛t going to either. Toby kissed him. "What should I do next time?"

Elliot eased off now that he had what he wanted. "Tell them your parole officer will absolutely throw a hissy fit."

Toby sighed. "You‛re being overprotective. They‛ll think you‛re nuts."

"I‛ll show them your ass and your back." Elliot smiled. He didn‛t care what they thought. "After all, what would Natalini do if you messed up like that?"

"Curse at me, threaten me, and then make me piss in a cup." Toby put his hand on his zipper. "Hand me your coffee mug - the one that says NYPD."

Elliot glared for one second, but couldn‛t hold it. He laughed. "Uh, no."

Toby grinned and slid around him. "Yeah. Once was probably enough." He flopped down on the couch. "Not my fault. Novak always gets her way."

Elliot had to believe that was a joke about his cup, but he might wash it again, just to be sure. He twisted the top off his beer and sat down next to him. "Not when it comes to you. That‛s my territory."


Toby wanted to punch him. It was a stupid idea though. "Okay, are you finished complaining, Officer Stabler?"

"Maybe." Elliot sipped his beer. "How many other parole violations did you have this week?"

Toby let his head loll back. "How long we been doing this?"

"Three months, give or take." Elliot reached around him and got the cuffs.

"I guess it‛s time for a meeting." Toby grabbed one end of the cuffs. "I forget the rules. Tell me again."

Elliot groaned. "No drinking. No whoring. No Oz. Pretty damn simple."

"No Florida." Toby really only cared about that rule.

"I asked Judge Decker. He said no. I am sorry." Elliot flipped the cuffs around. Toby watched him fiddle with them and drink his beer. The fact that Elliot had gone to the trouble to ask made him feel a little better. Toby decided to get over it. He was great at holding a grudge, but it was his parole, and he was damn lucky to have Elliot instead of Natalini. Elliot nudged him. "If you want to go to Coney Island, you can."

"Great." Toby didn‛t think that sounded like much fun. Unless. "You‛ll come with me?"

Elliot‛s blue eyes flicked Toby‛s direction and then away. "Uh."

Toby wasn‛t going to beg or even wheedle, but looking pathetic was easy. "Forget it." He got to his feet and went to stare out the glass. Going to Starbucks would have to be enough. "I‛m going to grab a bite over at Starbucks."

"So you can see your boyfriend?" Elliot growled.

Toby rubbed his face. He needed two Tylenol and a trip to Florida. "Alex is a nice kid."

Elliot came up behind him. "Okay. You win. Coney Island it is."

Toby thought it was a pretty empty victory. He put his hand against the glass. Love didn‛t make life any easier. He knew that the hard way.

"Now, don‛t get all moody on me. Let‛s go eat hot dogs and ride the roller coaster until we puke." Elliot slapped Toby on the ass. "I‛ll let you win me a prize on the fairway."

Toby rubbed his brow. "Leave the cuffs at home."

Elliot seemed to think about it. "Okay."

"I‛m going to change clothes." Toby patted Elliot on the face. "And you‛re still an asshole."

"Well, yeah."


Elliot changed clothes too, putting on a blue wife-beater and the new black jeans that he‛d bought last week. He‛d needed some new ones. He hesitated over the cuffs, but he‛d promised. Ducking into the bathroom, he made sure his hair didn‛t look crazy and put on some deodorant. He was clean enough. When he stepped out, he felt the impact of Toby‛s eyes.


"Uh, well, gee." Toby flipped his tongue out and panted. "Will you share all the girls you‛re going to pick up tonight?"

"Maybe." Elliot grinned. He looked at his clothes again. The last thing he felt was attractive. He was an old cop - a tired, old cop. "It‛s hot out tonight."

Toby smiled. "Grab some money from the safe, will ya?"

"How much?" Elliot went back in his bedroom. He spun the combination and pulled it open.

"A thousand." Toby kissed him on the back of the neck. "You want a prize. I gotta have some money."

Elliot hesitated. "That‛s a lot of money."

"Not for New York." Toby knelt down next to him, reached, and pulled out the packet of money. Elliot left him to count it out. Toby kept thousands in the safe, and it always made Elliot nervous. That much money should be in the bank, but Toby insisted that things came up. What things he never said, but it wasn‛t as if Elliot was here watching all the time. One thing for sure - there was always pizza money.

Toby shut the safe and spun the dial. "Let‛s take a cab. That way you can have a beer or two."

Elliot nodded. "Sounds fine." He thought he saw a gleam in Toby‛s eyes. "Hey, you‛re not one of those freaks who rides the roller coaster twenty times, are you?"

"Let‛s go find out." Toby laughed. Elliot hid his cringe. He was going easy on the chili dogs. It was easy to forget that Toby was nuts.


Toby didn‛t hold back. He rode all the rides, ate way too many nachos, and drank enough soda to float a boat. Elliot mumbled something about restraint once or twice, but Toby ignored that. Drinking and drugs was out of the question, but adrenaline felt damn good too. Hell, anything to excess seemed like a vacation. He spent more money than he‛d have believed possible on the fairway. Elliot was a damn good shot, but it still took cash to win the big prizes.

"You think little Maria would like the dog or the bear?" Toby slapped down another twenty.

"The dog." Elliot aimed carefully and started mowing down the ducks. "The sight is off, but once you compensate-"

"Yeah. Yeah. Keep shooting." Toby wasn‛t going to discuss firing techniques. His stomach hurt enough. He eyed the cotton candy vendor and considered it. It might push him right to his knees, but he hadn‛t had it in years. He got a pink one - a big pink one.

"You‛re gonna puke, and I can only pray it‛s not on my shoes." Elliot pointed at the dog to the dismay of the vendor. Toby tried to smack him with the cotton candy, but he was too fast.

"Hey, watch it, ya faggot!"

Toby turned back around. It was a mistake. Cotton candy smacked some guy in the face. Toby‛s complaining stomach wasn‛t happy when a fist banged into it. He dropped to his hands and knees and retched.

"Back off!" That was Elliot.

"You his boyfriend?" Ridicule was easy to hear. Toby staggered up, nearly puked, and lunged for the stupid fucker. Elliot‛s big hand got in the way.

"I‛m NYPD. Move along or I‛ll let this man press assault changes against you!"

Toby straightened his back and regretted it.

"Fine. Whatever!"

Elliot put his hands on his hips, and Toby threw up behind him.

"I can‛t take you anywhere!" Elliot jumped out of the way.

Toby began to laugh. He found a trash can and barfed again. Way, way too many nachos. He wiped the instant sweat from his brow and felt a little better. "Okay. I‛m good."

Elliot steadied him. "Do you do anything halfway?"

"I‛m an all or nothing kind of guy." Toby bought a bottled water and chugged it. He rubbed his stomach. "That fucker doesn‛t hit near as hard as you do."

Elliot sighed and rubbed his hand down his face. "Let‛s go home now."

Toby grinned. He was up for more. The night was young, even if he wasn‛t any longer. "Did you bring your cuffs?"


"Then forget it. I‛m hungry again." Toby laughed as Elliot rubbed his face again. Elliot followed him though. Toby got another cotton candy. He found a bench and sat down to eat it. "I really look gay?"

"Not to me." Elliot was studying the stuffed dog. Toby handed him a big glob, and he ate it without complaining. Elliot looked great tonight. Toby looked down at his own clothes. Nothing too fancy. It wasn‛t as if he were wearing a scarf. He didn‛t get it. How did everyone know but him?

"You mean to tell me that when we met, you didn‛t think I was gay?"

"I thought you were the perp. Then I thought you were a tough convict, and then I thought you were the victim." Elliot glanced Toby‛s way. "And then I reassessed the entire situation again. Nothing was what I assumed or thought."

Toby had no idea what to say. He ate cotton candy instead, and then shifted the subject just a little. "Were you mad I went out with Olivia?"

Elliot seemed to be looking at the people walking past them. Finally, he shrugged. "I wasn‛t happy."

Toby had a feeling that‛s all Elliot would ever say about it. "Roller coaster?"

Elliot groaned. "I‛m gonna puke!"

"I‛d pay good money to see that." Toby grinned. "Okay. Ferris wheel."

"If I have to." Elliot made a show of looking at his watch. Toby ignored the gesture. He wasn‛t going home until he staggered in the door and fell asleep on the carpet.


Elliot dropped the stuffed dog right inside the door and headed for the bathroom. He considered vomiting, but took a piss instead. His stomach felt like a bowling ball had taken up residence. It was that last sno cone that had pushed him over the edge. He wet a hand towel and pressed it to his forehead. Too much booze felt better than this.

Carefully, he loosened the top button on his jeans and went out to the front room. Toby was asleep on the couch, clutched around his stomach. He might throw up on the carpet. Well, he could just replace it. Elliot groaned and went to bed, shedding clothes along the way. He was never doing that again. Not for any reason. Unless Toby asked. Elliot scrubbed his face and left the towel on his forehead. He was crazy.


Toby crawled to the bathroom, used it, and managed to stagger to Elliot‛s bed. He dropped into it and rolled until he hit a large body. The warmth was nice.

"Never again."

"It was fun." Toby yawned. "Thanks for rescuing me from the gay basher."

"You‛d have killed him. I rescued him, not you." Elliot kissed him on the forehead. "I may never eat again."

Toby laughed and burrowed into the warmth. "I always loved the summer. Girls in bikinis, cook outs, and trips to the lake."

Elliot moaned. "Stay off the stomach." He chuckled. "Me too. Well, no trips to the lake, but we always found something to do. Stick ball in the streets. Opening a fire hydrant. Something."

"Sounds like fun. I bet you were killer at stick ball."

"Broke my fair share of windows." Elliot sounded like he was bragging. He groaned softly again. Toby put his hands on Elliot‛s stomach and gently rubbed. Elliot didn‛t protest, and Toby enjoyed the feel of the taut skin.

"Are you going to work today?" Toby didn‛t need to look at the clock to know that the sun would come up soon. He didn‛t feel guilty for keeping Elliot out all night long. The guy could‛ve gone home. Elliot didn‛t say anything. His eyes were shut, but Toby knew the cop was still awake. Ah well. Toby kissed him and didn‛t ask any more questions. Some sleep was necessary.


Elliot woke up, dashed to the bathroom, and went directly back to bed. He felt like that cotton candy they‛d shared - sticky, but that was no reason to get up for the day.

Toby was face down. He groaned slightly when Elliot landed on the bed. It was Toby‛s own damn fault if he felt like shit.

"Too many rides?"

Toby made a terrible noise. Elliot smiled and rubbed up against him. Toby got out of bed and was in the bathroom for a very long time, but finally came back. He rolled his eyes and fell on the bed. Elliot grabbed him and pulled him close.

"Poor baby," Elliot soothed. He rubbed and kissed, hoping that Toby had brushed his teeth at some point. Toby‛s blue eyes seemed dull today and his eyelids drooped. Elliot couldn‛t help but laugh. "I know how to show a guy a good time."

"I took you out," Toby grumbled.

Elliot rubbed him on the stomach.

"Ouch," Toby whispered. He pulled his head up and looked down. "You let some guy hit me."

Elliot took a look. There was a bruise, but not a big one. "I saved you, remember?"

"Oh yeah." Toby yawned. "You smell. Let‛s hit the shower before you head to work so you can hold me up."

"I have today off." Elliot smiled at the look of astonishment that dropped over Toby‛s face. "Too much OT."

"You‛re going to Mother‛s with me." Toby laughed. He was gloating.

Elliot groaned. He should‛ve pretended to go to work. "Take a cab."

"This from the guy that doesn‛t like me out of his sight." Toby rolled on top of Elliot and straddled him. "I think you‛re going."

Elliot considered all the options. "Do you ever worry about those long looks your mother gives us?"

Toby sighed and collapsed off to the side. "Does she think we‛re lovers? Yes. Will she breathe a word of it? No."

"You sure?" Elliot didn‛t see any reason for her to keep quiet. She still didn‛t like him. Oh, she liked his car, but that was it. The woman knew how to hold a grudge, and it was difficult to blame her.

"Oh, yeah." Toby shut his eyes again, and Elliot took the initiative. This time, it was him that got on top, and he stayed there until he had Toby‛s full attention. Toby gave out a soft groan and shoved up into him. "Promise me you won‛t puke on me."

Elliot kissed him to shut him up.


Toby loved making love to Elliot. It happened about once a week, if he were lucky, but even if it wasn‛t often, it was always plenty. Slow and easy, fast and hard, Elliot liked it all, and he usually wore Toby out. It was nice.

Elliot stopped shoving for a moment. "You‛re not too tired?"

Toby thought about it. His stomach still ached slightly, but he wasn‛t passing up sex. "Can I ride your rollercoaster?"

Elliot groaned dramatically. "Only if you don‛t talk about it!"

Toby smiled and stretched. He wasn‛t sure what he wanted, but he liked teasing Elliot. Elliot was still almost shy about the whole sex thing. Do it, yes, but discuss it? Hell no. For him, actions spoke louder than words, and Toby thoroughly enjoyed all the action.

"Tell you what - I‛ll go brush my teeth."

Elliot was off him quickly, and Toby‛s fast grab was blocked. "I‛ll start some coffee."

Toby refused to be insulted. He was filthy. He went back to the bathroom for a shower and to brush his teeth. The sex could wait one minute, but only one. He felt so much better after scrubbing the cotton candy from between his teeth. As he towelled off, Elliot grabbed the shower.

"We could have done that together," Toby grumbled.

"Liv called."

Toby knew what that meant. No sex. No dinner. Him and his mom. Alone. Just great. He didn‛t bitch though. It wouldn‛t achieve anything. He pushed his hair back and went to get some underwear. Maybe a nap would be nice. When a large, wet body grabbed him, he reacted without thinking. Luckily, Elliot ducked, backed away, and put up his hands. Toby dropped the underwear.

"You‛re getting the floor wet!"

"You nearly knocked my head off!"

Toby giggled. He didn‛t have any justification for it, except Oz. "Sorry."

Elliot came at him until Toby‛s calves hit the weight bench. Toby sat down. Elliot leaned over him and asked, "Teeth?"

Toby nodded and met the kiss firmly. Elliot stood up, and Toby wrapped him close. Leaning against Elliot‛s stomach, Toby just breathed. Some drops of water streaked down and Toby licked them off. Elliot put his hands on Toby‛s shoulders and rubbed. It felt good, and Toby groaned softly. He shut his eyes and played with the sweet skin under his hands and mouth. No thinking, no worrying, just Elliot now. Toby loved him, loved this. It was a surprise when Elliot pulled him up and over to the futon.

"Hey, I was having fun," Toby said and settled on top of him. Elliot‛s still slick skin felt good, and he rubbed up against it.

"You were trying to make me scream for it," Elliot grumbled, putting his hands on Toby‛s back and pressing him closer.

Toby thought that sounded like more summer fun than Coney Island. "You got some time for me?"

Elliot gave him a long look. "Yeah," he said softly. "What?"

"Get the cuffs." Toby made his decision fast before he regretted it.

"They ain‛t toys." Elliot‛s brow was furrowed.

Toby knew that better than most people. He leveled his strongest argument. "You used them on me to get me to do your will. It‛s my turn."

Elliot made a huffy sound. "No."

Toby got off him. "Fine." He went to the closet and scooped up his underwear. When dealing with Elliot, less words worked better than more. Elliot would make up his own mind about what was fair.

"I was a little grouchy. It didn‛t mean anything," Elliot sat up.

"To you." Toby didn‛t shout. That would be a grave mistake. "Are you going to use them every time I don‛t do what you say?"

Elliot walked out of the room. That was answer enough. Toby put on his underwear and sat down on the weight bench. His cock would have to go down before jeans would be comfortable. He shouldn‛t have pushed it, but Elliot was far to free with those cuffs, and it was time to say something. Toby‛s mouth dropped open when Elliot came back in the room, handed him the cuffs, and turned around. The cuffs were slightly cold and hard steel. No, they weren‛t toys. Toby got to his feet and kissed the spot between Elliot‛s shoulder blades.


"Yeah." Elliot lowered his head. "You‛re just so damn stubborn."

Toby laughed. "Me? You‛d give a mule a run for his money. You want it all your way all the time!"

Elliot sighed and turned around. His blue eyes glinted. "The only thing I ever asked was for you to stay the hell out of Oz. One thing."

Toby felt a surge of guilt. Shit. He thought frantically, but after processing more memories than he wanted to, he had to admit that Elliot was right. "Damn."

"Now I know that‛s one more thing than you‛ve ever asked of me, but you promised."

Toby was amazed at Elliot‛s ability not to sound whiny, just slightly disappointed, and that hurt worse than anything else. "It was part of the job."

Elliot shrugged and tapped the cuffs. "We gonna do this?"

Toby wasn‛t sure now. He fumbled with them. "I didn‛t want to look scared. I‛m not scared."

Elliot looked skeptical but didn‛t say anything. He turned back around and crossed his wrists behind his back. Toby let himself wallow in the guilt for a minute and made up his mind to stay out of Oz in the future. Elliot was still waiting, and Toby clicked them on him. It was only fair, and Oz had nothing to do with why Elliot had cuffed him. Well, not much. Toby pulled him around and pushed gently so he would sit on the weight bench. Elliot‛s cock was definitely not interested now, but Toby knelt down anyway.

"I‛m not criticizing or anything, but . . . "

Toby looked up in time to see Elliot blush. Elliot wouldn‛t be finishing that sentence; that was certain. Toby laughed. He buried his face in Elliot‛s crotch, inhaling the smell of him. So good. Elliot‛s cock twitched against Toby‛s face and he slid his hands up to squeeze Elliot‛s thighs and ass. Several soft groans let Toby know that Elliot was into it now. Toby sucked him deeply but slowly.

"Damn," Elliot whispered, shifting his feet and spreading his thighs a little more. Toby filled his senses with Elliot: mouth, hands, eyes, nose, and the sweet sound of Elliot breathing hard. Toby waited until the last minute before standing, stripping off his underwear, and getting on the rollercoaster. Elliot‛s eyes grew round. Toby held on tight and let gravity do its magic. It was also a good thing that he‛d invested in an expensive weight bench. The muscles in Elliot‛s shoulders jumped and Toby slid down the last inch. Damn.

"You don‛t usually make that squeaky noise."

Toby shoved his tongue in Elliot‛s mouth to shut him up and rocked back and forth. He was so fucking full. Now this ride was the best of them all, and hopefully, he wouldn‛t be slightly nauseous at the end of it. Tingly? Yes. Out of breath? Definitely. Elliot pulled his mouth away, gasping for air, and Toby bit him on the neck. The movement grew faster and faster until after one final hill, they gave a jerk and pulled into the station together.

"What a ride," Toby whispered. He nearly slid right down to the floor.

Elliot rested his forehead on Toby‛s. "My ass is asleep."

Toby giggled. He summoned the strength to disembark to the left and giggled some more. Elliot got to his feet and kissed him.

"Thanks, El, and in the future, I won‛t go to Oz."

Elliot didn‛t rush to turn around. He gave him another thorough kiss. "The key is in my left hand."

Toby got the key, glad that he didn‛t have to go searching. He unlocked them and handed them over. Swiping a finger through the mess on Elliot‛s chest, he said, "You need another shower."

Elliot smiled. "Not quite yet."

"I thought the ride was closed until further notice." Toby grinned and started for the bathroom. Elliot was right behind him.

"Just need a quick clean up before I get a fresh passenger." Elliot raised one eyebrow.

Toby groaned and then laughed. He loved Elliot‛s quirky sense of humor. "Man, I love summer."


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