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Kirk/Spock by K'Chaps
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rated NC-17

Jim hated going to the gym, and he loved it. Getting there was the hard part. There were so many wonderful excuses that popped up, but once he was there, he enjoyed the weights and the struggle to lift them one more time.

"Are you going to the gym today?" McCoy asked with a smile. "You missed your last session."

"Yes. I'm going, but no cardio. I don't have time." Jim wasn't getting on a treadmill today.

"You know that without the cardio you'll never lose the weight. You can't turn fat into muscle!" McCoy pointed at him with a fork full of chocolate cake. "Skip the weights, do the cardio."

"No," Jim growled. "I like lifting weights. I'm a full-bodied man, not a string bean like you."

McCoy ate his cake and smiled. "The other captains will make fun of you."

Jim thought that was the cruelest of insults, even if it did happen to be true. "Thirty minutes of cardio, but not one minute more."

"It'll do." McCoy put down his fork. "If you'd get a partner, it'd go faster."

"Absolutely not." Jim liked the silence, and that way if he needed to curse, he could. "It's my time away from work."

McCoy stood up with his lunch tray in hand. "Have fun."

Jim pushed his tray of salad away. He'd learned as a child that life was never fair, and unless he wanted to consider massive genetic and physical restructuring, he'd have to live with the hand he was dealt. He hated cardio.



"There is no need to shout, Doctor."

McCoy caught the turbolift before the door shut. "Are you doing anything?"

Spock lifted his eyebrow.

"Never mind. Listen, your captain needs a workout partner. He lacks motivation."

Spock put his hands behind his back. "The captain enjoys a solitary workout. It would be intruding."

The turbolift doors opened, and McCoy went out. He said, over his shoulder, "The other captains are going to make fun of him!"

McCoy went into his sickbay with a smile on his face. He'd done enough. Jim would be much thinner in no time at all.


Jim took his towel and his water bottle. The gym for executive officers was empty, as usual. It had been a waste of space. People that went to the gym liked to talk, everyone but him, it seemed. So, the officers went to the regular gym, and called this one, 'The Captain's Gym.'

It suited him perfectly. It was small, but had everything to get a good workout. He took the time to glare at the treadmill. Time and technology had changed it very little over the years. It was still an instrument of torture. He went to his locker and found his gloves. Pulling them on was part of getting his mind ready to do this. No going back once the gloves were snug against his hands.

To warm-up, he did some stretches and skipped rope. The rope was a blur for a moment, and he quit. The door opened as he was putting it away, and he stopped to see who was interrupting him. It had better not be McCoy with more cake.

"Jim?" Spock, dressed in a rough approximation of sweats and a t-shirt - all black, of course - walked in the gym.

One word that made him tingle. It always did. "Is there a problem, Spock?" There had to be.

"No. I was off-duty and thought I might . . ."

"Lift weights?" Jim needed to get moving, or he'd be skipping more rope. "Don't let me stop you."

Spock nodded, and Jim went to choose his weights. There were only two benches, and he took the one nearest. Skipping one session had been stupid, it always hurt more after a break. He let himself grunt once or twice, and when he sat up to take the break between sets, he found himself closer to Spock than he'd imagined. "You're not lifting."

"I am uncertain as how to get started." Spock looked at the weights in Jim's hands. "I thought I might observe first."

Jim groaned - an audience, just what he didn't want. Well, there was only one way to fix that. "Go jump rope. Three hundred times, and then come back. You can work on your chest after I finish. Oh, and get some gloves."

Spock nodded. "Thank you, Jim."

Jim told the tingle to go away. He had to lift. Muscle failure hit at twelve reps, and he cursed before sitting up to wipe his brow with his towel. He stretched his chest and rubbed.

"Is cursing part of the routine?"

Jim nodded. "It is for me. Okay, lie down. These will be light for you, but you can learn the proper form. Three sets of fifteen."

Spock glanced down. "Should I remove my shirt?"

Jim rolled his eyes. "If you want. I don't like it binding, and I'm usually alone!"

Spock peeled it off and disappeared toward the lockers. Jim sighed. He had to be patient. He owed it to his brother. They'd enjoyed going to the gym together. Spock came back and lay down on the bench.

Jim instructed him and corrected his form. "That's fifteen. Take a minute break and get a weight that is more or less seventy percent of what you're capable of lifting once. Two more sets - I'm starting on my back."

Spock nodded. Jim didn't watch. Spock would get it right. Why the hell was he doing this? He was in perfect shape. Jim pulled the weight up from the floor and did a mental shrug. Spock was the one person that he didn't mind in here. The sound of a Vulcan grunt made him smile. Jim sat to rest his back and glanced over at Spock. The amount of weight was impressive, and his form was perfect - of course.

"Why are you here?"

"Do you wish me to leave?" Spock pressed out one more rep and sat up. He rubbed his chest. "Interesting physical sensation - the muscles are breaking down."

"No and yes. I just can't see you as needing this." Jim gestured. "You're fit."

Spock was moving on to other things. "Should I get a bottle of water?"

"I like it, but not too much. The point is to exercise, not dehydrate." Jim smiled. "Some people wait until they're finished before drinking."

"I shall experiment."

Jim picked up his weight - fifteen more. Today, it seemed, he had a gym partner. Chest, back, shoulders, biceps, triceps, quads, hamstrings, and calves, followed by a healthy amount of crunches for his abs. Spock was behind him the entire way, and they ended up on the mat together.

"Since you're stronger than I am, hold that weight to your chest while you do them," Jim said. "It'll help you burn."

Spock picked up the weight. "I want to burn?"

"Yes." Jim smiled. He had no idea if Spock had broken down a single muscle. Spock made it look easy. "It should hurt. Your muscles should fail."

"Failure is not something I usually desire." Spock lay back.

Jim showed him the proper way. "Now, go until your stomach muscles quit."

Spock thinned his lips and began. Jim didn't bother to count. He got a drink of water, wiped the sweat from the back of his neck, and glared at the treadmill. It always waited for him, and it he couldn't cool off too much before he got started, or he'd leave altogether. He looked back at the precise moment that Spock's muscles failed. The look on Spock's face was priceless. He lay back completely flat and panted. Jim took the weight off him. Spock looked up at him. "Why would an entity do this?"

The question was one that Jim had been asking himself for years, and yet, he still kept coming back to the gym. "Two more sets."

Spock sat up. "Is that an order?"

Jim laughed. This was more fun than working out alone. "It's your stomach, and obviously, it needs a little work. I did that many easily."

Spock reached for his water and sipped it. His only answer was to watch the clock. When he picked up the weight, Jim went to the treadmill. He didn't want to, but he would, and the sooner he got started, the sooner he'd get a shower.

"Now you are working your cardiovascular system."

"Correct." Jim wiped his face with the towel, but kept moving. "You don't have to do this."

"Why not?"

"You're thin. I'm sure if you burned a pound of fat, it would have to come from your brain." Jim knew he sounded grouchy.

"There is no fat in my brain." Spock drank some water. "Apparently my stomach muscles aren't as strong as I assumed."

"Everyone is different. My hamstrings are weak, and I have to be careful not to pull a muscle. The weight I use is low." Jim increased the flow until he was almost running, but not quite. "Go shower, if you want."

Spock did wander off, and Jim watched him analyzing this and that. Each machine seemed a curiosity to his first officer. When the timer hit thirty minutes, he did one minute of cool down and got the hell off. Spock had disappeared into the locker room. Jim grabbed his towel and water bottle to go take a shower. He always took a quick one to wash off the sweat.

"I enjoyed our workout, Jim."

Jim drained his water before answering, "I did too." He stripped off his gloves, sweats, and shoes and went towards the shower. "Are you joining me in this part of my regimen also?"

Spock raised his eyebrow. "Is it required?"

Jim laughed and shook his head. "I'm sweaty. You don't seem to be."

"I did sweat. It was somewhat of a surprise." Spock began to remove his clothes. "Go on. I'll be there in a moment."

Jim didn't want to go on. He wanted to watch. His heart was still pounding, sweat trickled down his neck, and he began to think this workout wasn't quite finished. "I don't see any sweat."

Spock came over to him. "Look closely."

Jim inspected the pale, green skin with an eye to detail. Was there a faint sheen of sweat? The black hair made it hard to tell, and he moved even closer.

"Perhaps if you used your tongue."

Jim's heartbeat sped up again. He looked up the short distance into black, inscrutable eyes. "My tongue?" Not the smartest thing he'd ever said.

"It would give you a good sample." Spock edged closer. "Here would be the optimum place to begin."

Jim's eyes followed the trail of the finger. The muscles in his knees felt weak. Had he done too many squats? He glanced back, saw the bench that ran in front of the lockers, and sat down. Spock took the step required to put him directly in front of Jim's face. Jim licked and licked again. There was sweat, and it tasted like . . . it couldn't be!

"How is that possible?"

"The chemical compositions are similar. My mother remarked on it once." Spock traced a finger down his body.

Jim licked it before remarking, "I imagine you were eavesdropping."

"Yes. It was inadvertent." Spock cupped Jim's face. Jim put his tongue to work. There was more sweat here, and every drop was delicious. Spock's hands were like butterflies, giving him small caresses that made him shiver for more. A bead of sweat rolled down Jim's forehead and Spock caught it with the tip of his finger. "Yours, I believe, tastes like dirt."

Jim pulled his mouth away reluctantly and laughed. "I've never been more insulted."

Spock ran his hand through Jim's sweaty hair. "I like dirt."

"I doubt that. A shower is the answer to this problem." Jim meant to stand up, he did, but the cock in front of him captivated his attention, and he took it in his mouth again. He shut his eyes and enjoyed himself. If only this were an aerobic activity. Spock's hand slipped down over his face.

//I would prefer to orgasm inside you//

Kirk nearly laughed. That made no sense, and yet it did. //I worked hard. I want a reward// He clearly heard a mental sigh. Spock's hand moved and gripped the back of his neck. His hands clenched into Spock's ass. Spock gasped out something unintelligible in Vulcan, and Kirk swallowed the first spurt easily. He wasn't overwhelmed with it until the third blast. It dribbled down his face and coated his chest. He gasped once and licked Spock's cock clean.

"A shower?"

Kirk glanced down and laughed. He touched the mess with his finger and licked it. "I needed some protein after my workout."

Spock lifted his eyebrow and went to start the water. Kirk followed when he was sure his legs would hold him up. His cock ached for a touch, for anything, and he rubbed it shamelessly against Spock. Spock took him in hand and did all the things that made his spine arch and his toes curl. Kirk tried to hold off, but when Spock nipped him on the shoulder, it was over. He shuddered, groaned, and didn't watch it go down the drain.

"I've never had a workout partner like you, Spock."

"I am relieved to hear it." Spock held him close and massaged out every bit of come. "Would you like me to join you in the future?"

"We'll have to design a program that will make you sweat." Kirk grinned and licked him. "Heavily."

Spock played his fingers down Kirk's body and teased at his asshole. Kirk gasped and laughed. His workout wasn't finished yet. Spock whispered, "I like it when you grunt."

"Something for each of us then." Kirk did grunt when two slick fingers pushed inside him. Spock was strong, very strong, and Kirk knew it fully when he was lifted and pierced. The water splashed on him, and the cock stretched him. He wanted to cry out, but forced out a grunt to please his partner. Strong arms held him tightly and lifted. Gravity did the rest. Kirk thrashed and panted.

"Th'y'la." Spock thrust their bodies together.

Kirk swore he could feel each individual drop of water as it struck and every millimeter of Vulcan flesh that stabbed him. He dropped his head back and tightened all his muscles. They moved together and apart until he yelled, "Spock!"

Spock's cock pulsed and thickened. Kirk felt the liquid begin to drip out of him. His own cock thought that was a good idea and did the same. He panted, moaned, and tried to shut his mouth but was unable. Spock put him down and eased away. He got a handful of soap from the dispenser and washed Kirk from head to toe. Kirk felt like falling to his knees. Lassitude spread throughout his body.

"What a workout," Kirk whispered. A louder voice was impossible.



"Well, Jim. You'll be pleased to hear that in the last two months, you've lost twenty pounds of fat and gained five pounds of muscle. You're fitter than I've ever seen you." McCoy slapped him on the shoulder. "I knew you could do it."

Kirk smiled. "The proper workout routine made all the difference."

"I knew it would." McCoy grinned.

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