Kirk/Spock by K'Chaps
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rated G--believe it. I never, ever, shy away from a double-dog dare.

Kirk rubbed his hand across his face and told himself twice to stay awake. He wouldn't admit that he was bone tired. If he did, he might fall asleep instantly.


"Yeah, Spock?" Kirk straightened his back, took the padd from his yeoman, and signed it after a glance. Spock didn't answer, so Kirk looked over at the science station. "Yes, Mr. Spock?"

Spock raised his eyebrow. "I am uncertain as how to answer. Were we conversing?"

Kirk blinked. He'd thought they were. He was tired. He tugged at his collar and the red fabric gave way to make a white fold. "Sorry. I must be hallucinating."

"Doubtful." Spock turned back to his console, and Kirk looked at the viewscreen. Kirk wasn't as sure as Spock was about that. Lately, he'd thought--no, it wasn't possible.

"Perhaps your fatigue will convince you to give the bridge to Mr. Sulu."

Kirk turned again. Spock was still facing away from him, but the words had been crystal clear in Kirk's ear. Did Spock say it? Kirk pursed his lips. He wasn't sure. Spock usually turned when he spoke, unless it was an emergency. Kirk furrowed his brow. The tone had also been, almost, exasperated. Not the kind of voice that Spock used on the bridge, not at all. Kirk waited. He wasn't going to open his big mouth and make himself look foolish again.

"Sleep is necessary for humans, even captains."

Kirk stood up. That was it. He wasn't imagining things. He strolled around the bridge, resisted the urge to yawn and stretch, and stopped near Spock's chair. "Spock, do you have something to say to me?"

Spock looked up and raised his eyebrow. "Unknown. Do you feel as if we should have a private discussion?"

Kirk blinked. He made sure Chekov was busy before answering softly, "Private?"

"Typically, we do not discuss your need for rest on the bridge." Spock's fingers continued to fly over the board. He could do two things at once easily, and Kirk felt that he was lucky to be walking and talking. Kirk smiled, only a quirk of his lips, but Spock would see it. Spock wasn't finished. "Would you like me to accompany you to our quarters?"

Kirk shook his head, refused to answer, and went back to the center seat. He could make it the rest of his shift. It was only his third.

"Stubborn human."

Kirk controlled an angry glare. He was certain that he was the only one that heard that. Focusing tightly, he replied, "Pointy-eared hobgoblin."

Spock turned in his chair, slowly, and gave him a look that was indescribable, but definitely not happy. The air crackled between them until Spock returned to his duties. Kirk rubbed his mouth so he didn't burst out laughing. Before, they had shared feelings, but things had changed--in a good way.

"Mr. Sulu, you have the bridge." Kirk stood up and yawned.

Sulu took the chair quickly. He wanted it, oh yes, he did. Spock didn't turn again, but Kirk clearly heard. "Thank you, Husband."

"You're welcome, Spock," Kirk said aloud. He strolled to the turbolift, went inside, and laughed as it took him below decks. They'd talk later.

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