These stories depict the characters of Jim and Artie
as romantically involved. If you wish to avoid
such topics,or do not want to encounter
adult themes, please go elsewhere.

A Night Together
NC-17, J/A. After a difficult mission, Jim and Artie have a few things to work out.

A Vacation
NC-17, J/A, J/m. Jim's vacation takes a turn for the unusual.


NC-17, J/A. Jim and Artemus try bondage, with mixed results.

J/J, J/A implied, NC-17. Richmond and Jim bump into each other at the wrong place.

Dissatisfaction - New!
NC-17, J/A. Jim takes a vacation without Artemus. This is a parody of Deadwood. No offense intended.

NC-17, J/A. Artemus leaves Jim at a whorehouse to find his own diversions, but Jim follows.

Holidays - New!
G, J/A. Party!

Jim, Dear
J/A, NC-17. Jim and Artie discuss and laze about

Rules of Engagement

NC-17, J/A. Jim and Artemus are forced to choose a new path.

The Morning of the Bow
NC-17, J/A. It's Jim's birthday.

The Night After
J/A, NC-17. Jim wants Artemus, but doesn't know how to go about asking.

The Night of the Apology

NC-17, J/A. Jim is an idiot - again.

The Night of the Christmas Past
J/A, NC-17. Artemus is alone, again, damn it.

The Night of the Christmas Present
J/A, NC-17. Jim gets in trouble trying to do something nice. That'll teach him.

The Night of the Coercion

NC-17, J/m, A/m, J/A implied. A lack of communication leads to problems.

The Night of the Dreamweaver - New!
NC-17, J/A, J/m. Jim has difficult with reality after a meeting with Dr. Loveless..Originally published in Sin and Salvation 1.

The Night of the Guardian
J/A, Kirk/McCoy (Star Trek TOS crossover), NC-17. Kirk and McCoy are summoned by the Guardian to repair the timeline. Jim and Artie race to catch Dr. Loveless. The past and future collide.

The Night of the Intruder

NC-17, J/A. Jim has a wild night. Originally published in Nights of Wonder 3.

The Night of the Locket
J/A, NC-17. Jim and Artie run into a lot of trouble around Christmas time.

The Night of the Merry Gentlemen
NC-17, J/A What could be worse than Dr. Loveless?

The Night of the No

J/A, J/f, A/m, NC-17. Artemus won't take no for an answer.

The Night of the Proof

J/A, NC-17. Artemus wants more. Does Jim?

The Night of the Quiz
NC-17, J/A. Jim and Artemus are bored.

The Night of the Shackles
J/A, NC-17. Artemus has trouble dealing with Jim.

The Night of the Stallion

J/A, NC-17. Artemus has horse troubles.

The Night of the Trio
NC-17, J/A/f. Jim has a plan to get what he wants.

The Night of the Voracious Valentine
J/A, NC-17. Jim gets a surprise on Valentine's Day.

The Night of the Wanderer - New!
NC-17, J/A. Jim invites Artemus aboard

This and That Series 
1 - Whores and Housewives
NC-17, J/A/f. Jim and Artemus have an encounter with an unusual whore.
2 - Trains and Pains
R, J/A implied. Jim has regrets.
3 - Bedrolls and Breakfast
NC-17, J/A. Jim and Artemus come to an agreement. 
4 - Dinner and Dessert
NC-17, J/A. Artemus gets his turn.

What Artemus Knows
J/A, A/other, NC-17. Artemus makes a bold statement, and Jim is angry, isn't he?

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