Title: The Night of the Trio
Fandom: Wild Wild West
Pairing: Jim/Artie/female
Feedback: justblackchaps at yahoo dot com
Rating: NC-17
Beta: Bigmackie
Summary: Jim has a plan to get what he wants.
Disclaimer: All this belongs to CBS.


"Do you understand what I want?" Jim nibbled the back of her neck, pushing her golden hair aside.

"What all men want," she purred and pushed back into him.

"I want it all. If you can't, I'll take my business elsewhere." Jim liked her, but he would find another. He wasn't paying all this money for a girl who wasn't willing. "Triple your usual fee."

"Honey, for that much, you can do whatever you want with me." She laughed.

"That's the plan." Jim smiled and pulled her arms back to restrain her. "That's the plan."


Artemus came through the connecting door, but stopped immediately. "Sorry, Jim. I didn't realize. Carry on."

"Wait one moment. Are you headed to bed?" Jim checked his pocket watch. "I could take it elsewhere."

Artemus shook his head. "No, no, no. It's already late. I'm going to bed. I was just getting a nightcap."

"Be my guest." Jim raised his hand and lazily point towards the whiskey.

"Thanks." Artemus poured a whiskey. "Good night." He didn't stay to gawk or chat. It was late, and he didn't want to interrupt. He pulled the sofa out to make a bed and didn't bother to pull the top bunk down. Jim would be elsewhere tonight. Artemus stripped off his clothes slowly and drank his whiskey. It had been a slow day between assignments. He probably should have gotten a woman of his own, but it had been nice reading and having some quiet time--no bullets.

The whiskey was gone, and he stretched. He heard the giggle before he saw a soul, and shock held him still. Jim maneuvered her into the room and nudged her directly into Artemus' arms. Now a nudge from some men was a nudge, but when Jim nudged someone, it was more like a shove. Artemus caught her easily and made sure she didn't hurt herself.


Jim smiled. "She's fine. I knew you'd catch her."

Artemus would have chastised him further, but the woman slid down to her knees and took a good hold on him. She smiled up at him. "It didn't hurt."

Jim pulled off his coat. Artemus looked from her to Jim and back again. "What's this all about, Jim?"

She giggled again and yanked his drawers down enough to grasp his cock. Artemus' next thought flew away as she put him in her mouth.

Jim chuckled and removed his shirt. "Let's have some fun, Artie."

Artemus shut his mouth. "We--I--you . . ." He stopped trying to talk. Jim's wicked grin said it all. They hadn't before, but she was willing, and Jim wasn't complaining. Artemus took a deep breath and decided not to look a gift horse in the mouth. Jim knelt down behind her and pulled her dress down and then off. She wiggled to help, but never took her mouth from Artemus' cock. Artemus met Jim's eyes for a moment and then looked away. This felt odd, and Jim had a look about him that was different--intense.


Jim's whole body tingled. So far, so good. Artemus looked surprised, but he was willing. She was doing her job, and Jim had to get a hold of himself or he was going to come like a green boy. He stayed down behind her instead of getting up. She was taking her time. Artemus had leaned back on his arms, and he moaned. Jim's cock twitched. Jim pulled her hair back so he could see everything. He was tempted to shove her out of the way and take over the job, but he had to go slow. Slow. He repeated it to himself. Slow.


Artemus felt Jim's hand on him. He knew it. Well, there were only three of them. That was going to happen. He may end up touching Jim too. The mouth on his cock made it hard to do anything but groan.

"Take him all the way down. You can do it." Jim's voice was soft. Her mouth descended further. "That's it. Swallow." She did, and it felt incredible. Artemus had to open his eyes and watch. Jim had a hand on her throat, guiding her. It was erotic in the extreme. Their eyes met, and Jim licked his lips. Artemus' mouth went dry at the sight of Jim's tongue. It seemed forever before Jim looked down and kissed her on the nape of the neck.

"Jim, what's the plan here?" Artemus had a feeling that Jim had one. Jim had that look about him.

"That's enough, dear. Move up on him." That was Jim's answer to the question. Artemus gasped as she sheathed herself on him. Jim was right behind her. Their hands were all over him, and Artemus shut his eyes to get control. His eyes slammed open when Jim's cock bumped into him. Jim ground against her ass and Artemus' balls. Artemus found himself watching Jim, not her. She thrust herself up and down, it felt good, and Jim's cock was there between them, moving. Artemus felt his balls tingle. He was going to come any moment now, and it seemed too soon, far too soon.

Jim put a strong hand on her and pushed her off. Artemus gasped as Jim expertly pinched him off. "Jim! Easy!"

"Just lending a hand." Jim chuckled. "Better?"

"Yes-s-s-s-s." Artemus sat up and put her slightly away. "Your turn."

Jim was still smiling, and he shrugged. "If you want."

Artemus knew his mouth fell open as Jim moved fast to get behind her, sheathed to the hilt, and grinned at him. She squealed, and Jim went at her hard. Artemus wished he knew what to do. It was Jim that pulled him close. "Her mouth."

"Is that okay with you, Miss?"

She grabbed and pulled. Artemus took that as a yes, and he found himself almost face to face with Jim. Their eyes met, and green eyes laughed. "Fun?"

"Yes, but-" Artemus hushed when Jim put his finger against Artemus' lips. He sat back on his heels and watched the girl suck. She seemed pleased to be here, and he forgot his worries, and began to thrust. When he was about to peak, she was pulled away and flipped over. He stared in bewilderment as Jim pushed into her from the front. She reached back, and Artemus gasped as she sucked his balls. Jim's head banged into Artemus' stomach once, twice, and then Artemus cried out as two mouths sucked him. "God, Jim."

Jim didn't quit. His hips and mouth worked together, and Artemus forgot her. Forgot her. There wasn't a woman in the room. Jim and his mouth were all that mattered. Jim. His hot tongue and rampant enthusiasm. Had this all been for this? Jim wanted to touch him. Touch him. Oh God. Artemus gently put a hand on Jim's neck. Jim pulled his mouth away and looked up. "You don't mind?"

Artemus caressed him. "No. I like you much more than her."

Jim smiled and lowered his head to find his rhythm again. Artemus enjoyed it tremendously, but wanted more. He gently pulled away. Jim pushed up and looked worried. Artemus kissed him. It was their first kiss, but not their last, and it lingered. Artemus trailed the kiss away and down Jim's body until he was directly behind Jim. Jim cried out as Artemus cupped him and spread his ass cheeks. "Artie!"

Artemus kissed and rubbed, stroked and swirled. He felt more alive than ever. He'd never imagined that Jim could want him, and tonight was a delightful surprise, now that he understood. "Do you want me to do this?"

"God yes." Jim's voice trembled.

"I will then." Artemus pulled away, found some nice oil, and poured it in Jim's crack. He worked his finger inside Jim and pushed the oil deep. Jim no longer powered into the woman, no, he barely moved his hips, shoving back as well as forward. Artemus oiled his cock and pressed Jim flatter to maneuver them together. "I'll go slow."

"Just go!" Jim groaned, and Artemus thrust. It was heaven. He ran his hands down Jim's strong body and made shallow strokes. Jim thrashed and moaned, driving them both closer and closer, until as one, they tensed and spent. Artemus withdrew almost immediately, feeling the lack immensely, but the woman had to be uncomfortable. Jim gasped. "No."

"Pay the lady," Artemus found a towel and cleaned himself off. "Here."

Jim took it and stared at him. Without another word, he cleaned the woman and himself, helped her dress, and escorted her out of the room. Artemus sat down with a thump. Wow.


Jim got her a hack and went back inside. He locked the door and got a whiskey. Was Artemus angry? Jim's ass ached slightly and it was welcome. Jim refused to cower in the parlor, and he took the bull by the horns and went to the stateroom. "Whiskey?"

"Thank you." Artemus looked up. He smiled slightly. "She gone?"

"Yes." Jim sat down next to his partner and handed over the whiskey.

"You never wanted her."

"No." Jim would never lie. "Well, not much."

Artemus laughed. "Why didn't you just ask?"

"Artie, how does a man go about asking that question?" Jim rubbed a hand through his hair, took the whiskey back, and emptied it. "I'll get another one."

Artemus shook his head. "Let me." He went with the glass, and Jim let him. Artemus came back and sat down again. They shared the drink and an occasional smile. "Jim, I never thought."

"I know, and I couldn't ask." Jim stood up. "'Night, Artie. I'll grab a sofa tonight."

"Don't leave." Artemus touched Jim gently on the small of the back. "This is how you ask. Jim, will you share my bed?"

Jim gulped. He finished the whiskey again. "I'd be pleased to."

"I'm glad." Artemus smiled.

"So am I." Jim thought that was a good plan--a very good one.


The End

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