The Scent of Pine

Kirk/McCoy by K'Chaps (K/S implied)
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rated NC-17

Note: In my mind, this took place after the first movie.

McCoy poured a small glass of brandy for himself and sat down at the computer. Quickly, he accessed the alarm system and reset the command codes at the door. It wouldn't open for anyone but him - no exceptions, not even the captain. McCoy did hope no one noticed, but he didn't give a damn if they called him on it. A man deserved a measure of privacy and that meant a locked door. He moved to his bunk and sipped his drink, glancing about his cabin. It wasn't much, never had been. Usually he didn't care as he spent most of his time in his sickbay. But tonight it seemed more sterile than the tools he used for surgery. He sighed, set his brandy down, opened his cabinet, and rummaged for the items he wanted. It didn't take long to set up the candles and light them. The scent of pine filled his room. He took a deep breath and shut his eyes. For a moment, he was home again.


McCoy groaned. He was in so much trouble. He toggled open the door and stood. "Can I help you, Captain?"

Kirk came in far enough for the door to close behind him. "You are aware of my orders concerning privacy locks?"

McCoy shrugged and said, "It didn't hurt you to ask."

Kirk put his hands on his hips. "And if you fell over from a heart attack?"

"I've had a good life." McCoy poured Kirk a brandy and handed it to him. "Are you here to pester me, or do you have something to say?"

Kirk smiled. "In the past, we didn't need a reason."

"That was before you bonded with Spock." McCoy took his brandy back to his bunk. Kirk claimed the only chair. "So I assume this is ship's business."

"How many regulations did you intend to break this evening?" Kirk looked pointedly at the candles and shook his head.

"We all have our own ways of relaxing." McCoy took a deep breath of the pine. Kirk was amused, not angry. "I always miss home around Christmas."

"We all do." Kirk drank his brandy in one toss. "How is everything in sickbay?"

"Fine. The usual accidents, but nothing major since that outbreak of the Denobulan flu." McCoy refilled Kirk's brandy. "Jim, why aren't you spending the evening with Spock?"

"He's giving a seminar on some exotic plants." Kirk shrugged. "He knows where I am."

McCoy thought about that. Did Kirk think they'd just fall into bed? "This has been great. Stop by again some time and bring your husband."

Kirk blinked, and his mouth fell open slightly. "Spock calls us bondmates."

"You say potato . . ." McCoy shrugged. He stood and went to one of his candles, inhaling deeply and thinking of Christmas trees. It was his favorite part of the holiday, trimming the tree. Someday, he'd go home again.

Kirk was suddenly behind him. "I thought we'd shared more over the years."

"We'll always be the closest of friends, Jim, but you have a bondmate now and responsibilities to him." McCoy stayed turned away. "I'm sure Spock has expectations."

Kirk put his hand on McCoy's shoulder. "Spock knows I'm here. It was his idea."

"Don't lie to me, Jim." McCoy couldn't believe that. Vulcans were possessive and overprotective about their bondmates. "I won't get between you and an angry Vulcan. I like living."

Kirk laughed and pulled him around, wrapping him close. McCoy knew he should try to move away, but he didn't. Kirk gave him a gentle kiss. "Spock and I have been concerned about you."

"Ah hell, Jim. It's just the holidays. I used to get drunk. Now I work too much." McCoy relaxed. "A couple of days after the last chorus of 'Jingle Bells' fades away, I'll be feeling much better."

"Spock hates the holidays too."

"Really?" McCoy pushed his way free and went back to his bunk. "Tell me why, if you can."

Kirk sat on the bunk next to him. "Several times he accompanied his mother home for Christmas. It was, in his words, 'A clash of cultures that resulted in nothing positive.'"

"Interesting." McCoy had always been fascinated with Spock's duality. "His mother didn't protect him?"

"Life's never that simple, is it? Spock couldn't understand the joy of the holiday, which left him vulnerable to his snotty-nosed human cousins." Kirk smiled in a way that was kind. "Spock, even as a child, was aloof. That's just asking for trouble."

"Are you saying I take too much joy in puncturing his ego?"

Kirk brushed the hair off his forehead. "He's used to it."

McCoy thought about it. He and Spock had a relationship based on respect and their love for this man. "I'll try to be nicer in the future."

"Thanks," Kirk said softly. He gripped McCoy's knee and went to the lights. He shut them off and returned to the bunk. "The candles are beautiful."

"And against regulations." McCoy laughed. "I'll be fine. Go on home and wait for Spock. He's your family now."

"I have room for you in my family." Kirk took him by the hand. "I'll go, if you don't want me."

McCoy couldn't decide. He'd never turned Kirk down before. "Spock?"

Kirk put McCoy's hand on his face. "He's right here. In a relationship like ours, there are no secrets, and we both want this."

"We won't interrupt his seminar?" McCoy didn't understand it completely, but he knew nothing could separate Kirk and Spock.

Kirk laughed and leaned against McCoy. "He's a Vulcan, remember? I could probably masturbate behind him, and he'd keep lecturing."

McCoy joined in the laughter. "You do this often?" He couldn't resist teasing.

"No." Kirk pointed his finger at McCoy. "You're special. You know it and insulting me will only get you written up for violating regulations."

McCoy shrugged. "Nothing new there." He impulsively stripped off his shirts. If Kirk was serious, it was time to put up or shut up. "I'll never make Admiral."

"Hang around in Starfleet long enough and anything can happen." Kirk placed his hand on McCoy's chest. McCoy studied Kirk's face in the candlelight. Kirk glanced about the room. "You need better quarters."

McCoy laughed in surprise at the sudden change of topic. He took off his boots and tossed them in the corner. "I'm not usually here."

"But when you are . . ." Kirk stood and began to take off his clothes. "I'll take care of it."

McCoy rubbed his face, no sense arguing about it. One bunk was much like another. "My old quarters were just like this."

Kirk stretched out on the bunk, taking up a lot of space, and nodded. "But these are ensign quarters now. I'm not sure why you were assigned here."

"I picked one near sickbay." McCoy went to the facilities and cleaned up before returning to his bunk. It was full of captain.

Kirk crooked his finger. "Spock will have an idea or two. It does fall under his job description. I'll have him handle it."

"Is he going to pack for me too?" McCoy still hadn't gotten on the bunk. He wasn't sure why. Guilt? Kirk was different, not too much, but enough. Bonding with Spock had changed him.

"Spock wants to know if you're ever going to make up your mind." Kirk fondled himself to full erection.

"Is he really there all the time?"

"Well, at a low level, yes, but he drops in to check on me occasionally. I think he's curious as to what you're thinking."

"Nosy Vulcan." McCoy went and stood over a flickering candle. He shut his eyes. Did he want this? He had shared this intimacy with so few over the years, yet he needed it now. "Promise you won't sing Christmas carols?"

Kirk moved behind him. McCoy felt the stiff cock tuck between his thighs. Kirk bit him gently on the neck. "I promise. I won't even hum."

McCoy nodded with relief. "I'd like to, but I don't want to feel guilty or worry that Spock will kill me during his next pon farr."

"No guilt. What Spock and I have is too strong, and I wouldn't be here if you and I weren't close. He wouldn't allow it. You need this. I want to give it. Spock agrees." Kirk rubbed and moved his cock. "Pon farr isn't for another two years or so, and he won't be thinking of you when it happens."

"Good, but he's going to have irregular cycles. Do you realize that?" McCoy leaned back and groaned. "His human physiology interferes."

"You and Spock can argue about it." Kirk licked and nibbled. "Bunk or right here?"

McCoy wasn't sure. That bunk was damn uncomfortable. "Let me get something." Kirk released him, and McCoy found some in his cabinet. McCoy handed a tube to him and lay face down on the bunk. "I've made up my mind."

"I can see that." Kirk moved over and on him.

McCoy let it happen. It would all feel very good. Kirk was great at this and as he began to rub and stroke; McCoy hoped it would last at least through the seminar. "What does Spock like?"

Kirk pulled him up slightly and worked his hands underneath. "Everything and sometimes nothing. He did a tremendous amount of research on human sexual practices before I could stop him."

"Bet it's never dull." McCoy groaned. That felt good.

"No. He likes driving me crazy. I don't understand it."

"I do. He's doing research. He can't help himself." McCoy drew a deep breath. He spread his knees as much as he could and quit talking. Kirk was over, behind, and under him, all at once. Pleasure made him tingle and pant.


McCoy pushed back. He wanted more than more. He wanted it all. Kirk kissed McCoy's back. "Yeah."

"Roll over."

McCoy was a little surprised. Kirk, in the past, had avoided that position. McCoy flipped over and gasped when Kirk immediately pushed all his inches deep. Kirk caressed him and held still for a minute. McCoy gripped him by the forearms and got him moving again.

"Feels so good," Kirk whispered, a drop of sweat rolled off his chin.

Was Spock watching? McCoy didn't think so. Spock had too great a respect for privacy. McCoy watched Kirk's eyes flutter shut. Kirk bit his lip and went faster. McCoy ran his hands over the beautiful man above him, slipping a finger around Kirk's mouth. Kirk groaned and opened his eyes. McCoy smiled. "Is this my Christmas present?"

"No. Spock got you something else." Kirk grunted and stroked McCoy's cock, pulling it back. "Come on me."

McCoy moaned. He was almost there, and he was coming. It hit Kirk's stomach and chest. McCoy breathed hard. It felt so good.

"Yes. Yes." Kirk spasmed and held still before wildly pumping his hips. He slowly sunk down until they pressed together on the bunk. McCoy didn't mind. He rubbed and caressed Kirk. Kirk sagged and began kissing him, and kissing him.

McCoy was swept away in a tide of lips and tongue. Wrenching his mouth away, he gasped, "What the hell?"

Kirk laughed. "Sorry. Vulcans don't kiss."

McCoy held Kirk close. "Well, okay, then, but don't drown a guy!"

Kirk tenderly kissed him again. It went on so long that McCoy found himself with another case of arousal on his hands. "Jim, um, can I have a turn?"

"Well . . ." Kirk looked away and even in the candlelight, McCoy could see his discomfort. "I . . ."

"It's okay. I understand." McCoy had wondered where Spock would draw the line, and obviously, this was the spot. He pushed Kirk away and got more comfortable. "Again."

Kirk grinned and pushed the hair off his forehead. "If you insist."

McCoy nodded. "From behind this time." He maneuvered himself around. Kirk made sure they didn't fall on the floor. "You can do it hard."

"Len? You sure?"

"Yes. And when did you get all polite and considerate?" McCoy almost bit off his tongue when he heard the words. It was true, but he could have phrased it better.

Kirk kissed him right on the spine and all the way down. "Are you really curious, or just griping at me for fun?"

McCoy blushed. "Curious. You've changed. You. The one man that I never expected to change."

"I think you're right." Kirk lightly slapped McCoy's ass. "Having sex was all about me, until Spock."

"Well, I'm not complaining." McCoy laughed. "I guess having a Vulcan squatting inside your brain makes a difference on how you view things."

"Exactly. Spock beat it out of me pretty damn fast."

McCoy knew his mouth dropped open. For some reason, he had a feeling that Kirk was being precise, not joking. "Did it hurt?"

"Only on my ass." Kirk laughed. "Vulcan research is always thorough." He pinched McCoy's nipples, but gently.

McCoy relaxed and pushed back into Kirk. "Perhaps Spock doesn't like it hard, but I do, so please."

Kirk kissed him again. "Spock can't. Remember?"

McCoy held perfectly still, casting his mind back over his knowledge of Vulcan physiology and Spock in specific. Spock wasn't designed to enjoy this, no prostate gland, and there were other impediments. His lower intestines were different from humans. It made their relationship that much more remarkable.

"Are you speechless?"

"Yes." McCoy forced his mind back to the pleasure at hand. He'd think about it later. Maybe. He pushed back. Kirk gasped and began to move, faster this time. McCoy enjoyed the skin slapping him, pressure, small grunts, and the occasional bite. "Harder!"

Kirk groaned and did it. "Damn."

McCoy twisted, reached back, and grabbed a handful of skin. "Better."

"I'm-" Kirk gasped and shook. He slammed his cock and orgasmed. McCoy grinned. He was almost there too. Kirk pulled out, and McCoy turned, stroking himself. Kirk's hand was immediately there, working with him.


"No," Kirk whispered. It didn't matter. McCoy came on Kirk again. They held each other and tried to catch their breath. It was Kirk who moved first. "Shower."

McCoy nodded and stumbled up with him. They laughed softly and used two cycles of water, washing each other. McCoy tried to stop grinning, but couldn't manage it. Kirk shut off the water and tossed him a towel. "Thanks, Cap'n."

"Funny, Bones." Kirk dried off fast and took McCoy back to the bunk. "Are you going to sleep well?"

"Tonight I am." McCoy pulled him down and kissed him about a dozen times. "Blow out tonight's insubordination, will ya?"

"Of course." Kirk kissed him again and let it last. "The candles were perfect."

"Take one to Spock. He'll have something fascinating to say." McCoy laughed.

Kirk laughed with him. "I will, if you don't mind."

"Please." McCoy nodded. "And tell Spock thanks."

"He knows." Kirk dressed, but without haste, coming back for more kisses. "Thank you, from both of us."

McCoy didn't argue when Kirk reset the door and alarms, snuffing the candles. For a moment, Kirk was framed against a rectangle of light, and then he was gone, back to his husband or bondmate - whatever. McCoy stretched and laced his hands behind his head. Tonight had been very interesting indeed. He felt better. The lingering scent of pine filled his nostrils, and his homesickness drained away. This ship was his home. Kirk and Spock were family. Spock had sent Kirk to teach McCoy that lesson. McCoy grinned. Kirk would be back from time to time. It was a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

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