Kirk/Spock by K'Chaps
justblackchaps @ yahoo.com
rated PG

Spock raised his eyebrow as his bondmate left the bed to shower. Jim was in a hurry, again. It was unfortunate that Vulcan ejaculate contained adhesive properties when applied to human skin. Jim claimed that his uniform stuck quite uncomfortably. Spock had no reason to doubt this, and yet.

"We have time."

The sound of water was the only answer to Spock's statement. Human ears were not as efficient as Vulcan ears. Spock reclined on the small bunk and licked his lips. He could still taste Jim, a variety of flavors. The shower ceased, and Spock could hear Jim toweling off his body.

"Come here, Bondmate."

"I want to get down to Engineering before our shift." Jim didn't appear. "And McCoy wants to talk."

Spock had known his patience would end. It was interesting that it happened now. He would analyze the reasons for that later. He shut his eyes and concentrated. There and there. Yes. He opened his eyes.

"Spock, what's this all about?"

Jim's face held a number of emotions that Spock couldn't have deciphered without the help of their bond. Surprise, irritation, a hint of anger, and confusion. Jim's body was tight with tension. Muscles stood out in relief.

"You will stop."

"And you think this is the best way to get my attention?"

"It is a starting point, and it will negate the possibility of you leaving," said Spock. He allowed his eyes to roam over his beloved's body. It was still damp. "Inform me if your knees begin to ache."

"I'm not sure I appreciate being held hostage by our bond, Mister," growled Jim. The muscles in his arms flexed. Spock did not release him. Jim tried to push up. Spock watched and estimated. Jim struggled briefly before stopping. "Fine. Mr. Spock, you have me at your disposal."

Spock did not shift his body or speak. He watched the tension in Jim's shoulders. When it fell to a certain level, then Spock would act. Jim licked his lips and shook his wet hair. Two droplets of water landed on Spock. He allowed them to remain. There. Jim was ready.

"You will attend me."

"I have other things I need to be doing." Jim smiled in a way that Spock knew was Jim's most endearing. "This ship doesn't run by herself."

"There is no one on this ship, or any other, who knows more than I about you and your command responsibilities. If I say there is time, you will attend me." Spock gave Jim the courtesy of thinking about that, instead of talking, by sealing Jim's lips. Astonishment flowed through the bond. Humans were given to quick reactions. "The bond is a powerful tool, but I will not coerce you. If you do not wish to consider my needs, I will make other arrangements."

Jim's astonishment turned to jealousy. Thick and rich, it flowed through Spock. Jealousy turned to desire and curiosity. Spock released Jim's lips.

"You're always so standoffish. I assumed you preferred to keep our touching to a bare minimum," said Jim.

"I am a Vulcan." Spock released Jim's legs. "You will attend me."

Jim stood easily, rolling up with his customary grace. Spock did not make room, but Jim found some. He curled into Spock. Skin touched, lips met. The bond strengthened. It was pleasing.

"May I have my arms, please?"

"No," said Spock. "It will reinforce the outcome of this discussion."

Jim sighed and wiggled. "You could have just asked for a hug."

"I did, but humans are remarkably dim-witted." Spock put Jim right in the spot that aligned with their needs. "Will you listen in the future?"

"Definitely," said Jim, "right after my shower."

Spock ran his hand over to Jim's wrists. They crossed behind his back. The muscles in Jim's arms bulged. Spock reviewed his human anatomy as he caressed them.

"We shall see," said Spock. "Your adhesive qualities are fascinating."

Jim put his head in the curve of Spock's neck. "Wedgies are not fun."

"For you." Spock tucked Jim closer and touched him. "We have time."


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