Star Trek: The Original Series Slash



These stories are slash. If that is not to your liking or if you do not want to read adult fanfiction, please leave now.

A Higher Power 
K/S, NC-17. Kirk and Spock have an unexpected encounter.

K/S, NC-17+. After pon farr, there are a few adjustments to be made in their lives.

At Its Best 
K/S, NC-17. Some things Spock can't predict.

Come for Me
, featured in Side by Side Special Edition V
K/S, NC-17. Kinky.

Enemy Within--If Only, featured in Side by Side #14
K/S, NC-17. Kirk doesn't feel quite right, and it leads him down a new path.

Eyes Upon Me
, featured in Side by Side Special Edition V
K/S, mild R. Spock has a personal problem. Kirk happens to be there.

Hungry, featured in Slutfest 2004
Spock/crew, NC-17. Spock has a problem and becomes a slut to solve it.

Just Black Chaps
K/S, mild R. Explanation of a few things.

Just Fun
K/S, NC-17. Kirk gets caught and pays the price.

Kirk Loves
K/S, NC-17. Some days are meant to lie abed with your bondmate.

McCoy's Slaves, hosted on Acidqueen's Kirk/McCoy and K/S/Mc site
K/S/Mc, K/S, NC-17. Kinky, with McCoy as top.

K/S, K/Mc, & S/Mc, NC-17. Difficult times in the lives of all three men.

Never Tease a Vulcan
K/S, PG-13. Kinky.

Phoradendron Flavescens
K/S, PG-13.
Shifts - New!
K/S, NC-17. Kirk has trouble sharing.

K/S, G. Kirk and Spock find a new way to communicate.

The Blood Fever
K/S, NC-17. Kirk reacts to Spock's pon farr.

The Night of the Guardian

K/Mc, Jim/Artie (Wild Wild West crossover), NC-17. Kirk and McCoy are summoned by the Guardian to repair the timeline. Jim and Artie race to catch Dr. Loveless. The past and future collide.

The Scent of Pine
K/Mc, K/S implied, NC-17. McCoy is homesick. Spock sends Kirk to help.

The Gift of a Candle
K/S, NC-17. Spock enjoys the gift McCoy gave Kirk. Sequel to "The Scent of Pine".


K/S, PG. A brazen attempt to combine the best of both worlds: bondage and hugging.

To Be Human - New!
K/S, NC-17. Kirk and Spock share a dark, twisted relationship.

Transporter Transformation, featured in Spiced Peaches #1
S/Mc, NC-17. Spock and McCoy are sent to help a space station.

Truce and Consequences 
K&S, G. diplomatic mission goes awry.

Vulcan Vacation
S/Mc, NC-17. Spock wants to bond, but McCoy doesn't. They search for a solution. Sequel to Transporter Transformation, but they do stand

Work It

K/S, NC-17. Jim needs to lose some weight--again.

Wounds That Bind, first prize winner in the Kirk/Online Festival round 6
K/S, NC-17. After Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Kirk and Spock struggle to make sense of the events and find a new path.

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